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Meta Introduces AI and Automation Tools for Advertising: How Will This Impact Your Campaigns?

Automation implies enhanced speed and convenience in executing tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the technological capacity to process information and respond intelligently, akin to human cognition. Together, AI and automation streamline paid advertising on social media, simplifying campaign management for business owners and advertisers, ultimately yielding outstanding results.

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta is now democratizing AI and automation for social media advertising through Meta Advantage. This comprehensive suite encompasses Meta’s automated ad products, including tools for automating Facebook ads like Detailed Targeting Expansion.

With these AI-driven tools for social media advertising, advertisers and businesses can automate various aspects of their campaigns, if not the entire process. Advantage’s broader objective is to enhance the effectiveness of social media campaigns by harnessing machine learning tools to refine audience targeting, optimize keyword selection, and generate compelling ad copy.

For those seeking insight into Meta Advantage, this blog provides a comprehensive overview. We’ll delve into the Meta Advantage tools, highlight recent updates, and outline the advantages of utilizing Meta Advantage for automated Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Let’s commence.

Meta Advantage: Unveiling the Essence

Meta pioneered automated ads on Facebook prior to its rebranding. Businesses of all scales and industries had already adopted automated Facebook ads to minimize the manual effort involved in copy creation, scheduling, launching, and tracking paid ads. Additionally, Detailed Targeting Expansion was employed to refine ads and extend their reach beyond specified demographics.

While five of these original tools remain available, they have been rebranded and reclassified as Meta Advantage as of March 2022. They’ve received apt names that accurately reflect their functions. Furthermore, Meta has enhanced the customization of Facebook ads automation: advertisers can now automate individual campaigns, a capability previously reserved for entire ad campaigns. This is a significant boon for small business advertising, allowing even modest-budget campaigns to leverage the platform’s AI and automation prowess.

The primary objectives of Meta Advantage encompass:

  • Fine-tuning campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Sustaining improved results over an extended duration.
  • Achieving these objectives with minimal cost and effort on the part of advertisers.

What distinguishes Meta Advantage is its accessibility to small advertisers and business proprietors. The platform’s AI technology and machine learning tools are available to all, regardless of whether they have already experienced success with Facebook ads automation, achieved middling results, or are entirely new to the process. Maximizing this new iteration of Meta’s social media advertising tools is poised to enhance results across the board.

The Meta Advantage Update: Essential Insights

For users accustomed to Facebook’s advertising automation tool, rest assured that, aside from rebranding and reclassification, alterations to existing tools have been minimal.

Upon entering the suite, you’ll encounter two product categories: Advantage and Advantage+.

1. Advantage

Meta Advantage tools empower advertisers to refine specific aspects of manual campaign setup, with a focus on expanding audience reach for optimal conversions. Two products fall under this category:

Advantage Lookalike

Formerly Lookalike Expansion, this tool enables the Meta system to broaden an ad’s audience reach beyond the confines of the advertiser’s Lookalike Audience. If it determines that overall performance can be enhanced by extending the ad’s reach, it will do so. Preliminary tests of this tool also indicate potential reductions in cost per action (CPA).

Advantage Detailed Targeting

Previously known as Detailed Targeting Expansion, this tool operates akin to Advantage Lookalike by broadening audience reach beyond an advertiser’s targeting preferences. It leverages existing targeting parameters (e.g., interests, hometown, music preferences, age) to identify additional audiences likely to engage with Facebook automated ads. According to early Meta tests, activating Advantage Detailed Targeting can decrease median cost per incremental conversion by 37%.

2. Advantage+

These tools facilitate full campaign automation from initiation to completion. They can also be employed to automate specific elements of a manual campaign. This category encompasses four tools:

Advantage+ App Campaigns

Formerly Automated App Ads, this tool elevates Facebook automated ads by utilizing real-time data to fine-tune ad settings for target audiences, placements, and creative elements (e.g., attached media such as images and videos). Meta reports that this enhanced Facebook ads automation feature can result in a 6% reduction in cost per install and a 9% decrease in CPA compared to a manual app install campaign.

