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Utilizing Facebook Messenger for Business: 12 Innovative Approaches Employed by Companies

If you’re perusing this, chances are you’re intrigued about crafting your own Facebook Messenger marketing endeavor. We have a selection of impressive instances for you to model, but for a complete grasp of what lies below, we suggest diving into our Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Messenger for Business. This guide will unravel the peculiarities of executing a Facebook Messenger marketing drive, along with the tactics and tools at your disposal.

Here are the Messenger marketing campaigns we’ve delved into:

1. The Uber Messenger Marketing Drive

The Uber Facebook Messenger Interface

Indeed. What you’ve heard is accurate. A single tap and you can summon an Uber.

We’re not joking.

Partnering with Facebook Messenger, Uber now enables millions of users to request a ride with a mere text on Messenger. You don’t even have to download the Uber app or leave the Facebook Messenger tab. It’s all streamlined for you in a seamless flow. Ride updates or receipts are dispatched through your private chat on Messenger, making it simpler for you to manage everything in one central spot.

To hail an Uber on your Facebook Messenger, ensure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your phone for smooth utilization of the service.

Uber offers various methods to order a ride on the app. You can tap on the location sent to you on the map and use it to request an Uber. Alternatively, you can initiate a conversation with Uber, then tap the car icon in the menu section, and select the “More” option.

And, this not only operates in your personal inbox, but also in group chats. (Yep, surprising) Uber has introduced the new Share ETA feature, allowing you to share your current location on the map and let your friends summon an Uber to reach you. So, for all of us who text our friends that we’re “on my way” when we’re still engrossed in a Netflix binge, Uber’s got your back. Your friends can’t track your whereabouts unless you choose to share that info with them. (Pheww, friendship saved.)

Uber isn’t solely focused on the ride-hailing sector; it’s aiming for a grander scope – aiming to be the “all-in-one” app users need. They aim to be involved in every facet of a user’s daily life, from securing movie tickets to booking hotel rooms and even reserving plane tickets. Their objective is to retain users within the app to minimize customer churn as much as possible.

2. The SnapTravel Messenger Marketing Drive

Conversations with SnapTravel on Facebook Messenger

The online travel startup provides a hotel-booking service via Facebook Messenger or SMS.

Whatever requests you have for the hotel – free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, or any other amenity – all you have to do is type it out on the chatbot, and the bot can promptly offer a slew of recommendations, much like those on your Netflix watchlist. No need to go through the rigmarole of calling the receptionist and hearing “hold please” and “let me transfer to another line” ten times before you get what you want. It streamlines the travel experience for all users out there.

3. The HealthTap Messenger Marketing Drive

We’ve all been there: a severe headache leads to online symptom searching, and suddenly you’re convinced you have some rare ailment. Well, maybe consulting an actual doctor is a wiser choice. HealthTap is the pioneer medical platform on Facebook Messenger. It offers an array of health tech tools, educational content, and services, giving customers the choice to pursue self-help or consult a specialized doctor.

Users can submit medical queries by describing their symptoms and conditions to the chatbot. On the platform, there are 100,000 physicians across 141 specialties ready to address users’ medical concerns. Through video, chat, or audio visits – all at the customer’s preference – paying users can access unlimited medical advice or live consultations with doctors on their mobile devices or web browsers.

HealthTap on Facebook Messenger

Since the Healthtap Facebook Messenger operates a 24/7 chatbot, medical questions can be posed at any hour. This ensures that users receive instant answers to straightforward queries, while more complex questions can be addressed by doctors at their convenience. This system offers flexibility and convenience for both parties.

4. The Whole Foods Messenger Marketing Drive

Much like the previously mentioned apps, you can seamlessly switch between texting friends and ordering food and groceries, all without the hassle of toggling between apps. Now, you can accomplish it all through Facebook Messenger.

In 2016, during MobileBeat, Whole Foods unveiled a Whole Foods Messenger bot, empowering users to explore recipes, ingredients, and culinary inspiration directly within the Messenger app.

Whole Foods on Facebook Messenger

If you’re uncertain about the quantity of ingredients needed for a 4-person casserole, that’s perfectly fine. The Whole Foods chatbot on Messenger is linked to a recipe database. Users can engage with the AI-powered chef conversationally, typing in queries or even emojis. Within seconds, they receive answers, making the cooking process more convenient than ever.

