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Our Anti-Spam Policy

At LeadsHouse, we champion genuine interactions. We have zero tolerance for unsolicited messages or communications from unauthorized sources, categorizing them as spam. If you encounter such disruptions, we urge you to report them immediately. For a swift resolution, please share your mobile number, the exact time and date of the message, and its content if possible. Every complaint triggers an immediate and thorough investigation into the reported client, ensuring the confidentiality of all involved parties. Our terms of service strictly prohibit users from uploading “cold” email/SMS lists or acquiring such lists.

Upholding the Integrity of LeadsHouse’s Anti-Spam Policy 

Every client of LeadsHouse pledges adherence to our Terms and Conditions during the A2P registration, ensuring verified sender authenticity from carriers. We possess the capability to monitor sent messages, capturing details like the sender and message content. Breaches of LeadsHouse’s Anti-Spam policy can lead to warnings or potential termination of the client’s services. Such terminations might extend to future services. We stand in full compliance with all regional and national laws concerning unsolicited messages and spam.

Empowering Users: Control Your Communications 

Users have the autonomy to disengage from any client’s list at their discretion by simply texting “stop” followed by the keyword they registered with. For a broader opt-out, reply with “stop all” to exclude your number from all LeadsHouse client lists. If you experience any form of abuse, report it to us at info@leadshouse.io. Please include your mobile number, the message content (if available), and the timestamp of the received message. We’ll ensure your number is promptly removed from the offender’s list.