Advantage+ Placements

Previously referred to as Automatic Placements, this tool evaluates the optimal placement or location for your ad and deploys it automatically. It can distribute ads across all of Meta’s platforms:

  • Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • Facebook right column
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Business Explore and Instagram Explore
  • Messenger inbox
  • Facebook and Instagram reels
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger stories
  • In-stream videos
  • Search results
  • In Instant Articles
  • On the Oculus mobile app

This automated placement strategy aims to enhance ad results by posting them on six or more placements, thereby increasing impressions and generating more clicks. At the same time, Advantage+ Placements ensures that your ads perform exceptionally well without exceeding your budget.

Advantage+ Creative

Formerly known as Dynamic Experiences, this tool stands out among Advantage+ social media advertising tools for its efficiency in creating ads with minimal time and effort. It is designed for ads utilizing a single video or image. After uploading the media, advertisers can input multiple text variations or ad copy. Advantage+ Creative will then generate numerous ad variations based on these inputs, while taking into account your preferred setup and placement selections.

In essence, Advantage+ Creative provides a streamlined approach to producing multiple ads, leveraging AI and machine learning to identify creative and technical combinations that enhance ad performance for automated Facebook ads. Preliminary tests indicate that Advantage+ Creative can reduce CPA by 3%.

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

This tool, previously referred to as Automated Shopping Ads, represents a new addition introduced several months after the Meta Advantage announcement. It is currently in the beta testing phase and exhibits ambitious potential. Advantage+ Shopping automates the optimization of various elements, including creative assets, placements, audience targeting, and budget management.

By optimizing across all these facets, Advantage+ Shopping has the potential to significantly enhance social media campaigns on Meta platforms with minimal intervention from advertisers. This particularly benefits small business owners with limited time, resources, and manpower for advertising.

Meta’s initial tests of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns yielded highly promising results: the tool substantially improved overall ad performance, achieving an over 80% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to Business As Usual campaigns. Additionally, A/B testing demonstrated that Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns reduced cost per purchase conversion by 12%.

This serves as a comprehensive overview of Meta Advantage and the benefits each advertising automation tool brings to campaigns. Delving deeper into the functionality of each tool necessitates a thorough understanding of the entire Meta advertising ecosystem, enabling users to fully exploit the features of Advantage and Advantage+.

Unleashing the Potential of AI Marketing

It’s essential to remember that AI forms a cornerstone of the Meta Advantage update. At its core, the suite employs AI and machine learning technology to tailor ads to match your campaign objectives and determine optimal deployment configurations for achieving the best results.

But what exactly is AI in marketing? AI gathers and analyzes data pertinent to an ad, such as impressions, clicks, traffic, conversions, CPA, ROAS, etc. It also compiles information about the target audience and the factors influencing their response to ads.

AI plays a pivotal role in automation by guiding how the system executes

 an operation, much like how Advantage+ Creative generates multiple ad variations and identifies the most effective one for a specific placement.

Meta effectively leverages AI to elevate paid advertising on social media, benefiting advertisers and the businesses they represent. Through automation, the Meta Advantage tools simplify the process of launching ad campaigns, from crafting ad copy to determining optimal publication platforms.

Reap the Rewards of AI Marketing with Meta Advantage

Meta commands a substantial 36.64% share of the global social media market, boasting 2.20 billion active monthly users worldwide. An estimated 239 million Americans possess a Facebook account. Consequently, it stands as one of the premier platforms for advertising. However, the surge in both social media users and advertisers in recent years has led to heightened competition. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become saturated with ads and promotional content.

As more businesses turn to social media for promotion, standing out amidst the sea of ads becomes increasingly challenging. This is especially true for small businesses with limited resources and means to compete.

Thankfully, the Meta Advantage suite extends the power of technologies that were once exclusively accessible to enterprises with substantial budgets or proprietary AI and automation capabilities. Furthermore, the suite’s AI marketing and automation features amplify campaign performance and results. Whether you’re running Facebook ads or paid advertising on Instagram, unlocking the potential of Advantage and Advantage+ tools can make a substantial difference.

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