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Manage Leads from you Phone

Designed for the modern sales and marketing expert, Privyr seamlessly integrates with ClickFunnels, offering a mobile CRM experience that effortlessly syncs with WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, email, and voice calls.

Instant New Lead Alerts

Experience real-time delivery of your ClickFunnels leads straight to your inbox and the Privyr app. A single tap unveils detailed contact insights and tailored responses. 

Embrace automation and leave the days of manual lead checks behind.

Swiftly Engage with Your Leads

Leverage our one-touch QUICK RESPONSE feature to dispatch auto-tailored introductions through WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, or email. Bypass the hassle of typing, copying, pasting, or saving contacts. 

Elevate your follow-up game with unparalleled ease.


Seamless Lead Engagement

Harness the power of automated reminders and tailored follow-up messages, eliminating the need for manual typing, searching, or scrolling. With our BULK SEND capability, effortlessly dispatch custom content to a cohort of up to 50 clients simultaneously. 

Nurture and captivate your leads with unmatched simplicity.

Manage Leads from your Phone

Effortlessly oversee new prospects and nurture existing relationships with features like notes, timely reminders, client journey timelines, traceable documents, and bulk messaging. Privyr’s streamlined mobile CRM places your entire client ecosystem within easy reach. 

Ensure every lead receives the attention it deserves.


Connecting to LeadsHouse is a breeze.


Simplicity Meets Efficiency with Privyr. A mere copy & paste of a line from Privyr into your ClickFunnels settings is all it takes. Dive in and experience seamless integration in under half a minute.

Free Forever + Unlimited Access Plans

Experience unrestricted access to Privyr on every device, encompassing all current features and upcoming enhancements. 

With our complimentary lifetime tier, stay ahead with ceaseless lead notifications from every source.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Your information remains confidential from the start, and you hold complete authority over it at all times.


Privyr will never sell, share, or make your data accessible to any third parties


Your data is fully encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)