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105 Essential PPC Statistics for the Year 2023

The current digital landscape is characterized by intense competition, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has emerged as a potent method for enterprises to engage with their desired audience and enhance conversion rates.

Companies of all scales, ranging from startups to multi-location corporations, have come to rely on PPC campaigns to augment their revenue and secure a competitive advantage. If the integration of PPC into your marketing strategy is under consideration, these transformative statistics can serve to refine your approach and amplify its impact. By harnessing these insights, you can make well-informed choices and fortify your online presence.

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Key PPC Statistics:

  1. Predictions suggest search ad spending could reach $191 billion by 2024. (Source)
  2. Close to 60% of users are unable to distinguish between paid and organic search results. (Source)
  3. Around 27% of users employed ad blockers in 2021. (Source)
  4. 40% of enterprises express their PPC budgets as lower than desired. (Source)
  5. The average annual wage for PPC marketers in the US is $49,941. (Source)
  6. Businesses tend to generate $2 in return for every $1 spent on Google Ads. (Source)
  7. Global search advertising expenditure hit $104.8 billion in 2019. (Source)
  8. 62% of marketers intend to augment their PPC budgets. (Source)
  9. Google and Facebook jointly account for over 60% of ad expenditure. (Source)
  10. Paid search consumes 39% of marketers’ budgets. (Source)
  11. PPC functions as a substantial business catalyst for 74% of brands. (Source)
  12. Mobile sources contribute to 52% of PPC clicks. (Source)
  13. 17% of marketers utilize PPC ads for lead generation. (Source)
  14. For small to mid-sized companies, the average monthly cost of a PPC campaign lies between $9,000 and $10,000. (Source)
  15. An overwhelming 72% of companies have not evaluated their ad campaigns in over a month. (Source)
  16. Online transactions constitute 47% of total global purchases. (Source)
  17. 32% of enterprises employ PPC to directly vend products to consumers. (Source)
  18. Among the top generators of on-page conversions, PPC ranks prominently. (Source)
  19. Traffic stemming from PPC advertising results in 50% more conversions than organic advertising. (Source)
  20. PPC ads can enhance brand awareness by up to 80%. (Source)

Google PPC Statistics:

  1. Google Ads is the foremost provider of search advertising globally. (Source)
  2. Google’s ad revenue amassed a staggering $209.49 billion in 2021. (Source)
  3. Google records an astounding 8.5 billion daily searches. (Source)
  4. Google’s Q1 2022 advertising revenue stood at $54.7 billion. (Source)
  5. Google display ads are viewed by 90% of internet users. (Source)
  6. A significant 80% of businesses prioritize Google Ads for their PPC campaigns. (Source)
  7. 78% of marketers engage in advertising via Google Ads and social media platforms. (Source)
  8. The first position ad garners an average click-through rate of 7.94%. (Source)
  9. The average CPC in Google Ads is $2.69 for search network and $0.63 for display network. (Source)
  10. The top three paid advertising positions capture 46% of total clicks. (Source)
  11. In 2019, Google removed 2.3 billion improper ads. (Source)
  12. The legal sector boasts the highest average CPC for Google Ads. (Source)
  13. The eCommerce industry enjoys the lowest average CPC for Google Ads. (Source)
  14. Google Ads acquires 65% of clicks from keywords that initiate buying intent. (Source)
  15. Google suggests beginners allocate a PPC budget of $10-$50 per day. (Source)
  16. On average, Google Ads registers a conversion rate of 3.75% across all industries. (Source)
  17. Google PPC ads yield a remarkable ROI of 200%. (Source)
  18. A substantial 80% of enterprises rely on Google Ads for their PPC strategies. (Source)
  19. 39. In the United States, Google generates 62% of all core search queries. (Source)

Mobile PPC Statistics:

  1. Over 615 million devices have activated ad blockers. (Source)
  2. Mobile apps are projected to generate a staggering $935 billion in revenues for 2023 via paid downloads and in-app advertising. (Source)
  3. Mobile advertising spending is poised to reach $146 billion by 2023. (Source)
  4. Google is responsible for driving 95% of paid search ad clicks on mobile devices. (Source)
  5. A notable 90% of mobile device owners engage in mobile searches. (Source)
  6. 70% of search ad impressions in the US originate from mobile devices. (Source)
  7. 69% of smartphone owners employ their devices for shopping. (Source)
  8. Weekly, 60% of mobile users interact with a PPC ad. (Source)
  9. Mobile devices contribute to 53% of PPC ad clicks. (Source)
  10. Google’s 2022 market share in the online ads realm stands at 29%. (Source)
  11. Among US ad-block users, 81% utilize ad-blockers to evade intrusive ads. (Source)
  12. Over 90% of mobile users exhibit a tendency to click on the first set of search results. (Source)
  13. Users employing ad blockers account for 15% to 30% of website traffic. (Source)

Social Media PPC Statistics:

