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The Significant Impact of the March 2023 Google Broad Core Update on Businesses: Who Felt it the Hardest?

Since its establishment in 1988, Google has rolled out myriad algorithmic revisions. From minor adjustments to significant core updates, these alterations are aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of search outcomes.

On March 15, 2023, Google unveiled its inaugural comprehensive core search algorithm update of the year, known as the March core update. This update encompasses all content categories across every locale and language, with the intent of elevating or rewarding high-value web pages.

As is customary with Google’s core updates, this transition may lead to noteworthy fluctuations in search rankings and exert a substantial impact on your search engine optimization (SEO) approach. Enterprises that neglect to keep pace with and adapt to the latest Google core update are susceptible to abrupt declines in visibility and traffic.

Navigating the Google March core update can be a formidable task. Thus, in this piece, we shall address the ensuing inquiries:

  • What constitutes a Google core update?
  • What elements are encompassed in Google’s March core update?
  • What measures should be taken if you’ve been affected by a Google broad core update?

Upon perusing this exposition, you will be equipped to recover post a Google core algorithm update and attain optimal search engine rankings.

What Constitutes A Google Core Update?

A core update involves substantial, large-scale enhancements to Google’s search ranking algorithm. Broad core updates are typically rolled out every few months and impact a sizable portion of indexed web pages.

Among the most notable Google core updates are:

  • Penguin
  • Panda
  • Rankbrain
  • Possum
  • Pigeon
  • Mobilegeddon
  • Medic
  • Hummingbird
  • Freshness
  • Fred
  • BERT

Typically, a broad core search algorithm update is announced a few days prior or on the day of its deployment, although certain updates may take several days to finalize.

Broad core updates may vary in terms of their impact and focal points. Some, like Mobilegeddon and The Speed Update, might concentrate on technical facets such as page speed and mobile-friendliness. Others, such as the Hummingbird and Panda updates, may zero in on search queries and sparse or low-quality content.

Following a core update, web pages that formerly held high ranks for their designated keywords may witness a dip in their search visibility. Conversely, those that previously ranked lower might experience an upswing.

In contrast to routine algorithmic updates, Google discloses and assigns names to core updates. A core update generally precipitates noticeable and widespread alterations. If you suspect that a Google core update has adversely impacted your website, it is prudent to seek guidance from a professional search engine optimization agency like Leadshouse.

We furnish website optimization and SEO content creation services to aid your enterprise in adapting and prospering amidst Google algorithmic shifts.

What Is The March 2023 Core Update?

The latest Google core update took 13 days and seven hours to roll out. Its objective is to prioritize web pages that furnish greater value compared to those presently ranking on Google.

Here are some noteworthy ramifications of the March 2023 core update:

  • Target: All forms of content
  • Penalty: None. The update champions or elevates high-quality content that delivers value and exceptional user experiences.
  • Impact: Universally across all regions and languages.
  • Features: Influences Google Discover, featured snippets, and more.

Websites failing to meet these criteria or engaging in black hat SEO practices are likely to experience diminished rankings.

Which Sectors Experienced the Greatest Impact?

According to Semrush data, the most recent Google core update induced heightened volatility, peaking at 8, as opposed to the September 2022 core update, which peaked at approximately 5.

Furthermore, out of the top 10 results currently populating the search engine results page (SERP), 8.7% were previously situated beyond position 20 before the March update.

Industries that observed the most substantial shifts in volatility following the March 2023 core update were: Arts and Entertainment, Shopping, Internet & Telecom, and Business & Industrial.

Arts and Entertainment witnessed a 7.7% surge in volatility (up from 6.4% in September 2022). Shopping & Retail ascended to 7.1% (from 5.6%), Internet & Telecom rose to 6.5% (from 5.4%), and Business & Industrial increased to 6% (from 5%).

Is Your Website Affected By The March Core Update?

Determining whether a Google core algorithmic update has impacted your site, whether detrimentally or beneficially, can be accomplished through two means: rankings and traffic.


A sudden dip in rankings for specific keywords and topics may signify that your website has borne the brunt of a Google broad core update.