With Facebook driving Send to Messenger ads, Whole Foods capitalized on this opportunity to acquire and engage users in an entertaining manner.

5. Golden State Warriors Engagement & Notifications Campaign

For ardent basketball enthusiasts, the Golden State Warriors introduced a Facebook Messenger bot, an AI-powered virtual assistant, in 2017. This tool makes it easier for fans to stay updated on the team’s progress, even if they’re not watching the games.

The bot enables fans to check stats for current and past games, track player statistics, and facilitates purchasing of their favorite Golden State Warriors merchandise.

Golden State Warriors Facebook Messenger Start Page

While the exact ad used to attract users to the chat wasn’t located, it’s likely they employed a Send to Messenger Facebook ad to prompt user engagement. Upon clicking the call to action, users are directed to Messenger.com on desktop or the Messenger app on mobile. From there, users simply click “get started” to join the campaign.

Upon initiating, the chatbot welcomes users and prompts them to select which types of notifications they’d prefer. Options include updates on live scores, video highlights, reminders for upcoming games, and even directions to the arena. Additionally, there’s a game feature called “What Will The Dubs Do?” This allows users to participate in occasional quizzes for a chance to win prizes.

Getting Started With The Golden State Warriors Facebook Messenger Campaign

Once users have set their notification preferences, they’re presented with the main menu. This menu provides options to request information about the next game, review past games, check the live score, view player stats, and explore available merchandise. Although purchasing directly through Messenger isn’t an option, users can browse items and a link will direct them to the Warriors website.

The Golden State Warriors Merchandise Web Store

It’s worth noting that the Warriors assistant may no longer be receiving updates, as the player stats function is currently inactive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. The Sephora Facebook Messenger Marketing Drive

Exciting news for all the ladies out there – Sephora is here to elevate your shopping experience. In 2016, Sephora introduced a messenger bot called Sephora Assistant in collaboration with Assi.st and Facebook. The assistant is primarily tailored to facilitate conversational shopping.

It also offers the ability to schedule an appointment at any Sephora store in the United States. The assistant comprehends natural language queries, so you can simply type what you’re looking for – whether it’s makeup, a makeover, or tips – and it will promptly present you with all the pertinent and available options.

To draw users to its new Messenger assistant, Sephora utilized posts on its Facebook page as well as click-to-messenger ads. This meant users were seamlessly directed to Facebook Messenger upon engaging with the ad.

Once you click “Get Started,” the Sephora Assistant extends a warm welcome and presents you with a range of choices. You can try on looks, schedule a makeup and skincare service, and provide feedback about the store. If the conversation leads to an area where the assistant is unsure, you can always type “chat with an agent” to engage with a human.

Getting Started With Sephora Assistant

When shopping for makeup, visualizing it on your own face is crucial. Sephora has incorporated a function that allows you to scan your face to preview the product before making a decision.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, clicking “Buy Now” automatically redirects you to the product page on the Sephora website. If you’re looking to book an appointment, you can select the location, time, and date all within Facebook Messenger, eliminating the need to visit an external website.

Picking a Look to try on with Sephora Assistant

According to Facebook success stories, the launch of this messenger marketing campaign resulted in an impressive 11% surge in booking rates compared to other digital channels. The average spend of users who booked appointments through the messenger bot exceeded $50. It’s safe to say that the Facebook Messenger marketing campaign has been a monumental triumph for Sephora. It not only drives substantial traffic to the stores but also enhances the customer experience, making it faster and more convenient.

7. The Wall Street Journal Facebook Messenger Marketing Drive

We’ve discussed how news agencies in regions with slower internet adopt WhatsApp marketing to disseminate news. Now, let’s explore how one of the world’s most renowned newspapers leverages messenger marketing to re-engage its users.

Given that The Wall Street Journal is such a distinguished brand and there were no evident Send to Messenger Ads being served on Facebook by WSJ, it’s presumed that WSJ doesn’t employ messenger marketing primarily for lead generation. So, what’s their strategy? Based on its functionality, it appears they’re utilizing it to re-engage their users.

Wall Street Journal Messenger Marketing – Onboarding

The WSJ chatbot doesn’t engage in extensive conversation. We tested various phrases and encountered three scenarios: it resends the onboarding message, tries to retrieve stock information, or provides a list of possible commands. Although this might sound limiting, compared to our experience with other messenger marketing campaigns, this one functions rather smoothly. Even though its functionality is constrained, it executes those functions quite effectively.

