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Ways to Increase Your Instagram Recommendations

As a creator on Instagram, you may not be aware that influencers typically receive a modest 1.42 percent engagement per post.

If this statistic doesn’t appear promising to you, consider the 0.98 percent median across various industries. Content creators face the challenge of going above and beyond to capture the attention of their target audience.

One of the most effective methods for reaching a wider audience is through Instagram Recommendations.

To make the most of this feature, the initial step is to familiarize yourself with the latest Instagram recommendation and community guidelines.

In this article, we delve into Instagram Recommendations, their significance for creators, and how to utilize them to increase reach and engagement.

What Are Instagram Recommendations?

An Instagram Recommendation is a photo or video post featured on the Instagram Explore page, in “Accounts You May Like,” and on the Reels tab. Typically, these posts don’t originate from accounts that a user follows. However, Instagram (IG) displays them to assist people in discovering new content and communities.

Instagram employs artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other advanced technologies in its algorithm to ensure that the recommendations they provide are pertinent and valuable to users. Much like Google and Facebook, they personalize recommendations based on user preferences, behaviors, and usage history.

As the algorithm undergoes regular updates, Instagram marketing agencies, brands, and influencers should keep an eye out for alterations in the Instagram community guidelines and other Instagram policies to ensure that every promotion on Instagram has the potential to be recommended.

How Recommendations Benefit Brand Promotion On Instagram

Instagram initially began as a platform for sharing photos before introducing Instagram TV (IGTV) in 2018, subsequently replaced by Instagram Video in 2021. With the surge in monthly users, it evolved into one of the most crucial digital marketing channels for businesses to execute social media marketing campaigns.

Here are two reasons why an increasing number of companies are now collaborating with Instagram marketing agencies to devise an Instagram content strategy.

1. Showcase Products

Typically, Instagram content ideas aim to showcase or endorse a specific product. Beyond just creating a post, any user can also utilize a feature called Instagram Guides to craft curated content, such as:

  • Places
  • Products
  • Posts

For businesses in the travel and hospitality sector, “Places” holds significant importance. “Products,” on the other hand, facilitates product showcasing.

To this day, Instagram Guides remain underutilized. So, when generating Instagram content ideas, the Instagram content creator or Instagram marketing company should seize the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by employing this feature.

For businesses to have an Instagram Guide, they must first establish an Instagram Shop. In general, these are the steps taken to set up a shop.

  • Fulfill eligibility requirements, which may include being located in a supported market, possessing an eligible product, owning a website for product sales, and adhering to various agreements, policies, terms, and conditions.
  • Convert the account into a business or creator account. Once the business account is set up, provide pertinent business details, such as an address, phone number, operating hours, and a link to the website.
  • Link the business or creator account to a Facebook Page. It’s worth noting that a Facebook Page Shop is not mandatory.
  • Upload a product catalog using the Catalogue Manager found in Facebook Business Manager. This catalog should encompass a list of products, their availability, and descriptions. For large organizations, this process can be laborious, particularly for those with hundreds (or thousands) of products. Hence, many of them rely on integration with an e-Commerce Platform Partner or Instagram marketing services.
  • Submit the account for review. Once approved, activate the Shopping feature. From the Instagram business profile, navigate to Settings > Business > Shopping. Select the product catalog to connect to and then click on Done.

The advantage of utilizing an Instagram shop is that it streamlines the buyer’s journey. For instance, creating a gift guide and linking the products to the product sales page in the shop is straightforward and convenient. In this case, direct links help boost conversion rates since customers don’t have to go through additional steps that consume time.

2. Expand Reach and Enhance Customer Acquisition

The primary objective of an Instagram content strategy is to augment the number of followers and expand reach. Paid advertisements remain the swiftest way to generate leads. However, it’s even more advantageous if posts receive recommendations and appear on the Instagram explore page.

Instagram recommendations come at no cost. Additionally, similar to search engines, Instagram employs an algorithm to suggest posts to users who may have an interest in viewing them. Consequently, the posts reach an audience that likely falls within the target customer demographic.

