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Hotel Messaging Excellence: Embracing WhatsApp Business

Are you a hospitality establishment seeking to broaden your customer base and offer a seamless communication experience? If so, consider employing WhatsApp Business for hotels. Through WhatsApp, hotel communication with guests and other stakeholders gains increased versatility. This article will delve into the advantages of utilizing WhatsApp Business for hotels, how to implement it, and the benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business API with Leadshouse.

What is WhatsApp Business for Hotels?

WhatsApp Business for hotels entails utilizing WhatsApp as a communication tool that links hotels, guests, vendors, and various groups. This enables hotels to easily and swiftly connect with guests and other stakeholders, thereby enhancing communication.

However, hotels often already use platforms like email and SMS, or are present on booking platforms for stakeholder communication. So, why should they consider incorporating messaging services like WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business for Hotels: Benefits Compared to Conventional Channels

Given WhatsApp’s immense user base of 2 billion individuals, chances are high that your customers are already active on WhatsApp, particularly if your establishment is located in one of the 188 countries or regions where WhatsApp holds sway. This fact alone persuades businesses worldwide to opt for WhatsApp Business.

In contrast to email or SMS, WhatsApp boasts an impressively high open rate of 98%. It stands as the ideal channel for maximizing engagement with guests and other stakeholders.

Moreover, WhatsApp is tailored for conversational messaging. It supports multimedia messages, including images, videos, audio, and files, creating interactions that feel natural and dynamic. This fosters a sense of rapport and trust between the customer and the business, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advantages of WhatsApp for hotels

Additionally, unlike SMS, messaging on WhatsApp does not incur costs for the guest.

Furthermore, WhatsApp conversations, encompassing agreements, bookings, or requests made via the messaging channel, can be effortlessly archived. While this is feasible with email and SMS, records are often scattered, making them challenging to track.

These benefits are not merely theoretical. Hotels are already leveraging WhatsApp Business to offer a superior communication experience with their stakeholders, particularly their guests.

How Hospitality Businesses are Succeeding with WhatsApp for Hotels

Let’s examine two hotels that are capitalizing on WhatsApp to enhance communication, create more memorable guest experiences, and cultivate brand loyalty.

WhatsApp Hotel Triumphs: OYO Hotels & Homes

OYO Hotels & Homes, the third-largest hotel chain globally, incorporates WhatsApp into its guest service and relations. Guests can make inquiries, book rooms, and check details about their stay via WhatsApp.

OYO Hotels employ WhatsApp to enhance their services

This streamlines the reservation process, enhances the guest experience, and enables OYO to efficiently manage guests overall.

And the outcomes? Over 85,000 monthly conversions, engagement with more than 55,000 unique users monthly, and a 15% reduction in call center traffic.

WhatsApp Hotel Triumphs: AccorHotels

Since 2018, AccorHotels has piloted and implemented a virtual concierge and room service using WhatsApp. Guests can directly communicate with staff members through WhatsApp, utilizing a designated number assigned to each guest.

This “portable concierge” has infused guest relations with greater personalization and significance. It’s no surprise, then, that the adoption of WhatsApp for room service at AccorHotels has seen exponential growth over the past few years. It’s a channel that their guests find exceptionally user-friendly.

Convinced of the potential of WhatsApp for hotels? Create your own success stories to elevate your hotel’s stakeholder experience.

How to Leverage WhatsApp Business for Hotels

The first step is selecting the appropriate WhatsApp Business product for your use case. The WhatsApp Business App caters to small businesses with low message volumes, while the WhatsApp Business API is tailored for large enterprises with high message volumes.

Select the most suitable product based on your hotel’s size. For instance, a family-owned bed and breakfast might find the WhatsApp Business App most effective, whereas a hotel chain would benefit from the WhatsApp Business API.

Utilize WhatsApp for communication with stakeholders

However, to utilize the WhatsApp Business API, you’ll need to acquire access through a Business Solutions Provider (BSP) and integrate it with a messaging inbox for sending and receiving messages. With a customer conversation management software like Leadshouse, you can accomplish both tasks.

With that addressed, let’s explore the optimal WhatsApp Business practices for the various scenarios hotels frequently encounter.

WhatsApp for Hotels: Serving Guests

WhatsApp Business can greatly enhance the guest journey. There are multiple opportunities to streamline their experience.

Pre-arrival: A seamless guest journey begins with a favorable first impression. Dispatch a confirmation message via WhatsApp as soon as a booking is made. Prior to their arrival, send automated messages detailing your facilities and available activities. This builds anticipation and aids guests in planning their stay.

Check-in and stay: Through WhatsApp Business, your hotel can elevate the guest experience and provide unparalleled convenience with virtual concierge and room services.

