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Maximizing Instagram Recommendations: Strategies for Success

As an Instagram content creator, you may not be aware that the average engagement rate for influencers per post is just 1.42 percent. If this figure seems discouraging, consider the even lower 0.98 percent median across all industries. Content creators face the challenge of going above and beyond to ensure their posts reach and resonate with their target audience.

One highly effective way to amplify your content is through Instagram Recommendations. To make the most of this feature, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the latest Instagram recommendation and community guidelines.

In this article, we delve into Instagram Recommendations, its significance for creators, and how to employ it for broader reach and engagement.

What Are Instagram Recommendations?

Instagram Recommendations encompass photo or video posts featured on the Instagram Explore page, “Accounts You May Like,” and the Reels tab. Typically, these posts originate from accounts that a user doesn’t follow. However, Instagram displays them to help users discover fresh content and communities.

Instagram employs artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced technologies within its algorithm to ensure the recommendations are pertinent and valuable to users. Similar to Google and Facebook, recommendations are personalized based on user preferences, behaviors, and usage history.

Given the regular updates to the algorithm, it’s imperative for Instagram marketing agencies, brands, and influencers to stay vigilant for changes in the Instagram community guidelines and other relevant policies to ensure their promotions can be recommended on Instagram.

How Recommendations Benefit Brand Promotion on Instagram

From its roots as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram evolved, introducing IGTV in 2018, later replaced by Instagram Video in 2021. As the user base grew, it became a pivotal digital marketing channel for businesses to run social media marketing campaigns.

Here are two compelling reasons why more companies are partnering with Instagram marketing agencies to craft an Instagram content plan:

1. Showcase Products

Instagram content ideas often revolve around highlighting or promoting specific products. In addition to standard posts, users can utilize a feature called Instagram Guides to create curated content covering “Places,” “Products,” and “Posts.” This is particularly crucial for travel and hospitality businesses where “Places” hold significant importance, while “Products” aids in product showcasing.

2. Expand Reach and Boost Customer Acquisition

The core objective of an Instagram content strategy is to grow followers and extend reach. Paid ads are the fastest way to generate leads, but the potential of getting recommended on the Instagram explore page for free is even more enticing. Recommendations reach an audience likely belonging to the target customer segment, potentially converting them into followers or customers.

How to Qualify for Instagram Recommendations

All users must adhere to the Instagram Community Guidelines. However, since recommended posts may be seen by non-followers, the standards for eligible posts are stricter to prevent potentially offensive or inappropriate content from being recommended to a broader audience.

In addition to the Community Guidelines, posts must also align with the Recommendation Guidelines. Content depicting violence, promoting regulated products like vaping and tobacco, and sexually suggestive or explicit content are strictly prohibited.

Posts violating Instagram guidelines are swiftly flagged and removed using a combination of technology and human review teams. In severe cases, an entire account may be prevented from appearing in recommendations due to repeated violations.

Best Practices for Instagram Content Ideas and Reels

1. Consistent Original Content Posting

  • Avoid reposting or using unoriginal, aggregated content. Sharing unique reels and posts, rather than recycling others’, tends to resonate better with users.
  • Brands can leverage Instagram’s Collabs feature for collaborative posts, expanding reach to collaborators’ followers.
  • Regular, strategically scheduled posts aligning with the target audience’s online presence enhance visibility.

Pro Tip: Utilize social media tools like HootSuite or partner with reputable Instagram marketing agencies for efficient and effective posting.

2. Craft Engaging IG Reels

  • Ensure reels adhere to Instagram’s brand guidelines and align with your broader content strategy.
  • Consider the following elements when creating videos:
  • Utilize high-resolution 9×16 vertical dimensions for full-screen smartphone viewing.
  • Use text judiciously, ensuring it doesn’t overcrowd the screen.
  • Keep videos succinct, under 90 seconds, to be eligible for recommendations.
  • Prioritize the first three seconds to captivate viewers.
  • Infuse company’s Instagram brand guidelines to bolster brand recognition.
  • Professional video production services from an Instagram marketing company can elevate your content.

3. Optimize Search Visibility for Enhanced Promotion

  • Prioritize keyword research and analytics akin to search engine optimization.
  • Align profile names with content for heightened visibility in search results.
  • Incorporate primary keywords into your bio to bolster discoverability.
  • Embed pertinent keywords and hashtags in captions, not comments, for optimal search performance.

By adhering to these practices and ensuring compliance with Instagram guidelines, you can increase the likelihood of your content being recommended, thereby reaching a wider audience and potential customers. For further guidance on leveraging our Instagram marketing services to drive traffic to your product sales pages, visit our website today. Our social media marketing specialists can discuss digital marketing strategies to boost your sales and deliver exceptional returns.


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