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AI Transcends Text: Introducing the Bing Image Creator Tool

On March 21st, 2023, Bing and Microsoft Edge elevated their AI-driven search experience by integrating Image Creator into Bing Chat.

This innovative tool harnesses an enhanced version of OpenAI’s DALL∙E model, enabling users to generate images based on textual descriptions.

With this release, individuals can now produce both written and visual content directly within Bing Chat, seamlessly merging two potent forms of AI-generated content into a unified platform.

What Is Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat are distinct AI design tools and products developed by Microsoft.

The former serves as an AI-powered image generator, employing natural language processing and AI to translate textual descriptions into visual content.

You can access the standalone Bing Image Creator Tool here: bing.com/create

According to Microsoft Bing, the Image Creator is a tool designed to assist users in generating AI images using DALL·E.

For those unfamiliar, DALL∙E is a creation of OpenAI, featuring a deep learning-based model that utilizes natural language processing to generate images from user-provided descriptions.

Operating on this technology, Bing’s AI image creator functions by processing text inputs, such as “a red car on a beach,” and producing an image that matches the description.

Because of its advanced AI capabilities, Image Creator finds applications in various graphic design services and artistic endeavors, allowing for the creation of diverse images, artworks, portraits, and virtually anything that can be described.

Though no longer a groundbreaking tool, the integration of Bing Chat brings a new dimension to the process of crafting AI-generated content, enabling users to interact with the tool in a conversational manner.

Its potential extends far beyond website design services, making it a valuable tool for businesses, marketers, and content creators.

You can explore these outputs in the Explore Ideas section of Image Creator.

Capabilities and Features

But what can Bing Image Creator do? If you’re familiar with other AI design tools like Midjourney, Jasper Art, and Stable Diffusion, some of these features may ring a bell.

Use of Prompts

The most apparent feature of Image Creator is its intuitive prompt-based system.

In essence, prompts function like fill-in-the-blank statements, enabling users to specify their needs with minimal effort.

Simply input your command, and Image Creator will generate the corresponding image.

Beyond prompts, the integration with Bing Chat, as noted by Frank, stands out as a major advantage, facilitating conversational interactions with the tool and enhancing the accessibility and intuitiveness of AI-generated image creation.

English-Only Language Support

Presently, Image Creator exclusively supports commands in English. This limitation means that if you’re outside of English-speaking countries, you won’t be able to use Image Creator in your local language.

However, Microsoft has plans to extend support to more languages in the future.

Accessible AI Image Creator

Unlike other AI design tools such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Jasper Art, Bing Image Creator is available for free.

However, due to high demand, there’s an increased likelihood of a wait time for your AI-generated content, ranging from a few minutes to hours after submitting your prompt.

This is where Microsoft’s Boosts and Rewards system comes into play.

Microsoft Boosts act as tokens that expedite the image generation process. Upon signing up for Bing Image Creator, you’ll begin with 25 Boosts, which will replenish weekly thereafter. The number of boosts remaining is visible next to the prompt input bar.

Rewards, on the other hand, constitute a complimentary program by Microsoft that “rewards” users for utilizing their services, including Bing.com, and making purchases from the Microsoft Store.

These Rewards can then be redeemed for additional Boosts on Bing Image Creator.

What Is Bing Chat? How Do I Use It?

If you find Bing Image Creator impressive, here’s something even better: it’s seamlessly integrated with Bing Chat.

So, what exactly is Bing Chat?

Described by Microsoft as “your co-pilot of the web,” it accelerates your search process, delivering results in an instant.

However, it’s not limited to search tasks; it can also generate AI-generated content like blog topic ideas, cooking instructions, event plans, and, most recently, images.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Visit bing.com/chat and ensure you’re in preview mode.
  2. While in preview mode, set your conversation style to Creative. The integration with Bing Image Creator Tool exclusively functions in Creative Mode, so be sure to perform this step before entering your prompts or instructions. The Balanced and Precise Modes will yield search results and knowledge cards, even if you request Bing Chat to generate an image.
  3. Then, enter your prompt or instruction. In our example, we instructed Bing Chat to “create a digital illustration of a flower-filled guitar on a blue background.”

Here are the results:

However, Frank points out that Bing’s Image Creator Tool is still in its early stages of development in terms of producing high-quality images. At present, it stands at a level comparable to Midjourney’s V3 in the summer of 2022. The images may lack an overall convincing quality, and their size is relatively small, limiting their utility in print media requiring higher resolution.

Can I Use the Bing Image Creator on Bing Chat Today?

Absolutely, everyone can access the Bing Image Creator preview today. However, there’s one caveat: you must utilize Microsoft Edge to unlock Bing Chat’s full potential.

Additionally, you must be in Bing Chat Preview and use Creative Mode when employing this AI chatbot.

