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Optimizing Your PPC Ad Approach

During a 2017 Google AdWords Academy on Air webinar, there was a focus on creating an ad strategy for different PPC ad groups within a campaign. It’s crucial to recognize that each ad group in your campaign is unique, meaning your approach can vary based on your business strategy.

Performance Based on Success Metrics, Not Just Keyword Rankings

When crafting an ad within your PPC campaign, it must address the user’s query and provide a solution. Whether someone is seeking a plumber or a digital agency, it’s vital to offer the answers they seek from the moment they view your ad.

So, what’s the optimal ad strategy for your PPC campaign? In reality, it requires some testing to find the most effective ads. To achieve this, you should develop multiple ads within each ad group. You should aim to optimize your ads by:

  • Including a minimum of 3 ads per ad group, which can lead to over a 15% increase in clicks.
  • Setting ad rotation to optimize for either clicks or conversions.
  • Creating dynamic ads to cover keyword terms relevant to user searches.

Addressing User Queries

When composing different elements of a PPC ad, ensure your message aligns with what the user is searching for online. Each component of expanded text ads allows you to present a compelling ad that directly relates to the individual’s search.

Don’t just present the user’s question; deliver a clear answer. Highlight the benefits and the solution to their needs. The URL path can be invaluable, especially if the user doesn’t land on the homepage but directly on the product page.

Leverage Google’s Ad System for Optimal Results

Your strategy should be shaped by your goals for the PPC campaign. Are you aiming for more clicks or conversions?

  • Optimizing for Clicks: This can boost your ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 5%. It’s an excellent approach for enhancing brand-related keyword terms and driving traffic to your website. This can still lead to conversions even if your focus is primarily on getting visitors.
  • Optimizing for Conversions: This can lead to a 5% increase in conversions. This strategy targets users who are looking to convert right after landing on your website through form submissions, phone calls, newsletter sign-ups, and account registrations.

Avoid “Rotate Evenly” or “Indefinitely”

For optimal performance, steer clear of using rotate settings. Rotating ads are chosen at random, and you want to ensure your best-performing ads are consistently competing in your industry.

Using “Rotate Evenly” or “Indefinitely” may result in underperforming ads against your competition, leading to fewer clicks, lower average position, and fewer conversions. Sticking with optimized ads will help you save more in your ad groups.

Many advertisers used to believe they had to rotate first before optimizing. For the best performance, go with an optimized ad. The system will test both your existing ads and new ones. Over time, the system learns if an ad isn’t performing well.

  • Optimize for clicks to drive traffic for attention and branding.
  • Optimize for conversions to choose the best ads for driving conversions.

Determining the Number of Ads

When deciding how many ads to test for optimizing clicks or conversions, begin with a minimum of 3 ads per ad group. It’s advisable to have between 5 to 7 ads to maximize click opportunities. Avoid going over 10, as it might be excessive and you might have an ad group with fewer than 10 targeted keyword terms.

Implementing these tips into your ad process will help you identify the most effective ads and enable you to test new ones against your top performers. The choice ultimately lies with you when creating an ad group, whether you’re aiming to increase website clicks or conversions. Your strategy may evolve over time, and it’s crucial to let the ad optimization system deliver the right data for you and your team.

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