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Utilizing WeChat for Business: Six Effective Strategies Employed by Companies

You might have stumbled upon this post seeking WeChat Advertising strategies. In this article, we’ll delve into how businesses capitalized on instant messaging and other functionalities within WeChat. Before you proceed, we strongly suggest reading our Comprehensive Guide to WeChat for Enterprises as it provides insights into WeChat Official Accounts and how WeChat can be harnessed for business purposes. We’ll be detailing the following WeChat Advertising Campaigns:

1. Burberry WeChat Marketing Campaign

With a whopping 40 million followers on WeChat, and a substantial portion of its sales originating from the Chinese market, Burberry invests substantial effort into optimizing its WeChat Official Account to convert followers into customers.

How Does The Burberry WeChat Official Account Work?

Burberry’s WeChat Public Account primarily serves the purpose of helping users locate their stores, discover Burberry apparel and other luxury items, and promote Burberry’s events and marketing initiatives.

The Burberry Official WeChat Account

Upon initially following the Burberry Official WeChat Account, you’ll be directed to the messaging screen, followed by an automated welcome message. This message briefly outlines what users can anticipate from the account, informs them about the availability of customer support via WeChat, and provides an estimated response time.

Instead of prompting users to directly engage with a Burberry representative, the company has incorporated a Chat Menu into its account. The menu consists of three sections. The first button directs the user to a store locator. The second button opens a submenu allowing users to choose between Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s fashion, redirecting them to Burberry’s official online store in China. The third button takes users to Burberry’s Mini Programs.

While this area is typically designated for apps, Burberry utilizes it more akin to mini-sites. The options presented are subject to change, but we observed Burberry using this space to showcase replays of past fashion shows, notify users about upcoming events, and encourage them to subscribe for notifications.

Last but certainly not least, Burberry frequently publishes articles regarding their upcoming shows, updates related to fashion shows, and collaborations through WeChat Articles.

Has Burberry Executed Any WeChat Advertising Campaigns?

Burberry frequently employs WeChat Advertising Campaigns to convert its followers into online shoppers or even motivate them to visit physical stores. As part of its WeChat Advertising strategy, it has devised both conventional fashion marketing tactics and campaigns specially tailored for WeChat.

An example of a straightforward WeChat advertising campaign conducted by Burberry is the Limited Edition T-shirt. As a way to reward its most dedicated fans, Burberry designed a t-shirt featuring the exclusive ThomasBurberry logo, available for sale for only 24 hours. Burberry’s WeChat post simply explained the limited-time offer and provided a link for users to make the purchase. It was a simple yet effective approach.

Additionally, Burberry has orchestrated more intricate WeChat advertising campaigns. For instance, during the Spring Festival in 2016, Burberry utilized WeChat in a clever manner to drive foot traffic to its stores.

Burberry WeChat Advertising Campaign

This Burberry WeChat advertising campaign allowed users to create a Burberry branded cashmere scarf as a gift for their loved ones. This was facilitated through a WeChat Mini App that enabled users to personalize the message and send it via WeChat. Burberry also capitalized on this opportunity to entice users to visit its stores by offering them a physical scarf with the same message at their local Burberry outlet. 

2. Durex WeChat Advertising Campaign

Durex always takes a unique approach compared to other brands, and this is reflected in their strategy on WeChat. Instead of focusing on driving foot traffic or sales, the Durex WeChat Official Account prioritizes education.

How Does The Durex Official WeChat Account Work?

Upon following the Durex WeChat Public Account, users receive an automated welcome message. The message outlines the purpose of the account but does not actively encourage users to initiate a conversation. Instead, it presents a chat menu.

Durex WeChat Official Account

The chat menu of the Durex account is entirely devoted to education. The three menu buttons correspond to three product categories: condoms, lubricant, and sex toys. Clicking any of these opens a submenu showcasing actual products. Clicking on these products leads to a page detailing their features.

