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Reviving a Dormant Business Social Media Presence: Strategies for Success

In recent times, the realm of social networking has emerged as a potent instrument for enterprises to connect with a broader audience. As per Kepios, roughly 4.7 billion individuals across the globe engage in social media, constituting over half of the world’s populace. For brands, it is imperative to harness this extensive market to avoid forfeiting numerous lucrative prospects.

Yet, social media offers far more than mere outreach. It facilitates businesses in establishing genuine human bonds with potential clients, delivering impactful encounters that draw in social media adherents and purchasers.

Audiences turn to social media when they’re in the buying phase. A robust social media presence will serve to position your brand as a thought leader and underscore why a user should select your product or prefer you over a competitor.

Moreover, she elucidated how social media could be an extension of a brand’s customer service. Providing your customers with a straightforward channel to communicate with your brand is pivotal in enhancing and safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

The Inauguration: Pioneering a Social Existence

The encouraging news is that creating social media profiles for your enterprise is a breeze. With just a few clicks, your brand can establish a presence that you can gradually cultivate.

Each platform caters to a distinct social media audience. Hence, it is imperative to be discerning about your target demographic and select the platform where your prospects are most engaged. For instance, if your target social media audience consists primarily of young adults, Instagram and TikTok stand out as the premier platforms for brand establishment.

Expanding your social media adherents may pose certain challenges. However, with diligent research and guidance from social media marketing experts, you can swiftly broaden your reach on your chosen platforms.

The Dilemma: Social Media Stagnation

The allure of social media lies in its potential for boundless growth. With a burgeoning followership, you amplify social media interaction and conversions. Each piece of content you disseminate reaches a wider audience, rendering each action more valuable than the preceding one.

Regrettably, the ever-evolving trends and intricate algorithms may lead to a standstill or even a decline in your follower count. Consequently, you may discern that your customary social media posts fail to pique interest, and your social media campaigns yield subpar returns on investment.

So, what steps can be taken when faced with this predicament?

The Resurgence: Top Four Strategies to Recapture Your Audience

Stagnation in social media is virtually inevitable – it is an eventuality for any brand striving to connect with its core audience via social media profiles. Fortunately, there are measures you can undertake to rebound from this setback.

Here are our foremost four approaches to rekindling engagement with your social media adherents:

1. Content Overhaul

Repeating the same content ad nauseam can lead your social media audience to lose interest in what you have to offer. Instead, endeavor to delve deeper into your social media posts, integrating elements that incite discussion and deliberation. This will enhance engagements on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, showcasing your dedication to being an engaging and transparent brand.

Furthermore, it is prudent to diversify the length of your social media engagement posts. Both concise and comprehensive content prove effective. By injecting diversity into your content strategy for social media, you can effortlessly captivate your audience’s interest.

2. Schedule Modification

Administering social media necessitates substantial effort. Consequently, pre-scheduling social media engagement posts has become standard practice for business profiles. Nonetheless, your followers may swiftly grow disinterested if your posting schedule becomes predictable. Therefore, it is vital to experiment with your scheduling to discern which posts elicit the most engagement on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Furthermore, consider the frequency of your posts. According to Hootsuite, users prefer the brands they follow to post once or twice a day. Nevertheless, audiences on different platforms exhibit distinct preferences concerning the frequency of social media engagement posts. Below are the recommended frequencies, as per Hootsuite.

  • Facebook: One to two posts per day
  • Instagram: Three to seven posts a week
  • Twitter: One to five tweets a day
  • TikTok: At least one video a day

Determining the optimal scheduling times can prove arduous, as it entails a considerable amount of trial and error. However, with the guidance of a social media specialist, you can streamline the process. Professionals offering social media marketing services can help you devise an optimal schedule for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram business profiles. Entrusting this task to social media experts enables you to direct your focus towards expanding your business.

3. Prioritize Engagement

Running a business entails a substantial investment of time and effort. Consequently, devising a social media campaign is often the last thing on the minds of busy business proprietors. Frequently, social media posts are pre-planned, scheduled, and set on autopilot. While this streamlines processes for brands, it fails to yield any benefits in terms of forging connections with your target audience.

The purpose of maintaining social media profiles is to foster social interactions. Over-reliance on automated content creation and scheduling runs counter to this objective.

Tear outlined the following rationales for why social media engagement holds pivotal importance for businesses.

  • Cultivates trust: Transparency on social media is pivotal in cultivating trust with your clientele. Customers do not expect brands to be flawless, but they do anticipate brands to acknowledge any missteps and provide resolutions to address customer concerns.
  • Offers market insights at no cost: Engaging with your customers grants you direct access to their preferences, enabling you to ascertain what your customers wish to see, how you can enhance your brand or product, and even what will incentivize your customers to make a purchase.
  • Nurtures relationships: Furnishing your customers with valuable content that encourages them to engage constitutes the initial step towards fostering a relationship with them. Cultivating robust customer relationships aids in cultivating a community of loyal patrons and advocates who will vouch for your brand.

Engagements on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook serve as linchpins in establishing enduring connections with your followers. Engaged audiences metamorphose into brand evangelists, enthusiastically promoting your offerings at every opportunity.

4. Embrace Visuals

Visual content wields extraordinary influence in your social media campaigns, eliciting greater engagement than any other form of media. This phenomenon can be attributed to the brain’s rapid processing of visual information, which occurs 60,000 times faster than text, according to research conducted at 3M Corporation.

But how can you seamlessly integrate visuals into your content strategy for social media? Take heed of the following recommendations:

  • Maintain brand consistency: Your visual content for your social media campaign should remain faithful to your brand. Exclusively employ your brand’s color scheme and imagery so that your audience can promptly identify you amidst the deluge of posts in their newsfeeds or “For You” pages (FYPs).
  • Leverage GIFs: GIFs capture attention swiftly, particularly when used humorously. They have a fleeting duration, making them an ideal form of media on fast-paced social platforms like Twitter. However, they can also bolster Facebook engagements if employed judiciously.
  • Produce videos: Incorporating videos into your content strategy for social media is indispensable, as they generate 83 percent more leads, according to HubSpot. Brief video formats such as Reels and TikToks wield tremendous effectiveness in augmenting engagement and funneling in more leads, as attested by HubSpot’s 2021 social media trends report.

Depending on your existing strategies, effecting substantial alterations may be imperative to reinvigorate your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram business profiles. While this endeavor may seem daunting to some, it is an essential step in reclaiming the interest of your core audience.

A social media specialist can also provide guidance on the type of visual content suited to your enterprise. Professionals offering social media marketing services possess the expertise and tools required to bolster online visibility, enhance engagements, and heighten conversions.

Breathe New Life Into Your Online Presence With Leadshouse’s Social Media Maestros

It is customary for your business’s social media presence to experience peaks and troughs. Yet, by staying attuned to prevailing trends and adapting your strategies to align with current audience preferences, you can reanimate your dormant business pages and yield positive outcomes for every social media campaign.

Leadshouse’s social media marketing experts stand ready to assist you in devising the right strategies to re-engage with your followers.

Our packages empower you to cultivate a robust social media presence, encompassing the dissemination of valuable content, interaction with your clientele, and monitoring of content resonating with your audience. These core features will furnish your company with deeper insights into your client’s requisites and how to establish meaningful connections that boost sales.

Whether you require assistance in crafting advertising campaigns or formulating a social media strategy that harmonizes with your overarching digital marketing endeavors, our team is poised to lend a helping hand. Reach out to us today to connect with a social media specialist.


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