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The Comprehensive Guide to Migrating Your WhatsApp Business Number to Leadshouse

If you’re considering migrating your WhatsApp phone number to Leadshouse, you’ve made a wise choice. In this extensive guide, we will explore the myriad benefits of migrating to the Leadshouse WhatsApp Business Platform (API). We’ll delve into the reasons businesses choose to migrate their WhatsApp numbers, such as reliability, pricing, and customer support quality. Additionally, we will provide a step-by-step summary of how to carry out the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition for your business.

WhatsApp Number Migration to Leadshouse: Benefits

Businesses typically acquire WhatsApp API access from WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs). There are two types of BSPs: those that offer access solely to the WhatsApp API and those that provide a more comprehensive package, including a messaging inbox and various features.

Many businesses opt to migrate their WhatsApp phone numbers to a new BSP due to various reasons. The most common motivations include concerns about reliability, pricing, and the quality of customer support. Some businesses are in search of a BSP that offers specific features such as flexible integrations, an automation builder, or a robust reports module.

Whether you are currently a WhatsApp Cloud API user or you obtain WhatsApp API access through a BSP, migrating your WhatsApp number to Leadshouse is a strategic move. Here’s why:

1. Higher Reliability:

For businesses to deliver a satisfactory customer experience, choosing a BSP with high platform uptime is crucial. Leadshouse is renowned for its consistently high platform uptime, ensuring uninterrupted service. This reliability allows customer-facing agents to provide prompt and efficient assistance to customers.

WhatsApp number migration to Leadshouse: Higher reliability

A reliable platform is essential to maintain customer conversations and send timely updates. Frequent downtime can hinder customer interactions, potentially leading to lost leads and reduced customer retention. Leadshouse’s WhatsApp Business API is hosted on Meta’s cloud servers, ensuring fast message delivery and instant integration of WhatsApp updates.

2. High-Value Proposition:

When migrating your WhatsApp phone number to another BSP, it’s essential to consider the cost. Leadshouse provides excellent value for businesses. It offers an omnichannel inbox for managing conversations across multiple channels, ensuring convenience and cost-effectiveness.

WhatsApp business migration to Leadshouse: High-value proposition

Beware of certain BSPs that add additional charges on top of WhatsApp API access, such as setup fees, hosting fees, or per-message charges. Leadshouse does not impose any extra fees, only charging WhatsApp conversation fees.

3. Excellent Customer Support:

Understanding the intricacies of the WhatsApp API can be challenging, and businesses may encounter situations where they require assistance. Choosing a WhatsApp BSP with high-quality customer support is vital. Leadshouse’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, in multiple languages, including English and simplified Chinese.

WhatsApp Business API number migration to Leadshouse: Excellent customer support

The support team at Leadshouse has direct access to Meta’s customer support, ensuring that complex issues can be addressed efficiently. Moreover, the Enterprise plan includes a dedicated customer success manager to help businesses achieve their goals and ensure a smooth WhatsApp API experience.

4. Zero Impact on Conversations, Workflows, and Broadcasts:

One common concern when migrating WhatsApp numbers is the potential loss of ongoing conversations, workflows, and broadcasts. However, this is not an issue for businesses transitioning to Leadshouse from another BSP. When you migrate your phone number to Leadshouse, you can retain any open conversation windows, ensuring a seamless transition.

WhatsApp number migration to Leadshouse: Convenience

Conversations that were in progress before the migration will continue without interruption. The 24-hour customer service window will also remain unaffected. Additionally, broadcasts and automation configurations from your previous BSP will be automatically reconfigured to work with your newly connected Leadshouse WhatsApp Channel.

Advanced Features for WhatsApp Business API

One of the primary reasons businesses choose to migrate their WhatsApp phone numbers to Leadshouse is the array of advanced features it offers. These features are essential for businesses looking to enhance their customer interactions and streamline their operations. Let’s explore the key features:

WhatsApp Business migration to Leadshouse: Access to advanced features

1. Consolidate All Messaging Channels:

Migrating to Leadshouse allows you to manage all your WhatsApp conversations and accounts in one platform. This consolidation simplifies operations, enables consistent customer experiences, and enhances agent efficiency. It’s not just about managing WhatsApp; it’s about bringing all your customer communication channels under a single omnichannel messaging inbox.

With Leadshouse’s omnichannel inbox, you can recognize returning contacts on any channel, consolidating all interactions into a single profile and conversation thread.

2. Simplify Operations with an Automation Builder:

Automation is a significant advantage of using the WhatsApp API, as it reduces the need for manual intervention in business operations. Leadshouse offers Workflows, an automation builder that allows you to create custom automation to enhance efficiency and reduce errors. These Workflows can be tailored to various purposes, such as routing inbound conversations, handling spam messages, and sending customer satisfaction surveys.

3. Gain Valuable Insights with the Reports Module:

Analyzing conversational data is essential for understanding your business’s performance. The Leadshouse Reports Module provides detailed metrics and data in a user-friendly format. The module includes nine tabs with customizable filters for in-depth analysis, and you can download reports as CSV files for reference and further analysis.

4. Integrate with Other Popular Apps:

To manage WhatsApp contacts and conversations effectively, many businesses rely on WhatsApp CRMs and other third-party software. Leadshouse simplifies the integration of WhatsApp API with your preferred customer platforms. It allows you to create HTTP requests to create or update WhatsApp contacts on platforms like HubSpot.

Leadshouse also offers native integration with platforms like Zapier and Make.com, enabling you to connect with thousands of apps without the need for coding. These integrations enhance the flexibility and capabilities of Leadshouse, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses.

