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Instagram’s Chief Executive Foresees a Video-Driven Future: Steps to Begin Today

Instagram’s Chief Executive Foresees a Video-Driven Future: Steps to Begin Today

Instagram, boasting over 2 billion active users per month, stands as one of the largest global social media platforms.

Like its counterparts, Instagram undergoes constant evolution. According to the company’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, the platform is progressively shifting towards a greater emphasis on video content. While photo uploads are still supported, Instagram will be introducing new features, such as full-screen displays, to enhance the video experience. Mosseri also notes that they’ll be refining the Recommendations feature, deeming it a potent tool for creators to expand their audience.

In the dynamic landscape of social media, staying attuned to trends and updates can wield a significant impact on your business’s success. This piece delves into the advantages of leveraging video content on Instagram, elucidating how it can drive traffic, yield substantial revenue gains, and maintain competitiveness.

The Significance of Video in Social Media Marketing

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has evolved from a straightforward photo-sharing platform into a formidable marketing instrument for brands and content creators.

A survey conducted by Facebook disclosed that Instagram plays a pivotal role in shaping positive brand perceptions. Respondents identified businesses on Instagram as not only popular (78%) but also creative (77%), entertaining (76%), and relevant (74%).

Moreover, a staggering 87% of individuals indicated taking action after encountering product information on Instagram. These actions span making online purchases, following a brand, and visiting its website.

Through the dissemination of high-quality content on Instagram, businesses can swiftly introduce new products to a global audience. According to a report by HubSpot, 64% of marketers attest that sharing videos on Instagram yields the highest engagement.

Thankfully, uploading videos on Instagram has never been more accessible. Since 2015, the platform has rolled out updates that accentuate video content. An array of tools—from Boomerang to live streaming and IGTV—have been introduced to aid users in crafting distinctive videos.

In 2020, Instagram introduced Reels, bite-sized videos of up to 90 seconds. These reels, tailored for business owners, are both entertaining and succinct, offering a dynamic means to bring brands to life.

Six Video Marketing Advantages for Business Growth

Why should brands invest in video content for social media? For burgeoning businesses, sharing videos on platforms like Instagram can captivate prospects and sway purchasing decisions.

Here are six additional benefits of video marketing that you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Capture and Retain Attention

The human brain processes and reacts to visual content a staggering 60,000 times faster than text. In a saturated market, investing in video content marketing makes it easier for your audience to absorb and remember your brand message.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

A striking 90% of consumers assert that video aids in their decision-making process. Video content marketing can encapsulate crucial information about your product or service in under a minute, providing a distinct and rapid way to convince leads to choose you over competitors.

3. Address Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Video content marketing can be tailored to engage users at every phase of the sales journey. For instance, your video marketing strategy might encompass humorous skits or animated reels to target users in the awareness stage. Conversely, quick how-to guides or 360° virtual tours are effective for educating buyers in the consideration stage.

4. Stimulate Social Sharing

Studies indicate that social media posts featuring video garner 48% more views and are shared a remarkable 1,200% more than text and images combined. This positions video social media marketing as one of the most effective methods for organic growth.

5. Humanize Your Brand

A compelling video has the power to evoke emotions in viewers, fostering trust and brand recall. In an era of endless scrolling, humanizing your company sets you apart from the crowd.

6. Establish Credibility

Sharing original, high-quality videos aids in portraying your brand as creative, innovative, and professional.

Collaborating with a comprehensive marketing agency can amplify the benefits of video marketing and ensure your content reaches the right audience.

Why Videos Outperform Images on Instagram

Research reveals that viewers retain an astounding 95% of information conveyed through video, compared to only 10% from images and text ads.

Video for social media marketing excels because it combines imagery, sound, and motion, engaging multiple senses and eliciting stronger and longer-lasting emotional responses. Consequently, users are more likely to remember your brand.

That being said, images remain an integral part of Instagram. Brands can employ image carousels to showcase multiple products simultaneously, driving sales. Striking a balance between high-quality photos and video in social media marketing is pivotal for crafting a consistent and memorable brand.

Types of Videos for Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Instagram reels for business owners come in a diverse array of forms and styles. Let’s explore a few:

  • Live Action – Showcasing real people, locations, and props, live-action videos are superb for spotlighting company culture, client testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. They lend companies an authentic, relatable, and human touch.
  • Explainer Videos – How-to videos distill complex ideas into easily digestible segments. They condense a wealth of information into a short timeframe without losing the audience’s interest.
  • Product Demos – Demos provide a dynamic way to showcase your product in action and demonstrate how it enhances customers’ lives.
  • Animation – Animated videos grant brands creative freedom to breathe life into any idea or narrative. They excel at explaining abstract concepts that are challenging to convey through live-action footage.
  • 360° Experience Videos – These panoramic recordings create immersive environments, capturing footage from every angle and placing viewers at the center. Businesses with physical locations can utilize 360° video social media marketing to offer virtual tours or real estate walkthroughs.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) – These are videos created by customers or brand advocates without compensation. UGC videos carry weight as they offer candid and impartial feedback from everyday users.

To create more impactful and engaging reels, it’s beneficial to collaborate with a company offering Instagram marketing services.

A social media marketing expert possesses the tools and expertise to plan and produce strategic Instagram reels for business owners.

Creating a Standout Instagram Reel

When executed proficiently, Instagram videos can forge meaningful connections and drive sales. With over 25 million active Instagram business profiles globally, how can your reels break through the clutter?

Follow these tips to craft video content for social media that captivates your audience:

  • Grab Attention in the First Three Seconds

Lead with the most captivating and valuable elements right from the start, then expand upon them. Otherwise, viewers may lose interest and scroll past your video.

  • Narrate a Compelling Story, Concisely

Stories evoke emotions and build trust, leaving a potent and enduring impact. Remember, you have a maximum of 90 seconds to convey your message. Keep your story clear and concise without unnecessary prolongation.

  • Maintain a Distinctive Style

Utilize visual cues like backgrounds, fonts, or editing techniques to set your brand apart.

  • Incorporate Subtitles

Many users browse their feeds without sound. Captioning your videos ensures accessibility for all Instagram users.

  • Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

The most effective way to drive traffic from reels is by featuring a clear call-to-action, conveyed through on-screen text, verbal prompts, or both.

Crafting compelling reels may pose a challenge for some, but it’s an essential step in meeting consumer expectations. Professionals specializing in video marketing services can assist in creating reels that engage, entertain, and yield impressive returns.

Elevate Your Video Marketing Strategy with Leadshouse

As Instagram shifts towards a more video-centric platform, businesses must reevaluate their video marketing approach. Investing in video marketing production services can set your brand apart and transform followers into devoted customers.

Leadshouse’s Instagram and video marketing services empower businesses to create reels that drive likes, followers, and conversions. As a comprehensive marketing agency, we oversee everything from campaign planning to video marketing production and brand management. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we help you produce video content for social media that delivers the results you desire.

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