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Exploring TikTok’s Entry into the Search Ad Market: Key Insights

TikTok, the renowned platform for sharing videos, is making its foray into the search ads arena.

This shift represents a significant move for TikTok, as it aims to leverage its expanding user base and contend with industry giants like Google and Microsoft.

Through this novel paid ads feature on TikTok, enterprises can now efficiently target younger demographics using specific keywords and phrases associated with their products or services.

This capability to drive conversions from these searches presents a crucial tool for crafting successful advertising campaigns directed at Generation Z and millennial users.

What should you keep in mind when utilizing TikTok search ads? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the new entrant in the TikTok business marketing and search ads domain:

What Exactly is TikTok Promotion?

By now, you’ve likely come across a variety of TikTok ad examples, and you might be curious about how these ads function.

So, what does TikTok promotion entail?

When contemplating advertising on TikTok, there are numerous avenues to explore. Businesses can opt for various ad formats, such as In-Feed Ads and Brand Takeovers, to showcase their products or services.

These ads harness the power of machine learning algorithms that scrutinize user behavior to deliver tailored and pertinent messages to users most likely to engage with the content.

Many of these TikTok ad instances can also be customized based on demographics, allowing for even more precise targeting, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location

These ads elevate business marketing efforts on TikTok and are indispensable for those seeking to leave their mark on the platform.

Who Should Leverage TikTok Search Ads?

TikTok isn’t a one-size-fits-all social media platform, and the same holds true for advertising on TikTok, including their upcoming search ad feature.

Businesses keen on reaching younger demographics, particularly Generation Z and millennials, should take the lead in advertising on TikTok once these options become available. This demographic proves challenging to engage through traditional marketing channels and even pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

However, on TikTok, you can connect with them more effectively.

This platform caters to the younger demographic, the audience that no longer relies on Google to seek out businesses, but instead places more emphasis on social proof, highlighting TikTok’s major advantage.

TikTok’s niche would be new brands, restaurants, events, as well as businesses either venturing into the digital sphere or seeking to tap into new audiences using TikTok search ads.

Given that social media platforms emphasizing visual content are an ideal match for this age group, taking the initiative to invest in TikTok search ads sooner rather than later is a sound strategy.

If you’re already active on the platform and experiencing success with your paid TikTok ads, transitioning to search ads when they become available will be a seamless move.

Conversely, if you haven’t yet dabbled in TikTok ads but have a predominantly youthful audience, now is the opportune moment to establish your brand and acquaint yourself with advertising on TikTok.

So, What’s in Store?

It’s crucial to bear in mind that this new TikTok business marketing platform is not yet ready for launch.

This means that, with the exception of beta testers, advertisers won’t have access to high-performing keywords just yet.

However, based on available information, two key features stand out:

Bidding on Specific Keywords

First and foremost, advertisers will have the capacity to bid on specific keywords and phrases for promotion on TikTok.

The more relevant these keywords are, the greater the likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention and enhancing your business marketing efforts on TikTok.

This TikTok business marketing attribute closely mirrors what’s possible on other search ad platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

You might wonder, “Why would I bid on keywords for TikTok advertising?”

Well, Google’s own research revealed that 40% of young individuals turn to apps like TikTok (and Instagram) when looking for dining options.

In theory, you can utilize search ads to reinforce other TikTok marketing campaigns you might be running, capitalizing on the platform’s ever-expanding user base.

Here’s a preview of what a TikTok promotion on search might look like during its beta testing:

Effectively bidding on keywords will grant you prime real estate on the search results page, positioned above the “Others Searched For” section.

Your search ad will then carry a “Sponsored” label to distinguish TikTok ads on search from organic results.

However, it’s worth noting that keyword targeting is not yet accessible, and TikTok search ads are currently confined to keyword placements. You can then employ high-performing placements as video titles to add more value to your TikTok videos.

Unique Targeting Options for TikTok Advertisers

While this remains speculative, search promotion on TikTok may offer more comprehensive targeting options for their search ads.

For example, your TikTok ads might zero in on your audience based on factors beyond just keywords, including:

  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Behaviors

Observe how these targeting options are already in place for other paid ads on TikTok?

