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Utilizing Videos to Engage Customers Across Every Phase of the Sales Funnel

Not all potential customers seeking your product or service are in the same phase of the sales journey. There are those casually exploring for information, others in the process of comparing products and services, and some actively seeking a provider for that specific product or service.

This means that in your digital marketing strategy and other brand campaigns, content tailored for one group won’t effectively reach customers in all stages of the sales funnel. This principle extends beyond typical content like blog posts and product pages; video advertising has revolutionized how you can engage a wider audience in a more impactful manner. Your video marketing strategy should not be limited to one section of the sales funnel if you aim to enhance brand awareness.

When executed thoughtfully, your videos can engage every segment of the video marketing funnel, aiding in brand establishment, driving traffic, and augmenting conversions.

Understanding the Sales Funnel

Before delving into why your video marketing strategy should accommodate diverse user types, it’s important to grasp the concept of a sales funnel.

A sales funnel represents a potential customer’s journey, from initial awareness of your product to making a purchase. Throughout the stages of the sales funnel, the way a potential customer perceives and evaluates your brand and offerings may differ. This influences your approach in reaching out to more customers.

At the top of the sales funnel, you encounter users who have just become acquainted with your brand while in search of relevant products or services. Not all of them will progress to considering your brand, so the pool of potential customers gradually narrows with each stage. Users can be categorized into the following sales funnel stages:

1. Awareness: These are users who have become aware of your product or service. This could happen through word of mouth, social media, or through your targeted digital marketing efforts. The awareness stage forms the initial tier of the brand funnel, where many people may know about your brand, but not all of them are committed to the purchasing process. They’re aware of your brand’s existence, but may either be browsing or not particularly interested in your product or service.

2. Interest: Users in this stage are actively seeking solutions to a problem they have, but they’re not yet committed to purchasing from any specific business. They’re in the research phase, comparing different products or services. At this point, they’re more interested in information that assists them in making informed choices, rather than a pushy sales approach.

3. Decision: Users at this stage are ready to make a purchase. They might have narrowed down their options to specific providers, including you. They’re now examining what you have to offer, seeking out the unique selling points that differentiate your products and services from competitors. This is the prime time for a more sales-oriented approach towards these users.

4. Action: This marks the final stage, where a user becomes a paying customer, boosting conversions. However, this doesn’t necessarily signify the end of your interaction with that customer. They’ve made a purchase, but now your aim is to encourage further purchases, which can be achieved through video action campaigns. Studies indicate that the cost of acquiring customers at the start of the buyer’s journey is five times higher than retaining existing customers.

This implies that in your brand funnel, if you’re pondering how to effectively engage a broader audience through a video marketing funnel, you must address every stage and cater to their specific needs and interests.

The Importance of Diverse Video Content

Users in each stage of the brand funnel perceive your products or services differently. It’s this diversity in perspective that necessitates a range of video advertising content covering each of these stages. This underscores the significance of having a video content creator who comprehends the personas you’re targeting and what they’re seeking.


This stage is all about building brand recognition and establishing your company’s name and image. Although you may reach people who aren’t immediately interested in your business, putting your name out there ensures that those who will need your services will remember you.


At this juncture, users are aware of their problems and are actively seeking online solutions. They’re not necessarily looking to make a purchase yet, but are interested in gathering information about potential solutions.


Users in this stage are actively seeking to make a purchase. If your business is on their list of considerations, they’ll be comparing your offerings with those of your competitors.


At this point, your users have already made a purchase from your business. Now your objective is to foster loyalty and retention with your customers.

Benefits of Video Advertising

There are numerous advantages to employing a video marketing strategy that caters to customers in different stages of the buying process:

  • Timely: Videos can be standalone pieces or ongoing narratives that unfold over time.
  • Reusable: Video content can be repurposed for future campaigns.
  • First Impression: Placed strategically on your website, a video can make a strong initial impression.
  • Brand Awareness: Forge a personal connection with your brand that builds trust and introduces customers through brand campaigns.
  • Evergreen: Many videos can be reused for ads and campaigns.
  • Trackable Analytics: Video analytics can be used to monitor metrics like views and clicks.
  • Competitive Differentiation: You can create original content that helps your brand stand out.
  • Increased Engagement: Provide users with a different way to learn about your products or services.

Leadshouse: Your Creative Video Marketing Agency

Videos can be a potent form of content for reaching your target audience. However, due to the diverse stages of the buying process, content effective for one stage might not be for others. When partnering with a proficient video marketing agency that comprehends digital marketing and each stage of the sales funnel, you can produce original and varied content that captivates the audience at every step of their buying journey.

Let Leadshouse be your collaborator in crafting memorable content that puts your products and services in the spotlight. Reach out to us1029 today for a complimentary proposal on our video marketing services.


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