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Effortlessly oversee leads and clients, dispatch tailored messages, monitor engagement, and ensure timely follow-ups. Achieve all this swiftly, right from your mobile device.


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50 Million





Boost Your Sales on WhatsApp

Our mobile CRM is tailored for on-the-go sales experts. Seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, email, and more, all from your phone.

Swift Messaging, Tailored for Your Leads

With our QUICK RESPONSE feature, effortlessly dispatch personalized introductions and follow-ups, even to unsaved contacts. Skip the typing and copy-pasting, and be confident in error-free communication. 

Compatible with both official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps.

Elevate Client Interactions with Custom-Branded

Content With a single tap, distribute personalized PDFs and web pages, seamlessly integrating your branding and contact details. Craft stunning content using text, images, and more, directly from your phone. 

Deliver content that’s both personal and polished.

Stay Informed on Client Engagement

Receive notifications as leads access your PDFs and web links, complete with insights on view counts and duration spent. 

Pinpoint your most promising leads and gauge their peak interest moments.

Seamless Lead Engagement

Benefit from auto-reminders and tailored follow-up messages, all without manual typing or searching. With our BULK SEND tool, effortlessly reach up to 50 clients with customized content. 

Nurturing and captivating your leads is now simpler than ever.

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Manage Leads from you Phone

Oversee new prospects and nurture ongoing relationships, equipped with notes, reminders, and detailed client histories. With our streamlined mobile CRM, every interaction is just a tap away. 

Ensure every lead gets the attention it deserves.


Real-time Lead Notifications, Direct to Your Phone

Link up with platforms like your website, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ad Lead Forms, Zapier, and more. Instantly engage new leads, transitioning from a fresh lead to a WhatsApp chat in mere moments. 

Eliminate the hassle of manual lead downloads and entries.

Always Free Option + Boundless Access Plans

Experience unrestricted use of Privyr on every device, encompassing all current features and upcoming enhancements. 

With our commitment to value, our evergreen free plan ensures ceaseless lead notifications from every source.

Commitment to Your Privacy

Your information remains confidential from the outset, and you retain complete authority over it.

Absolute Confidentiality

We pledge not to sell, share, or expose your data to any external parties.

Robust Security

We safeguard your data with advanced encryption, both during transfer (via TLS 1.2 HTTPS) and while stored (using 256-bit AES).