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Nine Video Marketing Trends Poised to Lead in 2023

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for numerous shifts, and the realm of video content was not exempt. From live streams to shoppable videos and an increased focus on transparency, COVID-19 significantly shaped the video marketing landscape, leaving an enduring impact on current trends.

In this blog post, we delve into both marketing and production aspects of video trends, providing examples and practical advice at the end.

We’ve organized this blog as follows:

  • Emerging Video Marketing Trends
  • Evolving Video Production Trends
  • Advantages of Video Marketing
  • Ideas for Video Content (Video Marketing Tips)

Emerging Video Marketing Trends

The momentum behind video marketing shows no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, global online ad spending is projected to reach $120 billion by 2024. Additionally, many eCommerce brands are intensifying their efforts in video marketing. Here are the trends you should take note of:

#1 Live Streaming

In recent years, live videos have surged in popularity, largely due to the pandemic. With live events on hold, live streaming emerged as a potent tool for marketers to maintain their connection with their audience. As life inches towards normalcy, live social videos have transitioned from being a mere alternative to an indispensable means of fostering real-time engagement.

#2 Shoppable Videos

Even before the term “shoppable videos” gained prominence, videos were long employed to enhance the online shopping experience. Recently, shoppable videos have become more dynamic and interactive. Brands can now host live TikTok sessions to showcase products, allowing viewers to add items to their cart as they watch from the comfort of their homes.

#3 Transparent Advertisements and Paid Social Videos

You’ve likely encountered short-form videos labeled with “sponsored” or “paid partnership” on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have placed a strong emphasis on transparency, urging video content creators to disclose when their posts are endorsements. To further enhance transparency, Meta’s Ad Library enables you to search for all ads currently running across their network.

#4 User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) videos continue to resonate strongly with consumers. Any video marketing agency would attest to the authenticity and effectiveness of UGC videos in connecting with an audience. You can curate UGC videos related to your brand, such as unsolicited reviews of your products or services, and re-share those that bring value.

Evolving Video Production Trends

From succinct videos to vlogs, various video content creators swear by these formats. Here are the video production trends that will continue to dominate this year:

#5 Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos, particularly on TikTok, continue to reign supreme in the social media space. They deliver compact doses of entertainment or knowledge. Even on other platforms, you’ll find TikTok videos re-uploaded with the platform’s distinctive watermark. YouTube and Facebook have followed suit with alternatives like Shorts and Reels, further solidifying the case for short-form videos.

#6 Smartphone-Generated Videos

The hashtag #ShotOniPhone on Instagram alone yields 27 million posts, encompassing both photos and videos. You’ll find numerous mobile video content ideas on YouTube to inspire your brand. With the continuous advancement of smartphone cameras, the creative possibilities are virtually boundless. Many vloggers rely on their smartphones for everyday filming without sacrificing quality.

#7 Silent Videos with Captions

Studies suggest that 85% of video views on Facebook occur with the sound off. This underscores the importance of silent social videos with closed captions (CC), which are more likely to be watched for longer, especially by audiences multitasking during their daily routines. Additionally, producing videos with CC ensures accessibility for audiences who may have difficulty hearing or are deaf.

#8 Vertical Videos

Vertical videos gained traction a few years ago with the rise of Snapchat. Instagram sustained this trend, and now platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts have embraced it. Many brands are creating vertical ad videos to cater to the vast audience on these top social networks that support this format. Vertical videos facilitate seamless scrolling, keeping users engaged for longer.

#9 Vlogs

A discussion of video trends would be incomplete without mentioning vlogs. Vlogging enables people worldwide to relate and connect with one another. The glimpse into an individual’s personal life that vlogs often provide appeals to a wide range of audiences. Many brands, whether offering products or services, collaborate with vloggers or influencers to promote their offerings, tapping into their dedicated followers.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of video marketing to further elucidate these trends and explain why you should center your video marketing strategy around them.

Advantages of Video Marketing

The benefits of video marketing extend beyond audience engagement; they can also yield significant financial returns. Here are a few advantages:

1. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Contrary to initial perceptions, videos and SEO are a powerful combination. Specialized video production companies now optimize videos for search, injecting relevant keywords through video descriptions, tags, and CCs, which search engines can index.

2. Increased Time-On-Page

Integrating videos into your web content prolongs user engagement. Collaborating with a video production services expert can yield a creative video that effectively showcases your offerings. Other video content ideas for your website could include client testimonials, how-to guides, and case studies.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

Addressing consumer questions or concerns through videos, such as product demonstrations or client testimonials, opens the door to more conversions. Similarly, you can convey your brand story with the assistance of a video production company, establishing a deeper connection with your audience.

These benefits align with business objectives, so let’s explore ideas and tips to help you achieve them.

Video Content Ideas (Video Marketing Tips)

Here are content ideas to inspire your brand, along with video marketing tips to guide you further.

Client Testimonial

Watch Hubspot Customer Testimonial on YouTube here

Hubspot’s customer testimonial for Zoom and Slack serves as an exemplary instance. Rather than a simple shot of a person speaking, the video showcases the team in action and clips of their office. The script effectively links their need for seamless communication with the tools provided.

Video Marketing Tip: Partner with non-competing brands to produce a customer testimonial, as Zoom and Slack have done. This approach allows you to tap into the network of the other brand.

Brand Story

Watch The Natural History of Burt’s Bees on YouTube here!

Burt’s Bees took a creative approach to narrate its brand story, weaving a lively narrative with animations while staying true to the brand’s identity. In just under two minutes, the brand managed to recount its humble beginnings before becoming a household name for natural, responsible personal care products.

Video Marketing Tip: Experiment with narration and visuals, but remember to stay true to your brand identity, just as Burt’s Bees has done. Consistent branding ensures your brand story remains relevant over time.

Trendy Shorts

Watch Squid Game Candy!?! on YouTube here!

If you’re looking to leverage a trend, draw inspiration from this YouTube Short created by Cooking With Lynja. The Netflix series Squid Game gained immense popularity in 2021, featuring the Dalgona or honeycomb candy. Cooking With Lynja seized the opportunity to recreate the treat, appealing to fans of the show.

Video Marketing Tip: Only participate in trends that align with your brand. The YouTuber mentioned above runs a cooking channel, making it a fitting choice for producing such trendy content.

Product Demonstration

Watch Thrive Agency – Video Production – Product Overview – My Blade Maid on YouTube here!

Our final example was created by Thrive for My Blade Maid’s video marketing strategy. They opted to film the video in a home setting to resonate with their target market of homeowners. It was crucial to highlight the pain points the product addresses, along with its other key selling points, all while maintaining a lighthearted brand tone.

Pro Tip: Seek the expertise of professionals. Video production and marketing may be unfamiliar territory for many brands, but don’t let that deter you from reaping the lucrative results that video marketing can offer.

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