Once you’ve joined the messenger channel, you’ll find key functions like breaking news alerts, daily news digests, company news alerts, portfolio alerts, and links to subscribe to WSJ Podcasts. Breaking news alerts arrive a couple of times per day, the daily news digest arrives once per day, and company news & portfolio alerts are issued as needed. In all these scenarios, WSJ encourages users to share articles or visit the WSJ website for the full story.

Adding a company to your news alerts and portfolio is slightly more intricate, as you have to provide stock information. For companies you want to track, just type the stock symbol. The WSJ bot will then deliver you alerts and updates on that company.

Overall, The Wall Street Journal’s use of messenger marketing doesn’t revolve around complex conversational elements. Instead, it focuses on relaying valuable news updates in a seamless and accessible manner.

In terms of user acquisition, there’s no obvious prompt for people to start a conversation with WSJ on Facebook Messenger. It is likely that WSJ promotes its messenger bot in other channels or via its website.

WSJ Messenger Marketing – Portfolio

These instances provide valuable insights into how different industries and businesses utilize Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. By personalizing the experience and offering convenience, these companies have been able to engage with their customers on a new level. Each campaign showcases different features and approaches, illustrating the versatility of Messenger marketing. By understanding these strategies, businesses can tailor their own campaigns to suit their unique goals and target audience.

Remember, the key to successful Messenger marketing lies in providing value to your customers while maintaining a seamless and user-friendly experience. With the right approach, Facebook Messenger can be a powerful tool for building relationships and driving conversions.

8. Nike’s Jordan Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

In 2018, Nike’s Jordan brand delighted the messenger marketing community with the Nike Air Jordan Facebook Messenger bot. This isn’t Nike’s initial venture into messenger marketing, and it’s not even the first for Air Jordan. Their inaugural messenger marketing endeavor, Jordan Breakfast Club, urged users to keep pace with Michael Jordan’s exercise regimen.

Air Jordan Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

Dan Harbison, the global senior director for digital at Air Jordan, perceives messenger bots as a tremendous opportunity because “people will connect with people much more than they will with a large entity.”

How Does Nike’s Jordan Marketing Initiative Operate?

The Air Jordan Messenger advertising initiative is tailored to resonate with the die-hard fans of Jumpman. With such a substantial following already, Air Jordan doesn’t need to divert traffic to its initiative through ads. Boasting over 9 million followers on its Facebook page, this messenger marketing initiative has been set to automatically open the chat window on the Air Jordan Facebook page whenever a user accesses it.

Air Jordan Messenger Advertising Initiative – Subscriber Onboarding

While investigating this narrative, we clicked ‘Get Started’ and left it for a while. To our surprise, the Facebook bot sent us another message about 10 minutes later, asking us to opt-in for weekly notifications. We appreciated that this initiative centered around chat marketing, as we were able to select the time of day for notifications and even pinpoint the exact hour.

Once we configured our notification preferences, we could peruse the latest limited edition Jordans. What’s more? This is a campaign tailored for dedicated sneaker enthusiasts, after all.

Was Nikes Jordan Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative a Triumph?

One of the messenger marketing endeavors where we can unequivocally affirm “yes”! Post-launch, Nike revealed that their messenger marketing initiative achieved an 87% open rate. This is highly favorable, as it’s approximately four times superior to Nike’s typical engagement rate from its email marketing initiatives.

If you’re aspiring to replicate such open rates for your enterprise, don’t forget to peruse our article elucidating how we achieved a 92% open rate for our email newsletter.

9. Boundary Brighton’s Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

Boundary Bright is a festival that has been held in the United Kingdom for the last four years. For the 2019 SuperCharged event, the organizing company decided to employ messenger marketing to boost ticket sales leading up to the festival.

Boundary Brighton Festival

How Does Boundary Brighton’s Messenger Advertising Initiative Operate?

Given that the Boundary Brighton festival has already established a four-year presence, the initial step involved converting the Facebook page audience into a messenger audience. Boundary Brighton accomplished this by announcing a pre-sales sign-up with remarkably affordable ticket prices. To gain access, users had to sign up for their Facebook Messenger channel.