Keep in mind that the Microsoft Boosts and Rewards system is still applicable in Bing Chat. This means that when you instruct Bing Chat to design AI images, it will automatically deduct your boosts, even if you’re not in the standalone Image Creator application.

Tips On Utilizing Bing Image Creator On Bing Chat

As an AI chatbot, Bing Chat benefits from some fine-tuning to produce optimal results. Here are some tips to kickstart your experience with this AI image creator:

1. Be Specific With Your Prompts

Emphasis has been placed on this before, and it bears repeating: specificity is key when it comes to prompts.

How specific should you get?

Begin by vividly describing your subject. If, for instance, your subject is a sheep, don’t simply input “sheep” in the prompt. Infuse creativity by adding descriptive adjectives like “fluffy” or “wooly.”

Next, assign an action to the sheep. Envision what your sheep is doing in your artwork. Is it leaping over fences? Swimming in a river? Slumbering amidst clouds?

Incorporating a verb into your prompt yields more engaging and captivating results.

Lastly, specify the art style you want for your AI-generated content. Consider styles like Impressionist, Digital art, Photorealistic, Surrealist, Pop art, or Colorful.

A well-crafted prompt might look like this:

“Create a cute, fluffy sheep sleeping on clouds digital art.”

This is the outcome using the aforementioned prompt:

2. Explore Your Style

Utilizing AI design tools for personal and professional graphic design services necessitates a degree of creativity.

Therefore, take the time to explore various themes and styles until you find one that resonates with you. If you’re still discovering your style, the “Explore Ideas” section of Image Creator is an excellent starting point.

It showcases AI-generated content from other creators that can serve as inspiration.

 Additionally, if you’re curious about their results, hover over the image you like to view the exact prompt they used.

3. Draw Inspiration From Graphic Design Trends

Avoid confining yourself to a single style. Given that graphic design trends are constantly evolving, it’s imperative to stay informed about what’s currently popular. You can draw inspiration from these trends and apply them to your own digital marketing endeavors.

For instance, the “cyberpunk” art trend is gaining traction. To give it a whirl, use AI prompts such as:

“Generate a cyberpunk-style digital illustration of a city full of flying cars.”

And there you have it! A futuristic image in no time at all:

Leveraging contemporary art styles and graphic design trends will help you remain relevant while delving deeper into AI image creation.

Moving Forward With AI Design Tools…

AI design tools are groundbreaking, and their potential to reshape the digital marketing landscape has yet to be fully realized.

So, what’s the best course of action?

Rather than viewing them as substitutes, consider them tools to streamline and expedite your creative process.

Frank suggests that digital marketers and content creators can use the Image Creator Tool to swiftly craft custom images, thereby ramping up their content production.

“With more content to create and a regular posting schedule across all of their digital channels, this can help content creators and digital marketers,” Frank said.

An AI chatbot like ChatGPT and Bing Chat has the capacity to retrieve data from millions of online sources and analyze them on your behalf. This means you won’t have to spend hours scouring the web for inspiration or hunting for the perfect art references.

You can then channel your surplus creative energy into crafting your own art or refining your AI-generated content.

Always bear in mind that while designing AI images, it’s advisable not to treat them as final products, but rather as starting points for something greater. This is crucial because there have been instances of legal challenges related to AI-generated content.

However, legal concerns aren’t the sole risk associated with AI art. AI mishaps and failures can also be awkward and potentially more harmful than beneficial, so it’s essential to fine-tune your work prior to sharing it with the world.

For instance, AI-generated images are known for their lower resolution and overall quality. To mitigate this, make sure to review the images you create before using them.

If you intend to feature AI-generated content on your website, in graphics, or in digital marketing campaigns, be sure to upload high-resolution versions for the best results. This can typically be achieved by using software like:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Canva
  • Gimp
  • Figma

Numerous agencies stand to benefit from these tools, enabling them to produce higher-quality content than what’s achievable with generative AI design software alone.

How AI Impacts SEO

Another question that arises is how AI-generated content affects search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

The answer is yes, it does have an impact, but not necessarily in the way one might assume.

The influence of AI on SEO is less about algorithmic detection and more about how efficiently you generate and optimize content. According to Google, their search results strive to reward original, high-quality content, regardless of its method of creation.

If you design AI images and fail to optimize them for your website, you’ll likely experience lower rankings for your content. It’s crucial, therefore, to provide appropriate alt tags for your images and to reduce their size, enabling search engines to understand their relevance to the rest of your content.

If this is a task you’re not equipped to handle, consider collaborating with website design services and marketing professionals who understand how to optimize and leverage images for your website’s success.

Furthermore, graphic design services can assist in creating unique artwork and illustrations for your website. One particular concern with using an AI chatbot for content creation is the potential loss of a human touch.

This is why enlisting professional services to enhance your artwork can significantly contribute to the “human” user experience of your content. Since your content is ultimately aimed at improving the human user experience, your SEO efforts will also benefit.

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