Another aspect to consider about recommendations is that individuals who don’t follow may still come across them. This implies that some users may convert into followers or customers by visiting the product sales page.

How To Qualify For Instagram Recommendations

All users must adhere to the Instagram Community Guidelines. However, since non-followers may also encounter recommended posts, the criteria for eligible posts are more stringent. This way, Instagram can minimize the likelihood of recommending posts that a broader audience may find offensive or inappropriate, particularly those who haven’t indicated an interest in viewing such posts.

In addition to the Instagram Community Guidelines, posts must also align with the Recommendation Guidelines.

Broadly speaking, content and IG reels ideas featuring violence run afoul of Instagram brand guidelines. Similarly, the promotion of regulated products like vaping and tobacco is prohibited. Sexually suggestive or explicit images and videos, including individuals in see-through attire, are likewise not permitted.

Posts that violate Instagram guidelines are automatically flagged and removed through the use of technology and human review teams. In severe cases, Instagram may even prevent an entire account from being featured in recommendations. This typically occurs as a result of repeated violations.

Best Practices For Instagram Content Ideas And Creating Reels On Instagram

These are strategies that an Instagram content creator can contemplate when generating content and IG Reels ideas. Employ these tips to heighten the likelihood of receiving recommendations.

1. Share Original Content and Post Regularly

Refrain from uploading reels that have already been posted or any unoriginal or aggregated content. Instead of repurposing someone else’s content, it’s better to share a noteworthy reel or post on Story. For optimal results, upload original photos/videos, as they tend to be more appreciated by users.

Note: Brands can collaborate with others by utilizing Instagram’s Collabs feature. This approach allows a single post to be shared with the collaborators’ followers.

Another point to keep in mind is to make consistent posts and schedule them based on the timeline of the target audience. Similar to Facebook, the posts that appear on the timeline are typically recent. Therefore, regular postings at times when the majority of target users are online enhance the chances of the posts being viewed.

Remember, only posts that the audience sees have a chance of achieving their desired outcomes, including engagements. This process can be made more straightforward and effective by employing social media tools like HootSuite or by partnering with one of the reputable Instagram marketing agencies.

2. Create Engaging IG Reels Ideas

When crafting reels on Instagram, ensure they adhere to Instagram brand guidelines. Additionally, they should be an integral part of the broader Instagram content strategy.

Keep these considerations in mind when producing videos:

  • Use high-resolution 9×16 vertical dimensions without borders to ensure the video can be viewed in full-screen on smartphones.
  • If text is incorporated, make sure it doesn’t occupy too much space or cover a significant portion of the screen.
  • Keep videos concise, as they can only receive recommendations if their length doesn’t exceed 90 seconds.
  • The first three seconds are crucial, so make them count. Otherwise, users may disregard the video and move on to the next post.
  • In addition to the subject matter, create videos that incorporate the company’s Instagram brand guidelines or identity to enhance brand recognition.
  • Consider engaging the services of an Instagram marketing company for professional video production.

3. Amplify Promotion on Instagram by Enhancing Search Visibility

Similar to search engines, keywords play a pivotal role. Therefore, any Instagram content plan should encompass research and analytics. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Instagram aligns search results with the search query through text. Hence, include pertinent keywords when creating a post.
  • Profile names that correspond with the content may receive a boost in search results.
  • Incorporate primary keywords in the bio to heighten search visibility.
  • Embed relevant keywords and hashtags in captions, not comments.

Qualify for a Spot on the Instagram Explore Page

The key to benefiting from recommendations is eligibility. This entails ensuring that every photo and video posted complies with Instagram guidelines.

Additionally, adhere to the best practices discussed in this article to attract more followers and potential customers. The inclusion of keywords, for example, can aid in enhancing search visibility.

For further information on how our Instagram marketing services can drive users to your product sales pages, reach out to us today. Our social media marketing specialists are available to discuss various digital marketing strategies that can bolster your sales and deliver exceptional returns.


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