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Navigating the Closure of Facebook’s Live Shopping: Next Steps for Businesses

As of October 1, 2022, Facebook users will no longer have the option to host Live Shopping events, whether they are new or previously scheduled. This decision follows reports that TikTok has also put a halt on its plans to introduce TikTok Shop, an eCommerce venture, in the U.S. and mainland Europe.

This marks the end of an era for both brands and consumers who have come to appreciate the unique blend of live video engagement and online shopping that Facebook Live Shopping provided. While this change may not surprise many, certain brands may feel its impact more profoundly than others.

Keep reading to stay updated on this development and to explore alternative strategies for businesses.

Understanding Facebook Live Shopping

Introduced in 2018, Facebook Live Shopping underwent beta testing and small-scale runs before becoming available to the public in 2020. It offered retailers a platform to host shopping events while live streaming on Facebook. This interactive approach to selling on Facebook engaged viewers and attracted new customers.

In late 2021, Facebook began testing “Live Shopping for Creators,” allowing brands and content creators to cross-stream on multiple pages. Additionally, to promote the adoption of live shopping among bigger brands, the company introduced “Live Shopping Fridays.”

With Facebook Live Shopping, you could:

  • Create customized product playlists for a tailored streaming experience.
  • Initiate live videos through mobile or desktop devices.
  • Showcase product demos during live streams on Facebook.
  • Enable viewers to make direct purchases from your live shopping event.

Reasons Behind Meta’s Decision

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, explained their decision, stating:

“As consumers’ viewing habits shift towards short-form video, we are redirecting our focus to Reels on Facebook and Instagram, Meta’s short-form video product.”

While live stream shopping was a significant development for retailers and consumers, interest waned over time. In contrast, China remains an exception, where live stream shopping continues to thrive for retail and eCommerce businesses.

Because Facebook is not accessible in China, this substantial market could not be tapped into by the social media giant, potentially impacting the sustainability of its live stream shopping feature.

The Future of Facebook Live Videos

Live selling on Facebook will still be possible, albeit without certain features such as customized product playlists, product information, and direct purchase options. If your brand can do without these features, you can continue to offer live shopping on Facebook.

For those in need of assistance in adapting to the changes in Facebook’s live video capabilities, a Facebook marketing expert can offer effective workarounds.

Embracing Short-Form Videos with a Facebook Marketing Expert

In their announcement, Facebook suggests exploring Reels on both Facebook and Instagram. You can enhance interest by tagging products in Instagram Reels or launching Reels ads.

While TikTok is widely recognized for short videos, YouTube actually commands about 80 percent of the American market for users over 16. Surprisingly, Facebook comes in second with approximately 61 percent user share, while TikTok ranks third at 53.9 percent.

These statistics emphasize the importance of prioritizing short-form videos in your social media marketing strategy.

Capitalizing on Different Types of Videos for Social Media Marketing

User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC has become a powerful tool in influencing consumer purchasing decisions, often yielding high returns on investment. This approach allows brands and content creators to mutually amplify their reach and impact without expending significant resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Offering concise answers to commonly asked questions can streamline the purchasing process for your audience. Addressing inquiries about your products or industry-related concerns demonstrates your expertise and builds trust.

Behind-the-Brand (BTS): Authenticity and transparency resonate with consumers. Sharing behind-the-scenes content, like a day in the life of a CEO, can foster a stronger connection with your audience. Studies show that customers feel more connected to brands when they can see the people behind the company.

Trends: Keeping an eye on emerging trends in short-form video content can be a game-changer. By staying current and capitalizing on popular songs, audio clips, or dance trends, you can raise brand awareness organically, even with a limited budget.

Explainer Videos: How-to videos and tutorials have seen a consistent increase in global watch time. Providing instructional content can establish your brand as a valuable resource and enhance customer loyalty.

Turning to Leadshouse’s Video and Social Media Marketing Experts

Embracing short-form videos, especially in the wake of the changes to Facebook Live, is crucial for brands looking to engage their target audience effectively. Leadshouse’s social media marketing experts are well-equipped to help you develop and implement a comprehensive video strategy tailored to your brand.

If you’re looking to make the most of short-form video content and adapt to the evolving social media landscape, our team at Leadshouse is ready to offer a free video marketing consultation.

In summary, as the social media landscape shifts towards short-form video content, it’s imperative for brands to evolve their strategies accordingly. Whether through user-generated content, FAQs, behind-the-scenes glimpses, trend-surfing, or educational content, the power of video in social media marketing cannot be overstated.

By leveraging the expertise of Leadshouse’s seasoned professionals, brands can navigate this transition seamlessly, ensuring they continue to engage and convert their audience effectively. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay at the forefront of social media marketing – visit our website and start exploring short-form videos today!


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