WhatsApp Number Migration to Leadshouse: A Comprehensive Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of WhatsApp phone number migration to Leadshouse. We will explore three vital aspects of this process: the attributes that can be migrated, the prerequisites to ensure a seamless migration, and the step-by-step process to successfully move your WhatsApp Business number to Leadshouse. By the end of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of how to migrate your WhatsApp Business number to Leadshouse and manage your WhatsApp conversations more efficiently.

WhatsApp Business Migration to Leadshouse: What Will Be Migrated?

To kick things off, let’s first understand what attributes of your WhatsApp Business Account can be migrated to Leadshouse. It’s important to note that migrations occur at the phone number level, not at the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) level. If you have multiple phone numbers associated with your WhatsApp Business Account, you can migrate them individually. However, to streamline and manage all your WhatsApp conversations and accounts in one place, it’s recommended to migrate all phone numbers within your WABA to Leadshouse.

Migration of WhatsApp Business number: Attributes you can migrate

The following WhatsApp Business attributes can be migrated to Leadshouse:

  1. Display Name: Your business’s display name, which is crucial for branding and recognition.
  1. Phone Number Quality Rating: This rating reflects the quality of your phone number and can influence your interactions on the platform.
  1. Messaging Limit: The messaging limit associated with your WhatsApp Business Account.
  1. WhatsApp Business Account Status: Your account’s status on WhatsApp.
  1. High-Quality Message Templates: Any approved high-quality message templates that you have.

However, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to migrate low-quality, rejected, or pending message templates. 

This information sets the stage for a successful migration, ensuring that essential attributes are preserved as you move your WhatsApp Business number to Leadshouse.

WhatsApp Business Migration to Leadshouse: Prerequisites

Before embarking on the migration process, it’s crucial to ensure that you meet certain prerequisites on both the WhatsApp and Leadshouse sides. Here are the key requirements to keep in mind:

WhatsApp business migration to Leadshouse: Prerequisites

  1. Admin Access to Meta Business Manager: You must have admin access to your Meta Business Manager account to initiate the migration.
  1. Turn Off Two-Step Verification: Ensure that the two-step verification for your WhatsApp number is turned off in the Meta Business Manager. This step is essential to facilitate a smooth migration.
  1. Disable Interactive Voice Responses and Greetings: It’s important to disable interactive voice responses and any other automatic greetings on the phone number you intend to migrate. This ensures that there are no conflicts during the migration process.
  1. Enable Browser Pop-Ups: Make sure that your browser pop-ups are enabled. This is necessary for the migration process to proceed smoothly.
  1. WhatsApp Business Account: While you need a WhatsApp Business Account connected to Leadshouse, you also have the option to create one during the migration process if you don’t already have one. This flexibility ensures that you can seamlessly migrate your WhatsApp Business number.

Meeting these prerequisites is vital to ensure that the migration process is efficient and error-free. By adhering to these requirements, you can proceed with confidence.

WhatsApp Business Migration to Leadshouse: An Overview

Now that we’ve established what can be migrated and the prerequisites, let’s take a comprehensive look at the migration process itself. This overview will give you a clear understanding of the steps involved in moving your WhatsApp Business number to Leadshouse.

Step 1: Access the Settings in Leadshouse

  1. To initiate the migration, start by accessing Leadshouse.
  1. Click on the “Settings” module, which is your gateway to configuring and customizing your Leadshouse account.
  1. Within the “Settings” module, navigate to “Channels Setting.” This is where you’ll manage your various messaging channels, including WhatsApp.

Step 2: Choose the WhatsApp API Channel

  1. In the “Channels Setting” section, locate the WhatsApp API Channel that you intend to migrate.
  1. Click on the blue button labeled “Migrate to Leadshouse.” This action will set the migration process in motion.

Step 3: Follow the Migration Wizard

  1. Once you click the migration button, you will be guided through a series of pop-up windows. These pop-ups constitute the migration wizard, which will lead you through the entire migration process.

Step 4: Select or Create a WhatsApp Business Account

  1. During the migration process, you will have the option to select an existing WhatsApp Business Account or create a new one if you don’t already have one connected to Leadshouse.

Step 5: Provide the Phone Number for Migration

  1. Next, you will be prompted to provide the phone number that you wish to migrate. This is the number associated with your WhatsApp Business Account.

Step 6: Verify Your Phone Number

  1. To finalize the migration, you will need to verify your phone number. This verification step typically involves receiving a one-time password on the provided number and entering it as part of the verification process.

By following these steps, you can successfully migrate your WhatsApp Business number to Leadshouse, ensuring that your WhatsApp conversations are seamlessly integrated into your chosen platform.

Additional Resources

For a more detailed guide on how to migrate your WhatsApp phone number to Leadshouse, we recommend visiting Leadshouse’s Help Center. There, you can find step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and other resources to assist you in the migration process.


Migrating your WhatsApp phone number to Leadshouse offers a range of benefits, including higher reliability, excellent value, top-notch customer support, and access to advanced features. The migration process is designed to have zero impact on your ongoing conversations, workflows, and broadcasts, ensuring a smooth transition.

By consolidating all your messaging channels in one platform, simplifying operations with an automation builder, gaining valuable insights with the Reports Module, and integrating with other popular apps, you can take your customer interactions to the next level.

Whether you’re currently using a WhatsApp BSP or considering switching, Leadshouse provides a comprehensive solution to meet your business needs. With its reliability, value, support, and feature-rich platform, Leadshouse is the right choice for businesses looking to excel in their WhatsApp interactions.

Migrating your WhatsApp phone number to Leadshouse is a strategic move that can enhance your customer engagement, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights into your business performance. Make the switch today and unlock the full potential of your WhatsApp Business interactions with Leadshouse. Visit our website today!


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