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Twitter Unveils ‘Location Spotlight’ for All Businesses: Essential Insights

Twitter has rolled out a powerful new tool, Location Spotlight, exclusively available to brands with upgraded professional Twitter accounts. Alongside this feature, the platform has introduced educational initiatives through Twitter Flight School, aimed at empowering professionals in leveraging Twitter for business growth. This blog delves into the significance of Twitter for Professionals and why it’s emerging as a cornerstone of social media marketing strategies for small businesses.

Exploring Location Spotlight:

Earlier this year, Twitter unveiled Location Spotlight to select brick-and-mortar businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. This feature allows users with professional Twitter accounts to showcase crucial information:

  • Business location, displayed on a minimap for easy navigation.
  • Operating hours, providing customers with convenient visitation times.
  • Contact methods, enabling direct communication via call, text, direct message, or email.

This tool facilitates seamless consumer navigation, converting curiosity into successful purchases.

Image: Twitter

Unpacking Twitter for Professionals:

Twitter for Professionals is designed to offer a dedicated space for professionals to showcase their content, products, or services. This category encompasses creators, publishers, businesses, developers, and nonprofit organizations. Professional Profiles, introduced in April, consist of three modules: About, Newsletter, and Shop (aimed at Twitter Shopping). These modules enable select U.S. merchants to conduct e-commerce activities on Twitter.

Key Components of Professional Profiles:

  1. Professional Category: Identifies the nature of the Twitter business profile (e.g., Coffee Shop, Media & News Company, Restaurant).
  2. Profile Modules: Provide professionals with a designated area to highlight their priorities.

Image: Twitter

Utilizing Twitter for Business:

To begin, create a personal Twitter account if you haven’t already. This step brings you closer to embarking on a successful Twitter marketing journey.

1. Eligibility for a Professional Account

Transitioning to a Professional Account is relatively straightforward, unlike the sought-after blue checkmark (verified account symbol). However, you must meet the following criteria:

  • No history of consistently violating the Twitter User Agreement.
  • A complete profile with your account name, bio, and photo.
  • Your true identity must be clearly evident on your profile. Avoid using false identities or misleading branding. Profiles featuring alternative identities, whether individual or organizational, are not acceptable. Animal or fictional character-based profiles are only permitted if directly related to your business or company. Fan and parody accounts cannot be Professional Accounts.

2. Switching to a Professional Account

If you meet the specified conditions, including setting up a Professional Account as part of your small business social media marketing strategy, follow these steps to convert your personal account:

  1. Navigate to settings or swipe to open the sidebar while on the Home timeline in the app.
    1. In profile settings, locate and select “Switch to Professional.”
    2. If you’re in the sidebar, find and select “Twitter for Professionals.”
  2. Click on “Get Started.”
  3. Choose between “Business” or “Creator.”
  4. Select the appropriate category, then click “Next.”

After converting to a Professional Account, Twitter will present you with various features to explore.

3. Customize Your Profile and Utilize Relevant Features

Establish your brand on Twitter by adding more information in the Bio section of your Professional Account. If you have a physical shop, such as a restaurant or retail store, set up your Location Spotlight. Additionally, consider exploring these features for effective Twitter marketing:

  • Newsletter Spotlight: Ideal for businesses without a physical location, allowing easy newsletter subscription via a ‘Subscribe’ button.
  • Twitter Ads: As Shop Spotlight is still limited, ads provide an excellent alternative for e-commerce on Twitter. Whether offering products or not, advertising allows you to reach highly engaged audiences.
  • Twitter Flight School: An online education platform where you can learn directly from Twitter experts. Businesses and creators can enroll in a range of creative and technical courses to earn badges, all at no cost.
  • Twitter Spaces: This platform allows you to broadcast live audio, akin to a live podcast.

4. Share Content That Adds Value to Your Followers

When tweeting, tailor your content to your target audience, offering practical advice and presenting original concepts. Maintain brand consistency in every tweet, whether for informative or entertaining purposes.

Follow these Twitter best practices and content ideas:

  • Experiment with hashtags.
  • Address issues through direct messages.
  • Incorporate photos, polls, and GIFs (if aligned with your brand).
  • Leverage user-generated content by retweeting.

5. Implement Twitter Best Practices for Social Media Integration (Enhancing Brand Awareness)

Having a presence on Twitter doesn’t always guarantee engagement. Here’s how to enhance brand awareness and engagement through strategic Twitter social media integration:

  • Integrate Twitter social widgets into your website.
  • Add prominent Twitter social sharing links on your product and blog pages.
  • Curate your Tweets on the News page of your website.

If you find the above steps too complex, consider hiring a social media management services company to handle the task. Partnering with experienced experts offers convenience and peace of mind, especially for beginners, ensuring you’re positioned for success.

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