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Exploring WhatsApp Business Alternatives: A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, WhatsApp Business has emerged as a powerful tool for facilitating communication between businesses and their customers. With features like auto-reply, WhatsApp broadcast, and catalog, it has streamlined interactions. However, it’s not without its limitations. In this article, we’ll delve into various alternatives to WhatsApp Business, exploring their functionalities, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Benefits of Using a WhatsApp Business Alternative

WhatsApp Business, introduced in 2018, revolutionized business-customer communication. It facilitates various features, including auto-reply, catalog, and broadcast, making it a go-to platform for many enterprises. To scale operations, businesses can leverage a WhatsApp Business API account connected to a third-party inbox, enabling advanced functionalities like chat automation and agent assignment.

WhatsApp Business alternative: Limitations of using WhatsApp Business

However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp API operates within a 24-hour messaging window. To initiate conversations beyond this window, businesses are required to use pre-approved template messages. Additionally, WhatsApp Business has limitations such as supporting only up to five devices.

Expanding Horizons: WhatsApp Business Alternative Channels

While WhatsApp Business is undeniably popular, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not every customer prefers this platform. Hence, exploring alternative channels is essential to ensuring comprehensive customer engagement. By incorporating regionally popular channels, businesses can reach a broader audience and provide more convenient avenues for inquiries and support.

WhatsApp Alternative for Business: 6 Channels to Consider

Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger, with nearly a million active users in 2022, stands as a formidable alternative to WhatsApp. Its popularity is especially concentrated in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Oceania, making it an invaluable platform for businesses looking to connect with a diverse audience.

WhatsApp alternative for business: Facebook Messenger for Business

Setting up a Facebook Messenger for Business account is a straightforward process, and it’s free to use for sending messages. However, businesses should be aware that charges may apply for Sponsored Messages, which are an excellent way to promote specific products or services.

For smaller businesses, the Meta Business Suite offers a range of powerful features. This includes saved frequent replies, which can significantly streamline responses, and order creation capabilities, enhancing the overall customer experience.

While business accounts can’t directly participate in group chats, once a customer becomes a contact, businesses can initiate conversations at any time. This provides a flexible and convenient way to address customer inquiries or provide support.

Alternative to WhatsApp: Benefits and limitations of using Facebook Messenger for Business

For larger enterprises, integrating the API with a third-party messaging platform becomes essential. Although businesses using the API can’t send the initial message, they have access to a variety of tools, including web chat and QR codes, to encourage customer outreach. Once a connection is established, businesses can send broadcasts and track read receipts for more comprehensive engagement.

It’s important to note that Facebook Messenger operates within a 24-hour messaging window. However, for selected businesses, extending this window to seven days is possible through the Human Agent Tag.

Telegram for Business

With over 700 million monthly active users, Telegram has carved out a substantial presence in the instant messaging landscape, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia. While it doesn’t have a dedicated business app, Telegram offers businesses a robust alternative to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp alternative: Telegram for business

To utilize Telegram for business purposes, companies need to create a business account using a Telegram bot and connect it to a messaging inbox platform like Leadshouse. Although direct contact imports aren’t supported, businesses can encourage users to initiate conversations, providing an accessible way to connect.

WhatsApp alternative for business: Advantages and disadvantages of using Telegram for business

One of Telegram’s key advantages is its flexibility in messaging. Unlike WhatsApp Business, it doesn’t impose a messaging window, enabling businesses to engage with customers at any time. While the Telegram bot doesn’t support read receipts, it offers a range of other valuable features, including auto replies, bulk messaging, and group messaging, which facilitate effective customer interaction.

Viber Bot

Developed by Rakuten, Viber boasts over 820 million active users, with a significant user base in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. This makes it a compelling alternative for businesses looking to extend their reach in these regions.

Alternative to WhatsApp: Viber Business

Businesses can leverage Viber through two main avenues: the Viber App or Viber Chatbot. The Viber App is well-suited for micro-businesses with lower message volumes. On the other hand, the Viber Chatbot caters to larger enterprises with comprehensive marketing, sales, and support needs. It’s worth noting that the Viber Chatbot doesn’t have its own interface and must be connected to a messaging platform.