It’s possible that we’ll see similar TikTok promotion options extended to its search ads.

If this proves true, it could revolutionize the game for marketers seeking a more precise approach to promoting on TikTok and targeting their audience. This TikTok marketing strategy could represent a step up from other search ad platforms, which still heavily rely on keywords for targeting.

A Fresh Perspective?

TikTok is also toying with search ad features that may set them apart from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon.

Instead of scrutinizing a video’s title, tags, and description, paid ads on TikTok search focus on its green screen effect to determine which ads to display on its search engine.

For instance, if you’re employing voice-to-text or captions as an effect, TikTok advertising aims to utilize these elements as signals for their search ads.

The same applies to images, settings, and, naturally, keywords that appear within the video.

If TikTok for business can successfully implement this approach, they would provide their advertisers with a more personalized means of utilizing their search ads.

When Will Search Ads Roll Out?

As per Business Insider, TikTok search ads are anticipated to have broader availability by the third quarter (Q3) of 2023.

This projection stems from TikTok’s recent activities, including their job postings for search ad engineers for a large-scale ads system and their more assertive outreach to marketing agencies and businesses regarding their search ad platform.

Of course, this timeline is subject to change. Nevertheless, it seems highly plausible since Q3 of 2023 affords them ample time to amass the necessary data before the high-spending Q4 period arrives.

Challenging the Giant

The big question on everyone’s minds is whether TikTok can truly compete with Google in the realm of search ads.

At present, Google commands a dominant share of the market, boasting 84.69% of the market share (Statista). Bing and Yahoo lag far behind, collectively holding a mere 11.44% market share.

This places TikTok face-to-face with a formidable challenge in terms of contending with established players in the search ad arena. To entice advertisers away from these incumbents, TikTok must present a more compelling pricing structure and an enticing business proposition.

Another hurdle lies in integrating this new ad system without disrupting the user experience on Tik

Tok. Even slight disruptions in the TikTok flow could lead users to seek alternatives.

An essential aspect of user experience involves ensuring that search ads remain relevant and do not become overly pervasive on the platform.

TikTok thrives on good creative, in this case great video, underscoring the importance of ensuring that your TikTok videos deliver high-quality, engaging content when users click on them through your TikTok search ads.

Why This Benefits Advertisers

TikTok’s entry into the search ad realm opens up new possibilities for advertisers, particularly those seeking a more diverse approach to connect with their target audience. Here’s why TikTok search ads can be instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of your account on the platform.

1. Better Reach of a Younger Audience

Cracking the code to engage Generation Z and millennial audiences can be a complex task for advertisers. These demographics crave fresh and innovative content that resonates with their interests. This is precisely what makes TikTok for business an excellent platform for reaching these audiences, as it features content that Gen Zers are naturally inclined to consume.

With the introduction of search ads, TikTok advertising may offer an even more seamless way to connect with younger demographics.

2. Enhanced Cost Efficiency and ROI

While TikTok is still refining its search ads algorithm, it’s evident that they aim to leverage their TikTok marketing strengths, namely their green screen effects and video filters.

The exact mechanics remain unclear, but one can anticipate these features being employed to target with greater precision, resulting in a higher return on ad spend for TikTok advertisers.

This heightened level of personalization opens up significant opportunities for advertisers to engage with their target audience more effectively.

3. Tapping into the TikTok Community

TikTok paid ads present an ideal means to tap into the extensive network of content creators and influencers that have gained traction on the platform. By leveraging their reach, you can utilize narrowly-targeted search ads to drive relevant traffic to your business’s website or app, further bolstering engagement and brand recognition.

Shape a Striking Presence on TikTok with Leadshouse

The decision of whether to invest in TikTok search ads is still under consideration. However, one thing is certain – TikTok advertising is poised to be a prominent player in the digital marketing arena.

A heightened level of targeting and a unique search ad algorithm will set TikTok apart from other platforms.

This isn’t to say that you should plunge in without proper preparation. Google and other established search ad platforms have spent years refining their algorithms, and TikTok for business will require its own fine-tuning.

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