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Is it Beneficial for Your Brand to Prioritize Social Media Communities in 2022?

Is it crucial for your brand to focus on social media communities in 2022? The emphatic answer is YES.

Increasingly, companies spanning various industries are dedicating resources to cultivate their social media communities, nurturing them into engaged audiences. When your brand garners active participation on social media platforms, you position yourself to nurture and convert these individuals into devoted customers. Therefore, there’s a greater need than ever for effective social media management to drive business growth.

In this blog, you will discover:

  • The advantages of social media communities in 2022
  • The process of establishing social media communities
  • Strategies for expanding your social media community
  • Addressing challenges with a professional social media management company

What Constitutes Social Media Communities?

Social communities are virtual units where individuals share common interests, beliefs, goals, hobbies, causes, professions, and other factors that foster a sense of fellowship. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter serve as excellent platforms for their formation.

So, how do social media communities take shape? They coalesce around shared interests, objectives, and other subjects that encourage active participation and build interpersonal connections.

You have the ability to construct your own social media communities centered around interests that align with your brand’s voice. Mobilize followers under your brand’s banner as part of this network of individuals building meaningful connections.

For instance, Yelp created a digital community where people could exchange their experiences and enthusiasm for the restaurants they’ve visited.

To establish a community, it’s imperative to prioritize relationship-building over aggressive brand promotion.

PRO TIP: As a general rule, aim to engage with your community 80% of the time, reserving only 20% for business promotion.

Key Trends to Monitor Closely

According to a recent survey by Hubspot, an increasing number of businesses are investing in social networks and the management of social media communities this year. This indicates fierce competition. To stand out, you’ll require the expertise of an adept social media community manager and agencies proficient in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Here are other pivotal findings from the survey that merit your attention:

  • Presently, over half of all social media marketers regard TikTok as the most potent social media channel in 2022 for video content.
  • Short-form videos, akin to those popular on TikTok, constitute the most effective content type in social networks, as per 85% of global marketers.
  • A majority of marketers intend to allocate more resources towards them (64%) and cultivate more communities, which can be achieved with the assistance of a seasoned social media management company.
  • A significant allocation this year will be directed towards Facebook (89%), with more marketers exploring Facebook Live Audio (83%), and some experimenting with Facebook Stories for the first time (44% of all social media managers).
  • Instagram maintains its dominance in influencer marketing (73%).
  • Twitter Spaces, which hosts live audio chat rooms, is hailed as one of the premier formats in social media marketing; 79% of marketers plan to invest more in it in 2022.
  • Video content continues to hold sway, with 83% of marketers increasing expenditure to generate more content.
  • The primary challenge marketers will confront in 2022 is managing these communities.

From the above statistics, it’s evident that many companies will be channeling their efforts towards refining their social media content strategy and online communities this year. And with good reason.

Advantages of Social Media Communities

Social communities offer an incredible opportunity to amass an engaged audience. Beyond that, they confer numerous benefits, ranging from reducing customer support expenses to fostering brand affinity and expanding brand management opportunities.

Here are the foremost advantages of social media communities:

  1. Amplifies Personal Recommendations: In highly engaging social networks, individuals often go out of their way to personally endorse a brand they trust to their acquaintances.
  1. Fosters Engagement: With the guidance of a social media community manager, members don’t merely follow or like; they actively interact with your brand, enhancing engagement. Experts from a social media advertising agency can equip you with strategies to enhance engagement across various platforms.
  1. Reduces Costs: Through social media community management, you can encourage members to address queries and address concerns raised by others. This significantly reduces your customer support expenses by 72%.
  1. Enhances Brand Visibility: Cultivating a social community represents one of the most potent forms of word-of-mouth marketing, substantially boosting brand visibility. A proficient social media optimization company can equip you with the tools and tactics to achieve this.
  1. Encourages Active Involvement With Your Brand: By organizing contests, polls, surveys, and other events, you stimulate active participation within social communities, building brand engagement.
  1. Attracts Potential Customers: With the right social media content strategy, you draw potential customers who share the same interests and advocacies that align with your brand.
  1. Cultivates Trust: Growing online communities not only elevates social media engagement but also fosters trust. By having authentic individuals managing your accounts, you’re able to form genuine and meaningful connections.
  1. Yields Consumer Insights: You can monitor interactions within these social media networks, discerning how your products address people’s needs, addressing customer grievances, and gleaning additional insights from your target demographic.
  1. Cultivates Brand Loyalty: Forge brand loyalty through your social community by actively engaging with members and helping them find resolutions to their issues.
  1. Platform for Addressing Negative Sentiment and Reviews: In an online social community, you have the opportunity to respond sincerely to negative reviews. This underscores your dedication to listening to your customers, a gesture that holds significant weight in reputation management.

How to Construct Your Own Social Community

Establishing your social media community demands time and dedication. Thus, an experienced social media community manager will be an invaluable asset to your team in cultivating your online community. The following are the fundamental steps in building an engaged audience through social media communities:

1. Define Your Purpose and Objectives

What hobbies, interests, goals, and subjects will be the focus? For example, if you specialize in guitars, which brands and types will you spotlight? Clearly state the purpose and focal points of your community on your social media page.

2. Establish Community Guidelines

Lay down rules regarding what community members can share, how they should treat fellow members, and other expectations. Enforcing these guidelines allows you to govern your audience’s social media engagement and interactions, fostering a sense of harmony and trust within your community. Social media community managers will oversee the enforcement of these rules, ensuring fairness for all.

3. Craft a Member Profile

Leverage your customer persona when formulating a member profile. This aids in social media community management and allows you to gauge whether you’re attracting your target audience.

4. Publicize Your Community

Initiate by inviting those in your network. Encourage them to spread the word about your page to contacts who share similar interests with your target audience. A social media management company can devise effective outreach strategies for your business.

5. Facilitate Accessibility

Achieve this through the following means:

  • Encourage your customers to join your community by liking or following you on social media. Integrate social media icons into your company’s website.
  • Employ hashtags to reach new audiences.
  • Cross-promote across various platforms.
  • Extend invites to customers on your mailing list.

6. Cultivate Your Community Through Communication

Sustaining consistent activity on social media networks is paramount.

  • You and your social media community managers should extend warm welcomes to newcomers as they join.
  • Address inquiries, create events, conduct surveys and polls.
  • Share infographics and other valuable content that community members can utilize.
  • Encourage individuals to pose questions and respond as they arise.
  • Foster discussions and allow members to share their perspectives.
  • Implement recurring topics, post series, instructional videos, and live events.

The objective is to engage with people regularly, thereby cultivating social media engagement and nurturing enduring relationships.

Overcoming Challenges with Expert Assistance

You’ll encounter various hurdles in establishing an online community; foremost among them is community management. This process encompasses tasks such as scheduling social media posts, monitoring page analytics, and generating compelling and valuable content for your audience week after week – and much more. A proficient social media advertising agency offers comprehensive solutions encompassing community-building strategies and ongoing support for all your management requirements.

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