Durex’s goal is not direct sales, but rather, by educating the audience about the importance of safe sex, they believe it will indirectly boost sales at retail locations.

Has Durex Executed Any WeChat Advertising Campaigns?

In line with their objective to educate their audience, Durex doesn’t utilize their Official Account for WeChat advertising in the traditional sense. Instead, they aim to enhance engagement with their audience to increase brand awareness.

An example is the “Durex Go” WeChat Advertising Campaign. This campaign introduced a game similar to Pokemon Go, where users are encouraged to “catch” Magpies. After accumulating a certain number, users can evolve their Magpies and win prizes, such as hotel coupons or a set of Durex stickers for use in conversations.

Durex WeChat Sticker

3. YOOX WeChat Advertising Campaign

YOOX is no stranger to leveraging messaging app marketing, as we’ve previously covered their WhatsApp marketing campaign. It’s no surprise that they also have a presence on WeChat.

How Does The YOOX WeChat Official Account Work?

The YOOX WeChat Official Account centers around two objectives: encouraging users to download their app and facilitating eCommerce on the YOOX website.

YOOX WeChat Official Account

Upon initially following the YOOX official WeChat account, users receive an automated welcome message in the form of an image. The image provides a QR Code to assist in downloading the YOOX app.

Similar to other Official Accounts we’ve discussed, YOOX doesn’t prompt users to send a message, but rather utilizes the WeChat Chat Menu. As usual, this is divided into three buttons with submenus. The first button offers various options related to ongoing sales of new fashion lines. Clicking these buttons directs users straight to the YOOX eCommerce site.

The middle set of buttons pertain to customer service. One option directs users to the YOOX website for order status checks, while the other sends an automated message providing the customer service phone number for YOOX along with operational hours. Interestingly, users can’t directly message YOOX for customer service; a phone call is required.

The last button leads users to a page featuring a blog roll of YOOX’s most recent events and special sales.

4. Diana Pet Food WeChat Advertising Campaign

Surprisingly, this pet food company boasts one of the most intriguing WeChat Official Accounts we’ve come across.

How Does The Diana Pet Food WeChat Official Account Work?

The Diana Pet Food Official WeChat account primarily aims to promote the company’s brand with options to explore their products, blogs, and general pet health information.

Diana Pet Food Official WeChat Account

Upon entering the Diana Pet Food WeChat Official Account, users are greeted with a welcome message in both Chinese and English. There are three buttons at the bottom to help customers explore their products, educational articles, and their blogs.

The first submenu leads to different product pages, while the second button brings up articles from the company’s account. These articles cover the latest research on pet health and provide guidance on caring for various types of pets.

The last buttons direct users to a blog named “Appet!zer”. Although it doesn’t share the same name as the brand, this is a lifestyle blog centered around pet ownership. Somewhat unexpectedly, it’s in English.

Has Diana Pet Food Executed Any WeChat Advertising Campaigns?

Diana Pet Food primarily utilizes WeChat to generate leads for its newly launched products during product launch events and simultaneously increase the number of followers for its WeChat Official Account. For instance, when Diana Pet Food launched its new pet food called “福味多 (fú wèi duō)” or New Pet Food Enhancer for the Chinese market, it sent invitations to around 200 attendees. In addition to the invitations, the company also included a test package containing two pet-food flavor enhancers: the existing product and the newly released one. The primary objective of this campaign was to showcase the innovative features of this new product in comparison to the existing one.

To implement this concept, Diana Pet Food created a two-sided printed invitation with two different QR codes linked to a WeChat chatbot. One side of the invitation displayed a “YES” option with a happy pet face and a QR code, while the other side featured a “NO” option with a “Sad” pet face and a QR code. Scanning the QR codes allowed customers to follow Diana Pet Food’s official WeChat account. Additionally, the chatbot initiated a conversation with a video and posed some questions for customers to participate in the product release event.

