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Getting Your eCommerce Venture Ready for the Festive Shopping Frenzy

The final quarter of the year is when many eCommerce enterprises generate their highest earnings. Regrettably, some labels believe that this surge in sales during the holiday period can be achieved without exerting effort.

However, LTK reports that 70 percent of shoppers are actively seeking more holiday sales this year. Consequently, fortifying your business with eCommerce marketing in preparation for the bustling season is imperative to meet your sales objectives.

Google also discloses that 26 percent of global shoppers have already initiated their holiday shopping. Though this statistic signifies a missed opportunity, there is still time to join the holiday shopping extravaganza — it’s better late than never.

In this blog, we dissect eCommerce marketing fundamentals: illustrations of sales promotions, techniques to prepare your website for the holiday rush, and key marketing trends for 2022 to inform your approach.

#1 Pay Attention to the Holiday Marketing Trends of 2022

The holiday marketing trends of 2022 hinge on consumers’ impromptu inclinations and desire for convenience, as demonstrated by these statistics from Google:

  • 64 percent of holiday shoppers in the U.S. utilize Google to seek “discovery and inspiration.”
  • 67 percent of surveyed YouTube viewers revealed that sponsored content influenced their purchase decisions.
  • There is a 90 percent year-over-year increase in searches containing “near me in stock.”
  • Searches containing “store open” have experienced a 400 percent year-over-year upswing.

.Experts are forecasting a slower and less lucrative holiday season this year. Consumer apprehensions about inflation and the possibility of an impending recession are prompting shoppers to adopt a more conservative approach to spending. This is likely to manifest in consumers purchasing fewer gifts or opting for less expensive ones.

Investing in your product listings, video advertisements, or influencers are just a few approaches to address these trends. So now, with these trends in mind, let’s delve into marketing strategies and essential facets of eCommerce businesses to tackle this holiday season.

#2 Enhance Your ECommerce Marketing Strategy with Upcoming Holiday Sales and Special Offers

If you aim to capitalize on the progressively unfolding early holiday shopping, pay close attention to trends within your business and the sector you operate in. Here are factors to contemplate when you start analyzing the data for your holiday campaigns:


Based on your eCommerce platform’s sales history, identify the products that consistently perform best, whether they are current or seasonal. Then, for a more fruitful holiday marketing campaign, take note of the trending products in your market.


Brands are competing fiercely to entice customers with the most enticing deals during the holiday shopping rush. To maintain an advantage over your competitors, scrutinize the lowest price at which you can offer your products and adjust your profit margins accordingly.


Another critical factor is determining the optimal timing to activate your holiday promotions and campaigns. Thus, examine your website’s unique performance from the previous year and identify the days when traffic and conversions were at their peak.


While examining site traffic, delve deeper to identify the sources of your traffic. Having identified the referral sites that yield the highest conversions (not merely traffic), you now have the channels to promote your deals.

If reducing prices is not a viable option, there are alternative holiday deals and sales promotion examples worth considering, such as complimentary shipping or gift-wrapping. Remember, eCommerce holiday marketing can encompass more than just discounts. You can also refine your packaging with a festive touch, akin to Starbucks’ well-received Christmas marketing ploy featuring the red holiday cups.

#3 Prepare Your Content for Effective Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Even though the actual eCommerce marketing activity only takes place on specific peak days, there is substantial groundwork to be laid. In addition to your holiday sales landing page, you have blog posts, videos, and graphics for your pay-per-click (PPC) and social media paid advertising, as well as other promotional content, to tackle.

To secure sales, brands must have well-optimized, conversion-centric content, so their products rank higher in organic searches.