Remember to monitor your rankings over several days before drawing any conclusions. Tools like Ahrefs and Google Search Console can assist in scrutinizing your rankings.

Scrutinize your keyword rankings based on search intent, encompassing informational, navigational, and transactional. This approach aids in pinpointing which landing pages and forms of content necessitate optimization.

Diminished Traffic

A drop in search rankings can lead to a decline in organic search traffic.

Be sure to evaluate both site-wide traffic and individual page traffic. Examine pivotal performance metrics such as click-through rate and bounce rate. Once you’ve ruled out that a broad core search algorithm update has impacted your site, you can recalibrate your SEO strategy.

Should you discern a downturn in your website’s rankings and traffic, remain composed and focus on identifying the root causes and remedies. Data can unveil patterns in impressions, enabling you to take appropriate measures for achieving optimal search engine rankings. Concentrating on specific areas of concern can conserve valuable time and effort.

Should you require assistance, you can rely on a search engine optimization agency to aid in your resurgence. Leadshouse’s SEO consulting services encompass conducting a thorough technical SEO audit and addressing impediments preventing you from attaining the finest search engine ranking.

Strategies To Rebound From The March 2023 Google Core Algorithm Update

1. Revise Your Existing Content

After pinpointing which pages have been affected by the Google broad core update, the subsequent step entails rectifying them by incorporating current information.

Bear in mind, Google deems content freshness a pivotal ranking factor. Outdated content can be revitalized and rendered pertinent by incorporating recent statistics, fresh insights, or updated customer testimonials. You can revisit previous subjects, delve deeper into the subject matter, or address previously unexplored subtopics.

2. Adhere To E-E-A-T Guidelines

Google has consistently underscored the significance of Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) as integral components of their revised search rater guidelines.

In essence, E-E-A-T comprises a set of benchmarks that Google employs to ascertain whether the content it endorses to users is authoritative, enlightening, and authored by experts.

When your website exhibits elevated levels of E-E-A-T, it is poised to secure higher placements in pertinent search outcomes, draw in greater organic traffic, and ultimately, augment conversions.

Another avenue to enhance rankings is by providing precise, exhaustive, and well-crafted content. Google rewards content that resolves users’ queries and provides value. Aligning your content with E-E-A-T principles can facilitate the cultivation of a positive reputation and the fostering of customer trust.

3. Execute a Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit identifies impediments impeding search engines from effectively traversing your site, such as broken links, redundant content, and absent meta tags.

 It also sheds light on issues that may impede your site’s pace and impact user engagement.

Mitigating these vulnerabilities can augment your website’s prominence in the SERPs and amplify visitor retention.

4. Craft Content for Humans, Not Just Search Engines

Google has consistently emphasized the importance of creating content for actual people rather than solely for search engines. With the recent advent of the Helpful Content Update, this has become more critical than ever.

Here are some methods to render your content more user-friendly and enhance rankings:

  • Refrain from overloading your content with keywords.
  • Render your content easily digestible. Employ images, headings, and bullet points to break up extensive blocks of text.
  • Incorporate trustworthy sources, citations, and references.
  • Ensure that content is easily scannable and navigable across all devices.

Preparation for Future Updates

The truth of the matter is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recuperating from a Google core update. Nevertheless, the sooner you take measures to align your website with the fresh Google core algorithm update, the swifter you can elevate rankings and search visibility.

To consistently fare well on Google, always remain vigilant for impending updates. Be on the lookout for announcements and promptly undertake website optimization as necessitated. It’s worth noting that Google typically rolls out two or three core updates annually. While not every core update will have an impact on your site, proactively preparing for the next one can forestall sudden traffic downturns.

Collaborate With a Reputable Website Optimization Advisor

At Leadshouse, we are poised to assist you in evaluating the degree to which your site aligns with Google’s prerequisites. Our website optimization advisor scrutinizes and optimizes both on-page and off-page SEO elements for optimal outcomes.

Through our website optimization and SEO consulting services, you can ensure your content remains current in light of the latest algorithmic updates, industry trends, and SEO best practices.

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