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Utilizing LINE Groups for Efficient Multi-Customer Conversations

This guide will cover various aspects of LINE groups, including their benefits for businesses, how to effectively use them, and important considerations when utilizing LINE Official Accounts. 

In the realm of digital communication, LINE group chats have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to connect with their customers on a personal level. This article delves into the multifaceted world of LINE group chats, exploring their functionalities, advantages, and best practices for businesses. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to harness the potential of LINE groups to foster strong customer relationships and enhance your business outreach.

What is a LINE Group?

A LINE group is a dynamic chatroom environment that empowers LINE users to engage in conversations with multiple contacts simultaneously. Traditionally utilized by acquaintances for event planning, discussions, and information sharing, these groups offer a versatile platform for collective interaction.

LINE group functions

Features of LINE Groups

In addition to facilitating conversations, LINE groups boast various features that amplify their utility:

Simultaneous Messaging: All members can read messages sent in the group, eliminating the need for redundant communications.

Efficient Updates: Businesses can leverage LINE Official Accounts to keep customers informed about products, events, and other updates.

Community Bonding: Members can exchange knowledge and engage in community-building activities, transcending mere promotional endeavors.

Why use LINE group chat

Advantages of Utilizing LINE Group Chats

Seamless Communication

LINE groups provide a seamless channel for businesses to communicate with their customers, particularly in regions where LINE enjoys widespread popularity. Customers need not download additional apps, streamlining the interaction process.

Community Building and Knowledge Sharing

Unlike one-way broadcast messages, group chats foster a sense of community among members. This is especially valuable in contexts like dance and language classes, where participants can share insights and enhance the collective experience.

Efficient Handling of Queries

Group chats enable businesses to address common inquiries with a single message, reducing the need for repetitive responses and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Harnessing Instant Messaging Power

Instant messaging platforms like LINE are highly effective in capturing audience attention, with users checking messages significantly more frequently than emails.

Building Trust through Conversational Interactions

The conversational nature of instant messaging fosters trust and stronger relationships between businesses and customers. Casual exchanges also lead to prompter feedback and responses.

Additional Benefits of LINE Group Chats

Searchable and Archived Messages

Messages within LINE groups are searchable and automatically archived, providing a convenient reference point. This stands in contrast to voice calls, which lack this archival functionality.

Temporary Usage

LINE groups can be invaluable for temporary purposes, such as disseminating information about a short-term workshop. Once the event concludes, the group can be effortlessly deleted, streamlining the communication process.

Optimizing Official Account Messaging

For businesses employing LINE Official Accounts, group chats offer a practical means to reduce the volume of monthly messages sent. This proves especially advantageous for those operating under limited messaging subscriptions.

What you should know about LINE groups

LINE Official Accounts and Group Chats

Understanding the nuances of LINE Official Accounts is crucial for businesses seeking to effectively utilize group chats.

Creating and Managing LINE Groups

While personal LINE accounts have the freedom to create and manage groups, businesses with Official Accounts face certain limitations. An Official Account cannot independently create groups; a personal LINE account must take the lead in establishing the group and subsequently inviting the Official Account.

Membership and Capacity

Each LINE group chat accommodates a maximum of 500 members. Only one Official Account can be a member of a group at a time. If a new Official Account is to be added, the existing one must first be removed. Furthermore, every member, excluding Official Accounts, holds the ability to manage the group and its members, as there are no distinct admin roles.

Considerations for New Members

New entrants to a group chat do not have access to previously exchanged messages. It’s imperative to bring them up to speed on any critical information shared prior to their arrival.

Read Receipts and Content Moderation

Official Accounts are unable to view read receipts in group chats. Additionally, LINE enforces strict content guidelines, with members empowered to report any violations. Violations may lead to the suspension of the offending account.

Creating, Sharing, Joining, and Managing LINE Groups

In this section, we delve into the practicalities of LINE groups, offering step-by-step guidance on their creation, membership management, and more.

How to Create a LINE Group

Creating a LINE group necessitates a personal LINE account. This can be done via the LINE app on both mobile and desktop platforms.

  1. Tap on “Create” (denoted by a speech bubble icon with a plus sign) located in the top right corner of the Chats screen. Select “Group.”

How to create a LINE group chat

  1. Choose the members you wish to add to the group and proceed to the next step.
  1. Input a name for the group chat and, if desired, alter the display picture. Determine whether members join automatically or if they require an invitation.

Customize your group chat before creating it

  1. Click “Create” after finalizing your group’s customization. These details can be modified later.
  1. Add members to commence the conversation.

Adding Members to a LINE Group

After creating a group, the next step is to add members, including your LINE Official Account and customers. LINE provides various methods to simplify the invitation process.

Direct Invite Through LINE App

The most straightforward method involves utilizing your LINE contact list:

  1. Open the relevant group chat and tap “More options” (typically represented by three horizontal lines or a hamburger menu).
  1. Select the “Invite” icon. Browse through your contact list or type the name of the desired contact. Choose the contact and tap “Invite.”

Invite members directly through the LINE app

Depending on the group’s auto-join settings, the selected contact will either be promptly added to the chat or receive an in-app invitation.

Share Group QR Code

Alternatively, you can generate a QR code for your group, which interested parties can scan to join:

  1. In the group chat, tap “More options” and select “Group settings.”
  1. Tap “Invite to group via QR code.”
  1. Share the QR code through various channels, such as social media, email, or your website.

Share Group Link

Similar to the QR code method, you can share a link for prospective members to join:

  1. Navigate to “Group settings” in the group chat.
  1. Select “Invite to group via link” and choose the desired sharing platform.

Inviting members over email or text message

Effective Management of LINE Groups

Setting Group Rules and Guidelines

Establishing clear rules and guidelines for group behavior is paramount. Communicate these expectations to members to maintain a respectful and productive environment.

Monitoring Content

Regularly review the content shared within the group to ensure it aligns with LINE’s guidelines and your business’s policies. Promptly address any violations.

Engaging with Members

Active engagement fosters a sense of community. Respond promptly to queries, acknowledge contributions, and initiate discussions to keep the group dynamic.

Periodic Cleanup

As groups grow, it’s beneficial to conduct periodic cleanups. Remove inactive members and refresh the content to ensure relevance.

Having established your group, it’s essential to effectively manage it to ensure a positive and productive environment for all members.


In conclusion, LINE group chats represent a potent tool for businesses to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. By leveraging the advantages of instant messaging, community building, and efficient communication, businesses can foster trust, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Understanding the nuances of LINE Official Accounts and implementing effective group management strategies are crucial components of this endeavor. With the knowledge gained from this comprehensive guide, businesses can confidently navigate the world of LINE group chats and unlock their full potential.

Remember, successful utilization of LINE groups hinges on a balanced approach that combines promotional efforts with genuine engagement and value creation for members. With dedication and thoughtful execution, businesses can build thriving communities that not only support their brand but also contribute positively to the broader ecosystem. Visit our website today!


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