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Strategies for Channel Promotion on YouTube

Despite TikTok’s widespread popularity, YouTube remains the reigning champion in the realm of online video, boasting 70% more active daily users as of 2022. According to platform research, over two billion individuals log into YouTube every day, resulting in a vast array of views from a diverse user base. This presents numerous opportunities for channel owners to attract and engage their audience.

YouTube has proven instrumental in propelling both individuals and businesses to prominence in the online sphere, as exemplified by BlendJet’s remarkable 413% revenue growth and Cider’s impressive 46% conversion rate boost after incorporating YouTube shorts into their video action campaigns.

A robust presence on YouTube proves invaluable for content creators and brands striving to meet their business objectives, whether that’s increasing earnings through monetization or bolstering sales on eCommerce platforms. However, to reach this stage, it’s crucial to maximize viewership.

If you already have a YouTube channel but haven’t experienced significant success, it may be time to revamp your approach to channel promotion. By employing a strategic combination of tactics, outlined below, you can potentially garner more views, subscribers, and opportunities to stand out amidst the noise.

This article covers the following topics:

  • How To Grow Your YouTube Channel
  • How To Gain Subscribers on YouTube
  • Collaborating With Thrive To Expand Your Channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: Top Tips And Tactics

To increase viewership and potentially gain subscribers, it’s imperative to optimize your videos for both YouTube’s recommendation algorithm and search results on YouTube and Google. This involves implementing effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. Here are some methods and tips to enhance the visibility of your videos:

1. Utilize Keyword Tools to Identify Optimal YouTube Keywords

Employ tools like Ahrefs and vidIQ Vision to discover the most suitable keywords for your YouTube content. Focus on keywords that indicate user intent to find videos. For example, a search for “best paint for concrete walls” might yield web pages, but “how to paint a concrete wall” is more likely to return videos as top results.

2. Employ Keywords as Video File Names

Ensure that video file names are relevant to the content. Renaming your videos with keywords helps YouTube and Google understand their content, increasing the likelihood of appearing in search results. For instance, if you’re uploading a video about optimizing YouTube videos on a marketing channel, rename the file to “How to optimize YouTube videos.mov”.

3. Incorporate a Keyword in the Title

Include a relevant keyword in the video title. Use natural language and avoid keyword stuffing. The title should align with what your target audience is likely to search for, and it should be clear, concise, and engaging.

4. Craft an Optimized Description

Integrate keywords naturally into the video description. This not only helps with search but also increases the chances of your videos appearing in the sidebar. Utilize the first two lines of the 1,000-character limit for descriptions to include Calls to Action (CTAs), website links, and other vital information.

5. Use Tags Effectively

Tagging your videos is a simple yet highly effective YouTube SEO strategy. Tags assist YouTube in understanding the content and context of your videos and associating them with similar content. Be sure to use relevant tags and avoid using irrelevant ones solely for views.

6. Implement Custom Thumbnails

Compelling thumbnails communicate the content of your video to users browsing recommendations or feeds. Google reports that 90% of top-performing YouTube videos feature custom thumbnails. Tailor thumbnails to your target audience’s preferences and behaviors.

7. Balance YouTube Trends with Evergreen Content

Strike a balance between trending topics and evergreen content. Trending videos may garner high initial views but taper off, while evergreen content can accumulate views over time if it provides enduring value.

8. Deliver Value

The value your video offers is crucial in determining whether viewers find it worthwhile. High-value, engaging content not only prolongs watch time but also boosts your ranking in YouTube search results. Consider how your video addresses a viewer’s problem or entertains them.

9. Adhere to YouTube Community Guidelines

Ensure your content aligns with YouTube’s community guidelines to avoid strikes or content removal. These guidelines cover various aspects like deceptive practices, sensitive content, regulated goods, misinformation, and dangerous content.

By implementing these YouTube SEO strategies, you can enhance the visibility and engagement of your videos, ultimately growing your channel’s viewership and subscriber base.

How To Gain Subscribers

Subscribing to a YouTube marketing channel provides users with a range of valuable advantages. Subscribers receive more of the content they enjoy, are promptly notified of new uploads, and find it easier to connect with like-minded users.

For brands and content creators, a substantial subscriber base holds significant benefits. Subscribers are more inclined to engage with the channel’s content compared to casual viewers, as their subscription reflects a genuine interest in the brand or creator.

Moreover, robust engagement and view counts enhance the likelihood of YouTube’s algorithm recommending your videos, bolstering channel promotion efforts. Here are additional advantages of cultivating a strong subscriber base:

1. Increased Visibility

Subscribers receive notifications for new content, increasing the likelihood of views on your videos.

2. Brand Authority and Credibility

A high subscriber count signals credibility and trustworthiness to users. This perception is further reinforced by consistently delivering valuable content.

3. Additional Income Source

Once a channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and accumulates at least 4,000 watch hours, content creators can monetize their videos through the YouTube Partners Program.

Now that the significance of growing your YouTube following is clear, let’s explore effective strategies to gain subscribers:

1. Ask Viewers To Subscribe

Provide value before asking for subscriptions. A simple reminder at the end of a video is an effective way to increase views on your other content.

2. Engage With Your Viewers

Responding to comments and initiating conversations in the comments section builds a sense of community and encourages subscriptions. Maintain your brand voice and refrain from negative responses to criticism or complaints to uphold a positive brand image.

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