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LinkedIn Introduces Four Fresh Features for Business Pages: Implications Explained

LinkedIn is a transformative business platform that has revolutionized professional networking. Initially centered on individual connections, it has now become crucial for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

In March 2023, LinkedIn introduced several updates to enhance business pages. 

Let’s explore these four new features

1. Scheduled Posts: Optimal Timing to Reach Your Audience

Marketers can now schedule posts in advance using LinkedIn’s newly-added feature. This allows for precise control over when content goes live, streamlining content management and ensuring consistent activity on your Page. You can schedule up to three months of content, providing flexibility in content planning.

Image: LinkedIn

This feature simplifies content management, enhancing your Page’s visibility and impact. Note that it is currently available on desktop and gradually rolling out on mobile.

2. LinkedIn Audio Events: Engage Your Community with Live, Audio-Only Chats

 Audio Events provide a unique platform for organizations and professionals to connect through live, audio-only conversations. This enables participants to engage without the need for physical presence, fostering a casual and accessible environment for discussions.

Image: LinkedIn

Audio Events are a powerful tool for brand accessibility and thought leadership, offering a more relaxed setting for professional networking.

3. Automated Job Posts: Expand Candidate Reach

This feature allows businesses with less than 1,000 employees to automatically post open job roles to their Page. The posts are pre-scheduled, though the text can be edited after sharing. This ensures that potential candidates are promptly informed of available positions.

Image: LinkedIn

This capability maximizes visibility for job listings, potentially leading to finding the perfect candidate.

4. Page to Page Follows: Discover Relevant Conversations

Businesses can now follow other Pages with their own LinkedIn Business Page. This facilitates staying updated with trending conversations, engaging in industry discussions, and contributing to relevant dialogues.

Image: LinkedIn

This feature promotes collaboration and community-building among brands online.

LinkedIn is a vital B2B marketing tool, connecting professionals and businesses worldwide. With these updates, it further solidifies its role in enhancing professional connections and business growth.

For more details on these features, visit the LinkedIn Help Center. Stay tuned for additional updates by monitoring the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product update page.

About LinkedIn:

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has grown into the world’s largest professional network, boasting over 900 million users globally. Its potential as a marketing platform has prompted many brands to invest in utilizing it for business growth.

LinkedIn’s Power for Business Marketing:

Businesses can leverage LinkedIn for increased reach, customer acquisition, industry presence, relationship-building, lead generation, and customer behavior insights.

For effective LinkedIn marketing, consider these tips:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Business Page to reflect your brand and offerings.
  2. Prioritize quality content over quantity for better engagement.
  3. Build meaningful connections with professionals, potential customers, and thought leaders.
  4. Contribute value to industry-relevant LinkedIn Groups to expand your network.
  5. Invest in LinkedIn ad campaigns to reach decision-makers.

While these tips are valuable, executing them can be challenging for busy professionals. Consider consulting with LinkedIn marketing experts to optimize your strategy and drive tangible business results. Visit our website to learn more!


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