WhatsApp Business Alternative: Pros and cons of using Viber Bot

While Viber doesn’t allow direct contact imports, it provides various methods for acquiring customers as contacts. Notably, businesses can send up to 10,000 chatbot-initiated messages per month for free, without being restricted by a messaging window. Beyond this limit, businesses have 24 hours to respond for free, or they can opt for Viber’s Commercial plan.

Instagram Direct for Business: A Viable WhatsApp Alternative

Instagram Business has emerged as a formidable alternative to WhatsApp Business, offering a myriad of features for businesses to connect with their audience. With options like Instagram Message Inbox, Meta Business Suite, and Instagram Direct Message API integrated with platforms like Leadshouse, businesses can send images, videos, and even automated responses. Notably, businesses can initiate the first interaction with customers, provided the user’s account is public. The support for read receipts further enhances communication transparency within the Instagram inbox.

WhatsApp Business Alternative: Types of Instagram inboxes available

However, businesses employing API for messaging face a slight limitation – they can’t initiate conversations. Instead, they can encourage customers to start the dialogue. A 24-hour messaging window applies, but savvy users can leverage the Human Agent Tag on Leadshouse to extend this window to a generous 7 days.

Alternatives to WhatsApp: Benefits and limitations of using Instagram Direct Message for business

LINE Official Accounts: Navigating New Markets

For businesses aiming to establish a presence in countries like Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, LINE Official Accounts presents an ideal solution. As the dominant messaging app in these markets, LINE facilitates seamless communication with local audiences. The LINE Official Account provides businesses with a versatile platform to engage customers. It allows for auto replies, broadcasts, and group messaging, empowering businesses in marketing, sales, and support endeavors.

Best alternative to WhatsApp: LINE Official Accounts

While businesses cannot import contacts, they can encourage customers to initiate conversations. There is no strict messaging window, but businesses must respond within 7 days to maintain active engagement. Read receipts are supported, although businesses using an API need to apply for this feature.

Best alternatives to WhatsApp: Pros and cons of LINE Official Accounts

WeChat Business: Conquering the Chinese Market

WeChat stands as the paramount instant messaging app in China, boasting over 1.2 billion monthly active users as of 2020. For businesses aspiring to enter the Chinese market or target a Chinese audience, WeChat Business is indispensable. It offers two distinct avenues for engagement: the WeChat Official Account Platform and the WeChat Official Account API.

WhatsApp Business alternatives: WeChat Official Account

The Platform caters to small businesses, featuring fundamental messaging functions. On the other hand, the API supports third-party integration and advanced automation to handle high message volumes. Two types of accounts – Subscription and Service Accounts – facilitate communication with audiences. While sign-up is free, an annual USD99 verification fee applies.

WhatsApp business alternative: Pros and cons of WeChat Official Accounts

Comparing WeChat Official Accounts, the Platform offers robust features like WeChat Pay, Mini Programs, broadcasts, and auto replies. However, it lacks support for read receipts and group chats, and adheres to a 48-hour messaging window. In contrast, the API does not permit businesses to initiate conversations but allows them to prompt customers to reach out. A 48-hour response window is enforced, with broadcasts not supported.

Embracing Omnichannel Messaging with Leadshouse

As businesses explore these diverse alternatives, managing conversations across multiple channels can become challenging. Enter omnichannel messaging through platforms like Leadshouse. This centralized inbox integrates various messaging channels, streamlining communication processes.

Advanced automation features, including chat routing, support escalation, and lead collection surveys, empower agents to focus on critical tasks. Recognizing existing contacts across new channels becomes effortless with the Contact Merge tool. This tool consolidates contact profiles and conversation histories, providing agents with a comprehensive overview for personalized and efficient customer solutions.

In conclusion, the landscape of business communication has evolved, offering a plethora of alternatives to WhatsApp Business. Instagram Direct for Business, LINE Official Accounts, and WeChat Business each present unique opportunities and considerations. By adopting omnichannel messaging solutions like Leadshouse, businesses can harness the full potential of these platforms and elevate their customer engagement strategies. Embracing these alternatives opens new avenues for seamless and meaningful interactions with customers across the globe. Start your journey today and visit our website to experience the power of omnichannel messaging.


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