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PLA: Unveiling a Fresh PPC Avenue

As of February 19th, the right side of PPC Ads will no longer appear in Google SERPs. This will impact how search results are displayed in Google. With the removal of the ads, we will begin to see an increase in the number of Product Listing Ads (PLA).

What Are PLAs?

Product Listing Ads are advertisements that provide product information related to your online search. This allows users to not only view the product but also make online comparisons when it comes to the item they are looking to purchase.

When viewing various PLA items, you will see the product image, title, price, message, and company name. Online merchants can showcase their products alongside ads and top retailers that appear organically in the search results. Running a PLA campaign will yield the following benefits:

  1. An increase in impressions
  2. Low bids
  3. Low cost per click
  4. Increased product visibility compared to top commercial companies

With the removal of ads on the right side, we will now see four ads at the beginning of the page before the organic listings. If you’re wondering about the significance, in January, 85% of clicks came from the top ads. This means there will be an increase in ad bidding to secure a top 4 search result position. For companies with ecommerce websites, this can provide a competitive edge against industry leaders.

As many large commercial companies aim to maintain top positions, they may focus on increasing bids in ads rather than PLA campaigns. During this transition, WordStream observed an increase in click-through rates (CTR) for PLA campaigns on the day the change occurred. This boost in CTR is not a temporary surge; we anticipate a lasting impact on search results.

Much like the anticipated rise in impressions for the top 4 positions, we can also expect an increase in visibility for PLA products appearing in the same search results.

Always Accessible

Running a PLA campaign ensures your website remains accessible 24/7 to those searching online, even on weekends and after hours. With low bidding costs, you can run your campaign without setting any restrictions on days or hours during the week.

While some may be apprehensive about increasing their AdWords campaign in Google due to budget constraints, if your company is capable, it’s advantageous to leverage the opportunities offered by a Product Listing Campaign. Small businesses can now compete without having to secure a top 3 bid in Google AdWords.

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