  1. Facebook ads accrue an average cost per click of $1.72. (Source)
  2. By the conclusion of 2022, social ads are projected to command an expenditure of $226 billion. (Source)
  3. LinkedIn commands a market share of 14.6% in the realm of PPC ads. (Source)
  4. A substantial 60% of individuals indicate visiting a brand’s website after encountering their ad on Facebook Stories. (Source)
  5. Facebook Ads yield an average conversion rate of 9.21%. (Source)
  6. Noteworthy PPC statistics indicate that 30% of US ad buyers deem Facebook to offer the highest ROI among all their advertising investments. (Source)
  7. A considerable 72% of marketers employ Facebook for advertising. (Source)
  8. 60. Small businesses allocate $1,000 to $3,000 per month for Facebook advertising. (Source)
  9. A mere 4% of US social marketers are currently active on TikTok. (Source)
  10. 9% of Instagram users reveal that they have never concealed an ad. (Source)
  11. Paid social garners a share of 18% in advertisers’ budgets. (Source)
  12. Of Instagram users aged 16 and above, 24% exhibit a preference for viewing video ads. (Source)
  13. Among users who hide Instagram ads, 25% express annoyance with sponsored content. (Source)
  14. For 28% of Instagram users, the “More” link is a means to gain additional information about the advertised product in 10% of the encountered ads(Source)
  15. Video content is the most potent social ad format, cited by 32% of advertisers, followed by image ads at 26%, Instagram Stories at 23%, and carousel ads at 19%. (Source)
  16. A substantial 37% of Instagram users assert that the content of sponsored ads generally aligns with their interests. (Source)
  17. Social networks are designated as the most influential source of inspiration for purchases by 37% of online users. (Source)
  18. 48% of US social media users employ Pinterest as a platform for product discovery and shopping. (Source)
  19. Remarkably, 65% of B2B companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn ads. (Source)
  20. In 2023, Pinterest is projected to amass $2.91 billion in ad revenue in the US. (Source)

PPC Statistics Pertaining to Businesses:

  1. Display advertising commands a significant portion, $161 billion, of the ad spend landscape in 2019, thereby leading in expenditure. (Source)
  2. Search ad spending in the US for 2020 amounted to $46 million. (Source)
  3. The US retail sector invested $27.58 billion in digital advertising during 2019. (Source)
  4. An impressive 85% of digital display ad spending in 2020 is expected to be routed to programmatic advertising. (Source)
  5. Of programmatic display ad spending in 2019, 50% was allocated to banners, video, and other display ad formats across social networks. (Source)
  6. A notable 52% of online shoppers resort to calling the advertiser. (Source)
  7. PPC garners 50% better conversion rates. (Source)
  8. Instagram ads are successful in reaching approximately 928.5 million individuals. (Source)

PPC During COVID-19 Statistics:

  1. Business management searches have increased by 23% since February 23. (Source)
  2. Queries related to office supplies surged by 90%, leading to a 35% increase in paid search ad clicks and a 41% rise in search conversion rates. (Source)
  3. Searches for packing and shipping supplies experienced a remarkable increase of 123% in search ad conversions and 107% in search ad conversion rates. (Source)
  4. Medical supplies observed a 5% surge in search ad clicks. (Source)
  5. The search ad conversion rate for medical supplies spiked by 24%. (Source)
  6. Pharmaceutical-related searches witnessed a significant 34% increase in search ad clicks. (Source)
  7. The search ad conversion rate for pharmaceuticals leaped by 47%. (Source)
  8. Skincare products noted a 3% reduction in search CPC coupled with a 21% increase in search CVR. (Source)
  9. Spa care items registered a noteworthy 20% decrease in search CPC alongside a substantial 41% boost in search CVR. (Source)
  10. Demand for on-demand media surged, resulting in a 102% spike in search ad conversions. (Source)
  11. Searches pertaining to cards and greetings observed a 15% increase in conversion rates. (Source)
  12. Search queries related to gift baskets experienced a 30% hike in conversion rates. (Source)
  13. Floral arrangement searches recorded an impressive 43% upswing in conversion rates. (Source)
  14. Real estate listings and agents witnessed a 15% increase in CPC but a concerning 25% and 30% decline in CVR. (Source)
  15. Conversion rates for air travel plummeted by 41%. (Source)
  16. Cruise-related conversion rates experienced a sharp 44% drop. (Source)
  17. Travel booking services noted a 49% dip in conversion rates. (Source)
  18. Vacation packages experienced a substantial 50% reduction in conversion rates. (Source)
  19. Restaurants grappled with an 18% decrease in ad impressions. (Source)
  20. Search CVR for restaurants plummeted by a significant 59%. (Source)
  21. Bars suffered a 26% reduction in search ad impressions. (Source)
  22. Search CVR for bars also plummeted by 57%. (Source)
  23. The live entertainment sector encountered a 34% decrease in search volume. (Source)
  24. Conversion rates for live entertainment declined by 30%. (Source)
  25. Conferences witnessed a 33% decrease in conversions. (Source)

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