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This Week in the Digital Marketing Sphere: Chrome Labels Non-HTTPS Sites as Insecure

We’ve received the warning, and today is the day: Google Chrome’s latest release, which flags HTTP sites as insecure, is now available.

Back in February, Google announced that Chrome 68, scheduled for release in July, would notify users with a warning when they visit a non-secure (HTTP) website.

As of today, Chrome 68 is live, and the warning is in effect. It manifests as a gray banner in the URL bar, displaying “Not secure”:

While the proportion of your website’s visitors using Chrome may vary depending on your industry and audience, Chrome dominates the browser market overall. StatCounter reports that Chrome accounts for roughly 48% of the browser market share in the United States:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

Transitioning to HTTPS

Even for straightforward websites without e-commerce features or login requirements, it’s strongly recommended to upgrade to HTTPS in order to contribute to a more secure web environment. This aligns with one of Google’s recent missions, which is to enhance overall internet security. To learn more about the reasons behind this change, refer to their official announcement.

If you’re a website owner looking to switch to HTTPS, it’s advisable to consult with your web design company and/or your website hosting provider.

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