Following this, SuperCharged proceeded to disseminate information through the Facebook Messenger channel. In addition to updates on ticket availability, the company also utilized direct messaging to unveil headliners and additional lineup additions throughout the initiative.

Boundary Brighton Festival

Upon entering the channel for the first time, the process is quite straightforward. Users receive three messages: one informing them where to purchase tickets, another featuring the groovy image above, and a prompt to sign up for a chance to win tickets.

That’s it – a streamlined messenger marketing initiative. Now, how successful was it?

Was Boundary Brighton’s Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative a Triumph?

According to Luke Ralph, the head of SuperCharged, the initial direct message he sent to the messenger marketing audience garnered a staggering 96% open rate. Furthermore, 70% of those users converted into a purchase within the first 24 hours. This led to over 1,500 ticket sales on the very first day of ticket availability, with 500 tickets snapped up in just 3 minutes.

If you’re keen on trying something similar with Rocketbots, this post will guide you through the process.

10. The Lego Gift Bot Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

Lego has stood the test of time, having been around for a century or more, and they’re not typically associated with groundbreaking innovation. They’ve adhered to the same brick style for generations. So, why embark on a messenger marketing campaign?

In our office, we come across countless messenger marketing campaigns, and the majority share a common pitfall – they’re overly intricate! It’s evident that the team has harnessed a chat automation tool and gone overboard with it. They want to experiment with every type of button, every available feature.

This initiative, however, avoids those missteps. It’s straightforward, refined, and effective. It has one singular objective – assisting in choosing a Lego gift for a child.

How Does Lego’s Messenger Advertising Initiative Function?

This messenger advertising initiative is refreshingly uncomplicated. Its purpose is to facilitate the purchase of a gift for a child. Ralph, the Lego gift bot, merely poses the necessary questions to offer tailored recommendations.

Lego Messenger Advertising Initiative Questions

Ralph inquires about your country, desired spending limit, and details about the recipient. Currently, it appears this initiative is only accessible in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, as these are the sole country options available. We appreciate how Lego opted for flags rather than country names.

Subsequently, Lego prompts you for the age of the recipient and the price range for your purchase. Once again, the approach is affable and straightforward, providing Lego with vital data to construct a buyer profile for this Facebook Messenger user. Later on, this information can be leveraged for targeted marketing messages, particularly during the holiday season.

Lego Messenger Advertising Initiative Questions

After receiving the recommendations, Lego offers the option to easily adjust your choices. The options provided allow for direct modification of price range and category, as changing one’s country or a child’s age is less likely. Additionally, there’s an option to begin anew. Well done, Lego!

Was Lego’s Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative a Triumph?

According to Facebook success stories, this messenger advertising initiative proved to be an immense success. The objective was to amplify online sales for Lego, and the results were impressive. Thanks to the initiative, Lego achieved a 3.4 times higher conversion rate on Click to Messenger ads compared to standard Facebook ads. Additionally, the cost per purchase was reduced by 71%, while the value of purchases made increased by 1.9 times.

In my opinion, this initiative was a resounding success.

11. The HiSmile Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

If you’re in search of methods to generate leads for dentists or market dental lead generation services to your clientele, this campaign provides a unique and potent blueprint. HiSmile utilized Facebook sponsored messages in this campaign to re-engage users who had previously interacted with them on Facebook, encouraging them to try HiSmile products.

The HiSmile Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative

HiSmile specializes in teeth-whitening products that can be used at home, promising whiter teeth with just 10 minutes of use per day. To re-engage their 1.7 million Facebook fans, HiSmile employed Facebook sponsored messages to foster engagement and loyalty, particularly with their younger audience.

How Did The HiSmile Messenger Advertising Initiative Operate?

The HiSmile messenger marketing endeavor encompassed a series of campaigns conducted in September and October 2017. Sponsored messages were deployed to retarget users who had either liked or visited the HiSmile Facebook page. This provided HiSmile with an extensive audience to engage.

HiSmile Sponsored Message

To ensure the success of the messenger marketing campaign, HiSmile crafted personalized messages, incorporating the customer’s name along with appealing visuals and a time-limited discount code to induce a sense of urgency. These messages were dispatched in batches, strategically timed around pivotal shopping periods such as weekends or special events. HiSmile also dispatched a reminder message just before the discount code expiration.

Was The HiSmile Messenger Advertising Initiative a Triumph?

Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic of HiSmile are no strangers to deploying cutting-edge marketing techniques and experiments to drive product sales. Nik Mirkovic opted for sponsored messages because, as he puts it, “it put us at the forefront of our customers’ attention with an ad that you couldn’t simply scroll past, as it would notify you of the message.”

HiSmile’s Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic

The reason we endorse this approach for those involved in dentist lead generation, as well as those dedicated to procuring dental leads for clients, is due to the exceptional ROI reported for this campaign. Given that dental lead generation is a fairly competitive field, utilizing a relatively novel tool like sponsored messages enabled this campaign to achieve:

  • An 11x lower cost per purchase in comparison to other channels.
  • A 9.92x return on ad spend.
  • A 21x higher Click Through Rate compared to other platforms.

If you’re keen on implementing this type of campaign for yourself or your clients, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

12. The Pizza Hut Facebook Messenger Pizza Bot

Following in the footsteps of companies like 1-800 Flowers, Pizza Hut Australia introduced a Pizza Bot that streamlines the process of ordering pizza in a few simple steps. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, visit the Pizza Hut Au Instant Ordering Facebook page.

Pizza Hut Instant Ordering Messenger Initiative

While this may not be the world’s first Pizza Bot (Domino’s has an array of Pizza Bots across various platforms), it is the initial Pizza Bot in Australia, and it performs remarkably well.

How Does The Pizza Hut Bot Operate?

The ordering process is incredibly streamlined. Upon entering the chat, you’re prompted to choose between placing a new order or reviewing previous orders. Once you select “order now,” you’re just a few steps away from enjoying a hot and fresh Pizza Hut pizza.

Pizza Hut Instant Ordering Process

First, you must decide between delivery or pick up, then specify your location. For pick-up orders, like the one we placed, the system displays the stores closest to you for your convenience.

One notable feature of this Facebook Messenger initiative is that while you might anticipate needing to exit the Facebook Messenger app at certain points during the order process, this isn’t necessary. When it comes time to select your location, a map conveniently appears within the Facebook Messenger web view, ensuring you stay within the app.

After confirming your location, you’ll proceed to select the items you’d like to order. The Instant Ordering Facebook Messenger channel facilitates easy browsing of different item categories through carousels and quick replies.

Once you’ve added everything to your cart, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions, provide your phone number, and supply your email address. If, like us, you choose to pay with cash, you’re all set. We were pleasantly surprised to find there was no final confirmation button, and we ended up ordering a pizza by accident. Fortunately, it was a happy accident.

Is the Pizza Hut Pizza Bot a Triumph?

You might be skeptical about whether this truly constitutes a Facebook Messenger marketing initiative and question the value Pizza Hut derives from this effort. After all, it seems like it’s merely driving a few extra pizza orders, right? Wrong.

The landscape has changed. People no longer pick up the phone and call their local pizzeria to place an order. Instead, they log on to platforms like Deliveroo, UberEats, or MenyLog to peruse their options. This puts brands in a position where they lack direct access to their customers.

Developing a Facebook Messenger bot like this can help brands address that challenge. While you’ll still use Facebook Messenger to place an order, you’ll be sending messages directly to Pizza Hut. This allows Pizza Hut to potentially reach out to you via Facebook Messenger at a later date.

In conclusion, these messenger marketing campaigns demonstrate the power of personalized, direct communication with customers. Each initiative, be it Nike’s Jordan Facebook Messenger Advertising Initiative, Boundary Brighton’s Festival Promotion, Lego’s Gift Bot, or HiSmile’s Dental Product Promotion, leverages the unique strengths of the Messenger platform.

These campaigns highlight the effectiveness of targeted messaging and the potential for high engagement rates. Whether it’s engaging with sports enthusiasts, festival-goers, toy shoppers, or dental care seekers, the key lies in understanding the audience and crafting messages that resonate.

Moreover, these success stories emphasize the importance of simplicity and user-friendliness in messenger marketing. A straightforward, efficient approach can yield remarkable results, as seen in the cases of Lego and Pizza Hut.

In today’s digital landscape, where consumers are inundated with advertisements, messenger marketing offers a more intimate and tailored way to connect. By leveraging the strengths of this channel, brands can forge deeper relationships with their audience, ultimately leading to increased sales and brand loyalty. Visit our website today!


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