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2023’s Guide to Steering Clear of Digital Marketing Blunders (and the Corrective Actions to Take)

Prior to any achievement, there exists a correct and incorrect path to follow. The same principle applies before delving into the realm of genuine success in digital marketing. Even though it holds great value, it is imperative not to approach digital marketing haphazardly, inundating platforms with excessive content and simultaneously running campaigns without thoughtful consideration.

Digital marketing constitutes an investment—a notably lucrative one if you are astute in avoiding marketing pitfalls.

Here is a concise rundown of prevalent digital marketing blunders you should steer clear of:

  1. Failing to define specific digital marketing objectives.
  2. Neglecting the importance of an omnichannel digital marketing strategy.
  3. Disregarding your competition.
  4. Underestimating the potential of blogs for lead generation tactics.
  5. Concentrating solely on well-trodden keywords.
  6. Disregarding optimization for search intent in marketing efforts.
  7. Not allocating resources to paid advertising.
  8. Overlooking the significance of social media.
  9. Mishandling call-to-action buttons on websites.
  10. Overlooking the potential of artificial intelligence and automation.
  11. Neglecting to outsource digital marketing solutions.

Steer Clear of Common Digital Marketing Errors + Digital Marketing Insights

You need not repeat the same missteps, for we’ve included valuable digital marketing tips for each point.

1. Failing to Define Specific Digital Marketing Objectives

At the forefront of our list of marketing blunders is the absence of clear, defined objectives behind your digital marketing strategy. Just as with any endeavor, having a purpose is crucial to maintain the right trajectory. Without digital marketing goals, your campaigns are bound to be aimless, lacking direction. You won’t be able to discern if you’ve already achieved your desired outcomes or if a change in strategy is in order.

Pro Insight: Embark on a purpose-driven digital marketing strategy to set well-defined goals.

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2. Neglecting the Importance of an Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy

Omnichannel marketing, often referred to as customer-centric marketing, is paramount.

Many overlook the adoption of omnichannel marketing, a pivotal best practice in digital marketing. As consumers traverse multiple channels in their customer journey, providing a seamless customer experience is imperative to prevent losing them before they reach the end of your sales funnel.

Pro Insight: Maintain unified messaging with consistent visuals across both online and offline channels.

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3. Disregarding Your Competition

Another marketing misstep is failing to conduct regular competitive analysis. Through competitive analysis, you scrutinize your rivals and evaluate how their products and services fare in comparison to yours. This exercise unveils your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, but the true value lies in how you leverage the data you acquire.

Pro Insight: Prioritize analyzing businesses of similar size in your locale.

4. Underestimating the Potential of Blogs for Lead Generation Tactics

Despite being one of the fundamental best practices in digital marketing, many businesses still lack a dedicated blog page. When executed effectively, blogging not only drives site traffic but also generates valuable leads. When your content meets Google’s standards for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, you have the potential to dominate the search results pages.

Pro Insight: Provide exclusive, high-quality content behind gated access to amplify your lead generation strategies.

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5. Concentrating Solely on Well-Trodden Keywords

Popular keywords often have high search volume potential, but focusing solely on them can result in increased site traffic that doesn’t convert. This mistake is often coupled with keyword stuffing, which weakens your content, lowers your rankings, or may even lead to penalties.

Pro Insight: Identify and target long-tail keywords highly relevant to your offerings.

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6. Disregarding Optimization for Search Intent in Marketing

In discussing content and keyword mistakes in marketing, it’s crucial to touch on search intent. User search intent, as the name suggests, refers to the purpose behind a user’s query on search engines; it could be informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial. By precisely addressing user intent in your content, you attract high-intent users who are ready to convert.

Pro Insight: Experiment with various content formats, such as ‘how-to’ guides or listicles, to enhance optimization in marketing.

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7. Not Allocating Resources to Paid Advertising

While search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for long-term success, it’s a gradual process. Entrepreneurs and marketers looking for faster results can invest in paid advertising. Balancing optimization for search and running paid ads concurrently constitutes a best practice in digital marketing.

Pro Insight: Seek advice from a pay-per-click (PPC) specialist to assess potential returns on investment.

8. Overlooking the Significance of Social Media

Next on our list of marketing blunders is neglecting the power of social media. While selectivity in choosing platforms is reasonable, being present on at least one or a few social channels is essential to reach and engage your audience. If you have a blog, sharing your content on social media is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to broaden your reach.

Pro Insight: Encourage key business personnel, such as sales officers or recruiters, to maintain a LinkedIn profile.

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9. Mishandling Call-to-Action Buttons on Websites

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons serve as gateways to converting site visitors; they should be inviting and stand out amidst other web elements. Many, however, go overboard with CTA buttons, cluttering their pages. Marketing mishaps related to CTA buttons also encompass using weak language or prompts, improper placement, and subpar design.

Pro Insight: Conduct A/B tests for different versions of your website, with a focus on CTA button placements, to determine what performs best.

10. Not Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become synonymous with advancements like ChatGPT. However, even before the rise of AI chatbots, AI and automation tools have been available to business owners and marketers. This year, the introduction of OpenAI’s GPT-4 opens up tremendous opportunities for those willing to harness its content production capabilities.

Pro Insight: Identify business processes that can be automated, such as content management, email marketing, and campaign scheduling.

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11. Neglecting to Outsource Digital Marketing Solutions

Consider this analogy: when you’re unwell, you seek the expertise of doctors. Similarly, when you require assistance in marketing, you turn to the experts—local digital marketing service providers. While it’s understandable that some business owners might hesitate to partner with a third-party provider, the fact remains that smart outsourcing enables you to bypass the learning curve, achieving the results you desire at a faster pace.

Pro Insight: Look for social proof, such as client reviews, to guide you in selecting the right local digital marketing services agency.

Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge about the most common digital marketing mistakes to steer clear of this year, let Leadshouse be your guide in avoiding and rectifying them.

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