Utilize broadcast messaging to promote ongoing events or offers. Enable guests to peruse spa treatments or room service options through WhatsApp Catalog and facilitate payments via WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp Business for hotels can assist throughout the entire guest journey

Check-out: Enhance the check-out experience for guests. Send a personalized ‘thank you’ message and a guest satisfaction survey to gather feedback and enhance your services.

By leveraging these tools, hotels can streamline their operations and enhance the guest experience by offering an easy and seamless way for guests to access additional services. With WhatsApp, your hotel can supplement or even replace traditional guest services.

You can also increase guest retention by offering vouchers or discounts through promotional messages. Send these messages periodically or ahead of holidays or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to maximize their effectiveness.

On that note, let’s explore how WhatsApp can be leveraged during hotel events such as conferences and exhibitions.

WhatsApp for Hotels: Organizing Events and Exhibitions

MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions), weddings, and parties can generate substantial revenue for hotels.

WhatsApp can even be employed for events and exhibitions

Promote your hotel as an event venue in both physical and digital spaces—via brochures, at trade shows, on social media, and more. Use WhatsApp QR codes and chat links to direct interested customers to your inbox.

These features serve as a form of lead generation. WhatsApp enables you to save these contacts and their details in your contact list for future promotional messages.

WhatsApp for Hotels: Coordinating with Travel Agents

In addition to targeting guests and end users, hotels can also collaborate with travel agents through WhatsApp and tap into their client base. Hotels can integrate WhatsApp with their CRMs to keep track of agreements and contracts, guest lists, and relevant transactions.

WhatsApp Business for hotels: Engage with travel agents using WhatsApp

Furthermore, hotels can add agents to their broadcast lists to promote special events or offers. This helps hotels effectively reach a wider audience and increases their chances of attracting more customers.

Overall, broadcasting promotions can lead to increased exposure for the hotel and potentially more bookings. However, the possibilities don’t end there. With WhatsApp API integrated with Leadshouse, much more can be accomplished.

Enhancing WhatsApp API with Leadshouse

As Leadshouse is a WhatsApp partner, you can directly access WhatsApp API from the platform. Alternatively, integrate WhatsApp API with Leadshouse and unlock its full potential.

WhatsApp Business for hotels: Maximize WhatsApp API with Leadshouse

Here are five ways Leadshouse amplifies the capabilities of WhatsApp API:

Centralize All Your Messages

Apart from WhatsApp, Leadshouse allows you to connect and manage conversations from all other messaging apps in one convenient location. You can integrate Leadshouse with Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Viber, LINE, and more.

While this affords stakeholders flexibility, they might reach out through multiple channels simultaneously. This can make it challenging to identify the same contact and keep their information organized.

Leadshouse addresses this issue by enabling you to merge duplicate contacts and consolidate all their channels, messages, events, and comments into unified profiles.

For example, if a guest initially contacts you through Facebook Messenger and later through WhatsApp, Leadshouse can recognize them as the same contact and merge their profiles and conversation histories into a single thread.

Send Promotional Messages

Hotels can use WhatsApp broadcasts to send promotions or updates in bulk to customers. This can encompass seasonal promotions, room packages, and discounts for returning guests.

With Leadshouse’s Broadcasts Module, you can import contacts, segment them for precise targeting, schedule broadcasts in advance, and more. Apart from broadcasts, hotels can also employ external platforms to bolster their promotions by setting up event-triggered messages.

For instance, you can dispatch notifications to guests who abandoned their booking, encouraging them to complete the reservation. Re-engage those indecisive guests and increase your revenue.

Streamline Tasks with Advanced Automation

Leadshouse supports robust automation that enhances the use of WhatsApp for your hotel. You can pose questions to gather information, route chats based on language or shifts, auto-assign corporate or VIP guests to dedicated agents, and more.

Automatically route guests to the right team based on their needs

When leveraging Leadshouse’s automation features to their fullest, hotels spend less time on unproductive tasks, such as routing contacts, while providing guests with hyper-convenience via their mobile devices.

Integrate Your CRMs and Reservation Platforms

You can integrate your WhatsApp API account with over 5,000 applications through Leadshouse. This encompasses CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Revinate, as well as reservation platforms with open APIs like Pegasus CRS and Cloudbeds.

You can retrieve and update contact data, create contracts or support tickets, and input reservation details while conversing with guests or other stakeholders.

Monitor Your Agent’s Performance

The Leadshouse Reports and Analytics Module offers an overview of your teams and insights into any necessary actions. Identify underperforming agents, discover which channels your customers prefer, review broadcast analytics, and more. This is a powerful tool for staying in control.

There you have it! You’re now prepared to begin implementing WhatsApp Business for your hotel. If you’re looking to harness the full potential of WhatsApp, visit our website today and obtain a WhatsApp API account.


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