With eCommerce holiday marketing, it is crucial to strike a balance between seeking profitability, staying competitive, and meeting customer demands in your content — do not fixate on just one. Therefore, when preparing your content, bear the following in mind:

  • Do not entice customers to your site with promises of discounts or freebies that you cannot deliver.
  • Verify your inventory before hyping specific products in your promotions.
  • If you are collaborating with a PPC services specialist, ensure they handle content creation.
  • Adopt a consumer-centric approach and prepare content for omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel marketing entails the seamless integration of branding, messaging, and both online and physical touchpoints. As inquisitive consumers progress through your sales funnel, omnichannel marketing allows you to connect with them wherever they are, resulting in a more fruitful customer experience.

#4 Optimize Your Website and Get it Ready for the Holidays

To execute truly effective holiday marketing campaigns, you must go beyond adorning the front end of your website with ribbons, snow, and sparkles. Here are some of the things you want to keep in check:

Load Speed

The speed of your site is pivotal and directly influences your conversion rates and search engine rankings.

eCommerce Optimization

Enhance your copy, navigation, and design to guide users down the sales funnel.


Keep a multitude of mobile shoppers in mind and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.


If you have a list of known issues, it is high time to address them, with priority given to those affecting user experience.

Live Chat Support

Facilitate purchases by building rapport with active consumers browsing your website.

The competition in eCommerce during this season is fierce, so gear up your online shop, whether it’s on Amazon or Shopify, and be there for your customers.

#5 Launch Early Holiday Campaigns to Capture Customers’ Attention

Do not wait until the fourth quarter to launch your campaigns. According to Google, 47 percent are in search of gift ideas and inspiration, and 18 percent have already made a purchase early on.

To ensure their products get in front of shoppers, brands need to invest in retail media paid search. Whether their products are on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, or any other retail media channel, brands can’t afford to not do paid search.

So, let your team brainstorm special offers that can captivate consumers’ interest in advance. Here are straightforward examples of sales promotions to entice consumers:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Purchase one item and get a second at half price
  • Offer discount codes and coupons for future purchases
  • Provide free shipping for a specified number of purchases

Beyond pleasing early shoppers, early holiday deals marketing establishes brand recognition and encourages potential consumers to remember your brand during the peak of the season. Additionally, such campaigns enable you to gather insights that can be used to refine your subsequent PPC campaigns.

#6 Re-engage Customers through Paid Social Media Advertising and PPC Services

Early Christmas marketing can draw consumers to your website. However, while some may complete a purchase, others may merely browse, add items to their carts, and then abandon them. Retargeting on search engines and social media allows you to rekindle engagement when consumers are more inclined to make a purchase.

You can even re-engage those who have already made a purchase by offering incentives. Lastly, don’t be hesitant to let your successful holiday marketing campaigns extend into the new year — holiday shopping persists until then.

Many businesses are unaware of just how lucrative PPC services can be. While there is an initial investment, the return on investment (ROI) surpasses it with proper implementation.

Consider one of Leadshouse’s clients, for example: A high-end juicer brand sought Leadshouse’s assistance in preparing for its busiest holiday season. Alongside search engine optimization (SEO), we assessed its existing PPC initiatives and took the reins. Our team eliminated negative and duplicate keywords, fine-tuned ad copy, and implemented more effective conversion tracking.

As a result, the juicer brand doubled its year-over-year PPC sales and reduced its spending by 400 percent.

Seize the Holiday Shopping Surge with Leadshouse

Last year, global eCommerce sales approached $5.2 trillion, and this figure is projected to rise by 56 percent in the coming years, reaching $8.1 trillion by 2026. These figures are staggering, and the time is ripe for you to ride this trend during the holiday season with Leadshouse.

Leadshouse adopts a comprehensive approach to eCommerce marketplace or retail channel marketing. We commence by establishing a robust foundation of content that has been optimized for search.

Our experts recognize that people shop with their eyes, so we ensure the brand’s images are informative and persuasive, providing shoppers with all the product details they need to see how it meets their needs. Furthermore, campaigns are monitored and optimized daily to ensure the ad spend is optimal.

We are prepared to position your eCommerce business at the forefront of inquisitive consumers with powerful holiday campaigns. Visit our website today!


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