5. British Airways WeChat Marketing Campaign

In 2016, British Airways targeted Chinese students studying abroad and their parents with a cleverly designed WeChat marketing campaign. The campaign addressed the apprehensions parents may have about visiting their children overseas, particularly due to unfamiliarity with flying or the local language.

How Does The British Airways WeChat Official Account Work?

The British Airways Official WeChat Account follows a fairly standard format. Upon following the account, users receive a standard message explaining the types of text commands they can send to the account and how to contact customer service via phone. If users send text messages outside of these available commands, there is no reply.

These screenshots display the British Airways Official Account & WeChat Advertising:

British Airways Official Account

The most significant command pertains to discounts, a highly sought-after feature. The response to this command is a WeChat Article. British Airways uses articles to highlight its latest discounts and product offers.

Additionally, there are numerous HTML5 pages for exploration. British Airways has authored articles about its products, including details about various classes of travel and amenities available at its new terminal in Heathrow.

Flight booking, however, is not directly available within the app. Clicking the booking link redirects users straight to the British Airways booking page. Now, without further ado, let’s delve into the campaign.

How Did The British Airways WeChat Marketing Campaign Work?

This British Airways WeChat marketing campaign was evidently aimed at new flyers. It’s unclear if British Airways employed any WeChat Advertising to drive traffic to the campaign, but the primary mode of entry was through scanning a QR code. This implies that there might have been print and other digital media utilized to direct people to the campaign.

One of the primary entry points was a video with a QR Code at the end. Scanning the QR code directed users to an HTML5 site designed specifically for parents traveling to see their children abroad for the first time.

The HTML5 site furnished valuable information for individuals flying to the United Kingdom for the first time. It included an extensive guide on items allowed and prohibited on board the aircraft, instructions for interacting with immigration officials upon arrival, and guidance on completing a landing card.

What made this page particularly engaging was the ability to fill out the landing card. Users could then save it as a photo for future reference.

6. Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Marketing Campaign

2019 witnessed a surprising trend of more Western companies embracing WeChat marketing to bolster their presence in the Chinese market. Boehringer Ingelheim, a German pharmaceutical company with over a century of history, stands as an example. They established a WeChat Official Account to further educate the Chinese market about Parkinson’s disease and treatment options. It’s noteworthy how pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly innovative with their marketing endeavors.

Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Marketing Campaign – Source: cgtn.com

The Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Marketing Campaign encompasses more than just their WeChat Official Account. They’ve also developed a website where Chinese users can access much of the same information available on the WeChat OA.

How Does The Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Official Account Work?

The Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Official Account essentially functions as a website within WeChat. There are two primary ways for users to interact: reading and liking articles or searching for their nearest Parkinson’s outpatient clinic via an interactive map.

The articles available on the WeChat account fall into several categories:

  • Patient Experiences
  • Campaigns for Public Awareness
  • Parkinson’s Symptoms
  • Chicken Soup for Parkinson’s
  • Advice from Doctors
  • Advice from Therapists

The “Chicken Soup for Parkinson’s” articles provide soothing content aimed at helping sufferers and their families navigate their situation.

The Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat WeChat Official Account

There’s also a section of the account explicitly dedicated to service. When navigated to, it directly opens a chat. It was surprising to see that the welcome message in the chat addressed us by name, which is relatively uncommon in WeChat OAs, at least based on our experience. However, when we attempted to respond to this message in either English or Chinese, we only received a broken HTML string in return.

Was The Boehringer Ingelheim WeChat Marketing Campaign a Success?

Given that this was more of an awareness campaign, it’s challenging to definitively assess its overall success. Although we attempted to reach out to their website for comment, we weren’t able to receive a response.

According to newrank.cn, this WeChat Official Account boasts about 14,000 active followers. Newrank.cn also indicates that their WeChat articles receive anywhere from 300 to 3000 reads.

This brings us to the end of the overview of these diverse and intriguing WeChat Advertising Campaigns. Each campaign showcases unique strategies and approaches tailored to their respective industries and target audiences. If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to explore, feel free to reach out to us today!


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