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Facebook Business Verification Explained

In the wake of the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, one of the key aspects that businesses need to understand is Facebook Business Verification. This process is essential for confirming the legitimacy of an organization’s ownership of a Facebook Business Manager account. To achieve this, your business should be officially registered with local authorities and have a verifiable phone number and mailing address. If you’re reading this, it’s likely because Facebook has determined that your business needs to undergo verification, particularly if you wish to increase your WhatsApp Business API phone number messaging limits. It’s important to note that if you’ve previously verified your business for other purposes, such as running Facebook Ads, you generally won’t have to undergo the verification process again.

Distinguishing Between Facebook Business Verification and Facebook Business Page Verification

Before delving into the details of the Facebook Business verification process, it’s crucial to distinguish between this and Facebook Business Page verification. Verification of your business in the Facebook Business Manager does not grant you the coveted blue badge that often signifies a verified Facebook Page. It’s vital to recognize this distinction as it sets the stage for understanding the specific requirements and processes for Facebook Business Manager verification. To clarify, Facebook Business Manager verification is not synonymous with obtaining the blue badge of verification.

Difference between Facebook Business verification and Facebook Business Page verification

Facebook Business Verification for WhatsApp Business API

As of May 2, 2022, there has been a significant change in the verification process for businesses signing up for WhatsApp Business API. Unlike before, these businesses no longer have to undergo Facebook Business verification, display name review, or commerce policy checks. Instead, businesses will be categorized as unverified by default. However, there will be an automatic compliance check against WhatsApp Platform Policies conducted in the background.

Facebook Business verification for WhatsApp Business API

Under these new rules, businesses can begin messaging their customers immediately after signing up for WhatsApp API. However, there are some limitations in place:

  1. They can send business-initiated conversations (message templates) to up to 250 unique contacts in a 24-hour rolling period.
  2. They can respond to unlimited user-initiated conversations or service conversations.
  3. They can register up to 2 phone numbers.

To enjoy higher messaging limits or request to be recognized as an Official Business Account (OBA), businesses must complete the Facebook Business verification process. Let’s explore the requirements for this verification process.

Facebook Business Manager Verification Requirements

Before commencing the verification process, businesses are required to complete the Business Info section of their Facebook Business Manager. In this section, they must provide crucial organizational details such as their legal name, address, phone number, email address, and website. Importantly, this information must align with the details officially registered with local authorities. As long as Facebook can verify the organization based on the provided information, supporting documents typically won’t be required.

Business Info section of your Facebook Business Manager

However, if Facebook cannot confirm your business based on the provided information, you will need to submit the appropriate legal documents to substantiate your business’s identity. Here are the document requirements for key information:

  • Business legal name: Business license, Certificate of Incorporation, or tax/VAT registration certificate.
  • Organization’s address and phone number: Utility bill, bank statement, or business license displaying the business address and phone number.

Facebook Business verification requirements

After submitting these documents, you may need to undergo two-factor authentication to prove your access to your company’s phone or email. In some cases, you might also be required to provide personal details to further verify your business. It’s imperative to provide accurate information and avoid attempting to verify businesses that you are not authorized to represent or circumventing the verification review system, as these actions can result in Facebook rejecting your verification request and taking additional actions against your account.

How to Verify Business on Facebook Business Manager for WhatsApp Business API

Now, with your business information filled out and supporting documents prepared, you can start the business verification process:

1. Go to Facebook Business Settings and navigate to the Security Center. After you’ve signed up for WhatsApp Business API, you’ll see the business verification option. Click on the “Start Verification” button. If you don’t see this option, contact Facebook for assistance.

Navigate to the Security Centre of your Facebook Business Manager and click on Start Verification

2. Add your organization’s details. If you’ve filled out your company details in the Business Info section, this section will be automatically populated with that information. Double-check to ensure that the details are accurate.

Add your organization’s details

3. Add supporting documents to substantiate your business’s legal details and submit them.

Add supporting documents to prove your business’ legal details

4. Choose your preferred contact method for receiving a confirmation code that will confirm your connection to the business. If you’ve previously verified your domain, you can submit your application without needing to receive a confirmation code.

Select your preferred contact method

5. Confirm your phone number and click “Text Me Now” to receive the confirmation code. This step is dependent on the contact method you selected in the previous step. If you encounter any issues, you can change your contact method or request Facebook to resend the confirmation code.

Confirm your phone number and click Text Me Now

6. Input the confirmation code and click “Next.” If you didn’t receive a verification code, you can click “Resend Code.” You can also change your preferred contact method if the initial one isn’t working.

Insert the confirmation code and click Next

The Duration of Business Verification

Once you’ve successfully completed the verification process, you can expect to receive your verification status within 1-3 business days via email and notifications on both your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Page. You can also check your verification status in the Business Info section or the Security Center of your Facebook Business Manager.

If, for some reason, Facebook does not grant your business verified status, you have the option to appeal their decision by submitting additional documents that confirm your business details. In such cases, Facebook may request your Government ID and two other supporting documents at their discretion.

It’s important to ensure that all information on your Government ID is clearly visible and that all four corners of the ID are captured in the photo. The ID should be flat, and the photo should be taken against a dark background. Keep in mind that Facebook will not accept digitally modified images.

If you encounter issues during the verification process, it could be due to reasons such as an incomplete submission, documents that are not viewable, discrepancies between business details on legal documents and those provided, and more. In such cases, you can refer to the Meta Business Help Center for additional information or contact support for assistance with verifying your ID and business details.

Meta Business Verification: Display Name Review

Once your business verification process is successfully completed, the display name review for all phone numbers associated with your account will be automatically initiated. The display name refers to your business name that customers see on your WhatsApp Business profile. It’s important to note that these display names should be directly associated with your business, adhere to Meta’s display name guidelines, and not violate WhatsApp’s Commerce and Business policies.

After both business verification and display name review have been cleared, your business will be eligible for increased phone number and messaging limits. These increased limits can greatly enhance your ability to communicate with customers through WhatsApp Business API.

In Conclusion

Facebook Business Verification is a crucial step for businesses looking to utilize the WhatsApp Business API and maximize their messaging capabilities. By understanding the process, requirements, and potential challenges, businesses can ensure a smooth verification experience and gain access to enhanced communication tools. Remember that providing accurate and legitimate information is key, and compliance with Facebook’s policies is essential to achieving and maintaining verified status. With these insights, businesses can navigate the verification process with confidence and leverage the power of WhatsApp Business API for their communication needs.Visit our website today!


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