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Utilizing Automation for Improved Customer Service Efficiency

Looking to streamline customer service operations? If so, this blog post is tailored for you. In this article, we’ll elucidate the concept of automating customer service and its advantageous impacts on your business. Subsequently, we’ll showcase real-world instances of businesses excelling with automated customer service and elucidate how to replicate their success on Leadshouse.

What is Customer Service Automation?

Customer service automation refers to the fusion of customer service agents with automated technologies such as chatbots, workflow automation systems, and more.

The primary goal of this amalgamation is to refine and simplify support processes for heightened customer contentment. With that said, let’s delve into the merits your business can reap from integrating customer service automation.

Customer Service Automation: Benefits of Automated Customer Service

Managing large volumes of inquiries sans automation poses myriad challenges for support teams in delivering efficient service.

Support agents find themselves grappling with repetitive manual tasks like responding to basic inquiries, inputting contact details, and routing conversations to the relevant department or agent. Simultaneously, they need to address critical issues demanding immediate attention.

This onerous workload frequently hampers agents from offering high-caliber support and timely resolutions to critical matters. Consequently, customers might experience frustration and dissatisfaction when their expectations are not met, and their concerns linger unresolved for extended durations.

Thankfully, automation extends a remedy to these predicaments while conferring myriad benefits upon both agents and customers.

Automated customer service: Why you should automate customer support

Given that agents often contend with frequently posed questions from customers, businesses can establish an automated FAQ menu to address these common queries. This empowers customers with swift answers and diminishes the need for agents to respond to repetitive inquiries. To enhance operational efficiency, businesses can dispatch automated pre-chat surveys to amass customers’ contact particulars and gather contextual specifics regarding their issues. This data is subsequently leveraged to seamlessly pair them with the most apt agent for issue resolution. This seamless automation shepherds customers along a pre-defined trajectory from their initial message until they are connected with an agent. Additionally, support agents can administer efficient support, significantly elevating the overall customer experience.

Automate Customer Service: The Leadshouse Approach to Streamline Operations

Leadshouse encompasses an array of tools designed to streamline support operations via automation. Below, we’ll elucidate some examples of customer service automation.

Dispatch Greeting and Away Messages

Customers typically anticipate swift responses from businesses. Achieving this can be challenging, especially for businesses not operating around the clock. It is, therefore, pivotal to manage customer expectations when they reach out beyond regular business hours.

Automated customer service: Example of greeting and away message Workflow

Leadshouse empowers businesses to transmit welcome and away messages to customers in such scenarios. These messages provide customers with an estimate of the anticipated response time, offering clarity on when to expect a reply. By proactively managing customer expectations, businesses can underscore their commitment to delivering stellar service, even during non-operational hours.

Leadshouse facilitates businesses in sending welcome and away messages to customers in such instances. These messages furnish customers with an approximation of the expected response time, granting them insight into when to anticipate a reply. By proactively managing customer expectations, businesses can underscore their dedication to furnishing exceptional service, even outside regular hours.

Automate Customer Service: Implement an FAQ Menu

A potent means to streamline customer support and furnish rapid solutions is through the deployment of an automated FAQ menu. Businesses can compile and organize responses to frequently posed questions and integrate them into their Workflow. By doing so, customers can swiftly access information and locate answers to their queries sans agent intervention. In instances where customers cannot find the requisite solution, businesses can afford them the option to pose open-ended questions or initiate an escalation pathway to an agent. This empowers businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the specific issues or concerns facing customers, paving the way for more personalized and efficacious support.

Automation customer service: Example of an FAQ menu Workflow

This method enables customers to promptly access information and find answers to their queries without relying on agent intervention. In cases where customers can’t locate the solution they need, businesses can provide the option for them to pose open-ended questions or initiate an escalation pathway to an agent.

Dispatch Pre-Chat Surveys for Acquiring Customer Data and Context

The acquisition of customer information is pivotal for delivering effective customer support, as it equips agents with critical background details about the customer.

With Leadshouse, businesses can transmit pre-chat surveys to acquire valuable contact information and gain context regarding an issue. These surveys can be tailored to collect essential details like name, email address, phone number, or any other pertinent information.

As agents attain a comprehensive understanding through this data, they can accurately identify and address the specific requirements and preferences of each customer. This empowers them to provide personalized solutions, expedite issue resolution, and deliver exceptional support.

Automated customer service: Example of a pre-chat survey Workflow

By having all necessary information at their disposal, agents can precisely identify and cater to the distinct needs and preferences of each customer. This enables them to dispense personalized solutions, resolve issues efficiently, and deliver outstanding support.

Automatically Direct and Assign Conversations

Ensuring customers are paired with the apt agent for their issues is paramount in delivering the assistance they require. Leadshouse’s Workflow automation empowers businesses to achieve this objective by directing customers to the appropriate team and assigning them to the right agent.

Businesses can fine-tune their routing preferences to align with their specific requisites, including language-based routing and shift-based routing, among others.

Customer service automation: Routing customers to the right team with Workflows

**Automated support: To ensure customers receive the assistance they need, it is crucial to connect them with the appropriate agent for their issues. Leadshouse’s Workflow automation enables you to achieve this goal by routing customers to the right team and assigning them to the right agent. You can customize your routing options to suit your specific needs, including language-based routing and shift-based routing, among others. Additionally, you can automatically assign conversations based on your assignment logic like round-robin, distributing conversations equally among support team members or assigning VIP customers to dedicated agents. By leveraging the power of automation, businesses can ensure that customer inquiries are efficiently directed, eliminating the need for manual assignment by managers and ensuring agents do not pick conversations without proper supervision.

Execute Customer Support Tasks With A Click

Managers can devise Workflows to automate intricate tasks like shift transfers and case escalation. Subsequently, they can enable agents to initiate them with a single click using the Shortcut Trigger button during customer interactions.

For instance, if an agent’s shift is concluding, and they have several unresolved conversations, they can click on the Shortcut Trigger button, fill out a brief form for context, and let automation transfer the conversations to the next shift.

This feature can also be used to escalate cases to external platforms like Slack and exchange information between CRMs and Leadshouse for accessing updated contact profiles or generating deals and tickets. Consequently, agents can adeptly handle tasks in line with specific times and customer requests sans the need for toggling between multiple platforms.

Send CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer contentment plays a pivotal role in gauging the effectiveness and quality of your company’s customer support. With Leadshouse, you can seamlessly craft and dispatch customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.

These surveys can be automatically triggered post the conclusion of a conversation with a customer, or manually initiated through the Shortcut Trigger button.

How to automate customer service: Use Workflows to set up a CSAT survey

To retain the survey responses, utilize the Add Google Sheets Row Step to save the data in your Google Sheets, or the HTTP Request Step to store the survey answers in your CRM or data repository.

Measure Agent Performance with Advanced Analytics

Leadshouse’s Reports Module empowers businesses to monitor agent performance via advanced analytics. This toolset can be leveraged to track response times, resolution times, and other pivotal performance indicators.

Managers can utilize the Leaderboard tab within the Reports Module to peruse diverse leaderboards and apply filters for granular insights into the performance of teams and users.

By leveraging the Reports Module, supervisors can discern gaps or inefficiencies in their processes, utilizing these insights to augment team performance and optimize business operations.

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