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Understanding Remarketing: Retargeting Your Ideal Customer

To answer the common question “what is remarketing?” it’s important to remember the never-ending challenge of marketing: Where is the perfect customer that is both an ideal and realistic target for your marketing efforts? 

Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows you to tag landing pages with pixels that help you track your perfect customer’s behavior online. Once you understand this behavior, you can start retargeting your visitors with advertisements based on their online interests. Tracking pixels guide ads with search remarketing that follow a user across an advertising network and increases your chances of making a conversion. These conversions can be an e-commerce sale, lead form fill-out, or even a Facebook like. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of the most effective ways of remarketing that can work for your business.

What Is Remarketing? A Web Visitors Second Chance

When visitors reach a point-of-conversion on a website to put in their credit card information for a purchase or fill out a lead form, there is a good chance they will not complete the desired conversion their first time on the page. In fact, 96% of visitors that come to your website are probably not ready to cut a check. Anything from a phone call, urgent email, or a work meeting can easily pull your visitor’s attention away from making your conversion. Why not give those visitors a second chance to make that conversion the next time they’re online? 

Google Adwords remarketing tools offers tags that capture user information so ads can pop up on other sites within the Google Network. These ads can appear during an adjustable period of time. B2B businesses with a long sales funnel can set these remarketing ads to follow landing page visitors for 3 months and retail businesses with a short sales funnel may only follow these visitors for 30 days or less. This is how remarketing functions as a reminder for website visitors to become customers.

Coupon Retargeting Incentivizes Frequent Visitors

Visitors who were close to the end of the conversion funnel can be encouraged to finish the journey through incentives like coupons and discounts. For example, remarketing efforts can cause a customer who left your website with items in their shopping basket to return and make a purchase using the discount. The best type of remarketing adds value and incentivizes your visitors to complete a transaction and become customers.

Timing is important when it comes to successful remarketing so you should reach out to your target customers soon after they leave the sales funnel. Remarketing not only draws visitors back in but also increases your brand awareness by offering a personalized experience for each customer.

Keeps Converted Customers Loyal

Current customers are always the best customers because they have already been proven to have an interest and willingness to make a purchase. Remarketing is most commonly used to remind current customers of why they did business with you in the first place and provide a new incentive to encourage them to return to your brand. Nonetheless, there is a bit of outdated conventional wisdom that insists upon excluding converted customers.

To target converted customers effectively and efficiently, tag your post-conversion landing pages to remarket to customers who have already worked with you in the past. You should create a remarketing campaign designed to target these customers specifically and to make engaging with your brand enticing again. This campaign should have a low frequency of presentation but a longer duration to help keep your brand at the top of these customers’ minds.

The ideal time to remarket to existing customers is when you have had a sale within the last six months, and you have a new service or product to reintroduce. For example, if your online clothing store is releasing a new line of seasonal winter fashion, you would benefit from launching a heavily targeted campaign designed for those who purchased your fall line items. Send compelling coupons, discounts, and engaging images of your new line for maximum remarketing results.

Remarketing may seem complicated, but it can be a simple strategy with the right knowledge. This technique has become the standard for any serious pay-per-click campaign online today.

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