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The Implications of Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition and the Blue Check Subscription for Businesses

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, was willing to spend a staggering forty-four billion dollars to acquire one of the world’s largest social media platforms, boasting over 556 million active monthly users.

With Musk’s vision for Twitter, now rebranded as X, becoming a reality, it’s important to understand how this transition may impact your brand and how you can leverage it to your advantage. In this post, we will cover the following:

  1. The X Rebrand and the Emergence of the (Paid) Blue Checkmark Subscription Service
  2. Implications for Your Business
  3. How to Attain Verification on Twitter
  4. Strategies to Maximize the Blue Checkmark

By the end of this read, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the future of Twitter. Let’s dive in!

The X Rebrand and the Noteworthy Blue Checkmark

The most noticeable change on Twitter is the rebranding. It’s no longer Twitter, both in logo and name. Musk opted for a fresh start, embracing the future of the platform with “X.” This change extends to the platform’s logo as well, replacing the familiar blue bird with an “X.”

However, the rebranding is not yet complete, as the domain name remains Twitter. (x.com also directs you to the social media platform.)

Screenshot from X (formerly Twitter)

While opinions on the rebrand may vary, one significant change that may affect your business and social media marketing is the introduction of blue checkmarks. Formerly known as Twitter Blue, these checkmarks are now available through the X Premium subscription service.

There are two types of X Premium services: one for individuals and another for verified organizations.

X Premium for Individuals

For individuals, subscribing to X Premium offers various benefits, including the coveted blue checkmark, extended character limits for tweets, the ability to edit posts, and increased visibility in the X feed. 

Verified organizations, on the other hand, receive a gold or gray checkmark based on their category, along with other features tailored to businesses, government entities, and non-profits.

Impact on Your Business

The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk brings several changes for businesses:

For Individuals:

  • Blue Checkmark: Once verified by X, you have the option to display or hide the blue checkmark.
  • Enhanced Posts: Post tweets with up to 25,000 characters, and edit them within an hour.
  • Extended Videos: Upload videos up to three hours long or a maximum of 8GB file size.
  • Undo Option: Remove a post before anyone on X sees it.
  • Text Formatting: Utilize bold and italics in your tweets.
  • Increased Visibility in the X Feed: Your posts will be featured in other users’ dedicated “Verified” tab. Replies will be prioritized in threads, and your interactions will receive a visibility boost.
  • Media Studio: An organized hub for managing uploaded images and videos.

Screenshot from Twitter

For Verified Organizations:

  • Blue and Gray Checkmarks: Different categories receive specific checkmarks (gold for businesses and non-profits, gray for government offices). They also feature a square profile icon.
  • Verified Organizations Portal and Affiliations: Add or remove affiliated accounts, displaying a small organization icon as they post, reply, and message.
  • Protection Against Impersonation: X monitors accounts for potential impersonation, making it harder for malicious elements to pose as your organization.
  • All X Premium Individual Benefits: Your primary and affiliated accounts enjoy all Premium benefits.

Screenshot from Twitter

These features offer more opportunities for brands to stand out, increasing visibility and engagement. For example, searching YouTube also shows their affiliated organisations.

Screenshot from Twitter

Is It Beneficial?

The Elon Musk Twitter takeover brings robust features that can enhance your Twitter business strategy. While some may consider checkmarks as bragging rights, the added customization options, increased visibility, and other features provide opportunities for brands to shine.

For instance, long-form tweets with added images can drive higher engagement, as they are more likely to be seen and shared.

Screenshot from Twitter

How to Get Verified on Twitter X

To make the most of X Premium features, you need verification. Here are the steps for individuals and organizations:

For Individuals

  1. Visit twitter.com, x.com, or your X app.
  2. Click “Get Verified” (if available) or the “Verified” button in your dashboard.
  1. Select “I am an individual,” then click “Subscribe.”
  1. Choose between an annual or a monthly subscription.

For Organizations

The process is similar to individuals, but with specific eligibility criteria, such as an active X account, email, and website.

If you meet these requirements, you can use X Premium for your Twitter marketing strategy. Otherwise, you can still get verified with the Individual plan.

Maximizing X Premium: 5 Tips

Twitter for business has become more dynamic with Elon Musk’s takeover. To leverage X Premium effectively, consider these tips:

1. Optimize Your Profile: Ensure your bio, username, header, profile picture, link, and location align with your branding.

Screenshot from Twitter

2. Customize Your Tweets: Make use of the extended character count to create in-depth tweets. Use different formatting options and leverage larger file sizes for media content.

3. Create a Content Calendar: Plan and optimize your content ahead of time for higher engagement and effective Twitter marketing.

Image from X (formerly Twitter) Business Blog

4. Work With a Twitter Marketing Agency: Experts can help you navigate the evolving platform and implement a successful Twitter marketing strategy.

5. Maintain Interaction: Engage with your audience, reply to mentions, and foster meaningful conversations to increase organic reach and conversions.

Increase Twitter Engagement With Leadshouse

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In conclusion, the Elon Musk Twitter takeover brings exciting opportunities for businesses. By understanding and effectively utilizing X Premium, you can elevate your Twitter marketing strategy and increase engagement. Leadshouse is here to assist you on this journey—visit our website today!


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