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101 Essential SEO Statistics for the Year 2023 That Shouldn’t Escape Your Attention

Adapting Search Engine Algorithms might shift, but one constant remains: SEO’s significance in securing your business’s online triumph.

Organizations spanning from local businesses to global enterprises have harnessed the power of search engine optimization to fuel growth and amplify revenue. Should you be contemplating integrating SEO into your marketing playbook, these enlightening statistics could furnish the insights and confidence needed to embark on that journey. Staying at the forefront of SEO trends, armed with these statistics and industry developments, will further enlighten and steer your strategic path.

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Statistics on SEO Services

  1. A staggering $79 billion was allocated to SEO services by businesses in 2020. (Source)
  2. Businesses investing over $500 monthly in SEO services were 53% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” than those spending less. (Source)
  3. Procuring a backlink, on average, costs $361. (Source)
  4. 2% of U.S. small businesses allocate over $25,000 annually to SEO services. (Source)
  5. Approximately 30% of clients would vouch for their current SEO provider to peers. (Source)

Statistics on Local SEO

  1. Around 72% of users conducting a Google search ended up visiting a store within an 8km radius of their search location. (Source)
  2. A mobile-friendly website influences 61% of mobile searchers to engage with local businesses.(Source)
  3. Within a single day, 18% of local searches lead to a sale. (Source)
  4. A considerable 46% of Google searches are for local information. (Source)
  5. Nearly 28% of local-intent searches culminate in a purchase. (Source)
  6. 4 out of 5 consumers utilize search engines to research local products. (Source)
  7. Yelp claims a spot among the top five Google search results for 92% of searches encompassing a city and business category. (Source)
  8. Businesses boasting a minimum of 4 stars on Google My Business (GMB) outperform those without by an average of 11%. (Source)
  9. Astonishingly, 56% of local businesses haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing. (Source)
  10. The phrase “Near Me” experienced over 130% growth in searches during 2020. (Source)
  11. A significant 88% of users turn to online reviews for local businesses. (Source)
  12. A substantial 78% of location-based searches lead to offline conversions. (Source)
  13. Surprisingly, 82% of businesses haven’t claimed their Bing Business listing. (Source)
  14. A quarter of Google searches focus on local businesses or services. (Source)

Statistics on SEO Marketing

  1. A staggering 93% of online experiences originate from search engines. (Source)
  2. A compelling 95% of search traffic gravitates toward the first page of search results.  (Source)
  3. An astounding 91% of web pages never garner any organic traffic. (Source)
  4. An impressive 89% of marketers perceive SEO as effective. (Source)
  5. A notable 75% of search engine users don’t venture past the first search results page. (Source)
  6. Organic search results account for a substantial 70% of clicked search results. (Source)
  7. A significant 55% of businesses opt for professional SEO services. (Source)

Statistics on SEO Backlinks

  1. Astonishingly, over 65% of pages don’t possess any backlinks. (Source)
  2. An estimated 43% of top-ranking pages incorporate reciprocal links. (Source)
  3. Backlinks remain among the top three ranking factors. (Source)
  4. Long-form content garners an impressive 77% more backlinks compared to shorter counterparts. (Source)
  5. Posts featuring videos procure more backlinks and witness a 157% surge in search traffic. (Source)
  6. Around 66.5% of links to sites from the past nine years have gone inactive. (Source)
  7. The average cost of purchasing a link stands at $361.44. (Source)
  8. The typical cost of publishing a paid guest post is $77.80.(Source)

Statistics on Keywords

  1. Roughly 94% of keywords accumulate 10 or fewer monthly searches. (Source)
  2. An estimated 8% of search queries are phrased as questions. (Source)
  3. Half of all searches consist of 4 or more words. (Source)
  4. Approximately 15% of Google searches are unprecedented, indicating a unique query. (Source)
  5. A staggering 95% of the keyword pool witnesses fewer than 10 searches monthly, amounting to around 3.8 billion keywords. (Source)
  6. Over 29% of keywords generating 10,000 monthly searches contain 3 or more words. (Source)
  7. Hidden terms receive 46% of clicks within Google Search Console.  (Source)
  8. Approximately 8% of search queries are phrased as questions. (Source)
  9. Around 92% of search volumes within Google Ads Keyword Planner overestimate figures. (Source)
  10. Google Ads Keyword Planner’s accuracy stands at approximately 45.22%, while it overestimates figures 54.28% of the time. (Source)

Statistics on Link Building

  1. Nearly 94% of link builders concur that link quality outweighs link quantity. (Source)
  2. The presence of more backlinks correlates with higher odds of garnering organic search traffic.  (Source)
  3. A significant 74% of link builders engage in fewer than 10 monthly link-building activities. (Source)
  4. Google’s top-ranking search results generally boast approximately 3.8 times more backlinks compared to other pages. (Source)
  5. A striking 95% of all pages lack any backlinks. (Source)
  6. Roughly 66% of pages are devoid of backlinks altogether. (Source)
  7. Enterprises with blogs amass 97% more backlinks.(Source)
  8. Long-form content enjoys 77.2% more backlinks than shorter articles. (Source)
  9. Link building proves to be the most demanding tactic for 41% of marketers.(Source)
  10. A notable 42% of SEO professionals allocate equal time to internal and external link-building. (Source)

Statistics on Mobile Search

  1. A noteworthy 30% of Google searches via mobile devices encompass location. (Source)
  2. If a business website takes over three seconds to load, around 40% of mobile users will exit the site. (Source)
  3. Impressively, 87% of smartphone users rely on their devices’ search function daily. (Source)
  4. Over the past year, searches for phrases like “where to buy/find/get” on mobile devices surged by 1.3 times. (Source)
  5. Around 92% of mobile phone users employ their devices to access the internet. (Source)
  6. Approximately 69% of mobile users express a preference for websites that readily address their inquiries.(Source)
  7. Businesses with poorly designed mobile websites face the disapproval of 57% of users. (Source)
  8. Searches for phrases like “where to buy” and “near me” witnessed growth exceeding 200%. (Source)
  9. Nearly 63% of organic traffic on Google in the U.S. originates from mobile devices. (Source)
  10. Worldwide, 59% of organic search traffic is derived from mobile devices. (Source)
  11. A quarter of all businesses prioritize investing in mobile optimization strategies. (Source)
  12. A substantial 20% of mobile searches are conducted using voice text. (Source)
  13. Over 30% of mobile searches precede a store visit. (Source)
  14. Around 43% of users initiate an online search from their smartphones while in a store. (Source)
  15. A substantial 66% of E-Commerce browsing on mobile accounts for sales, yet less than 30% of sales are conducted via mobile devices. (Source)
  16. Following a mobile search, a staggering 88% of customers either visit or call a store within 24 hours. (Source)
  17. A substantial 60% of all Google searches are executed through mobile devices. (Source)
  18. Trust is vested in 51% of consumers in websites optimized for mobile search. (Source)
  19. The year 2023 projects that mobile sales will surpass desktop sales.  (Source)
  20. Since 2015, mobile devices have overtaken desktops in terms of search query volume. (Source)

Statistics on Video SEO

  1. YouTube reigns supreme as the most-frequented video search platform (and second-most visited website), amassing over 35 billion monthly visits.(Source)
  2. Engagement metrics (likes, shares, views, comments) exhibit a strong correlation with YouTube rankings. (Source)
  3. Posts integrated with video generate a notable 157% surge in search traffic and garner increased backlinks.(Source)
  4. Approximately 68% of top-ranking YouTube results boast HD videos. (Source)
  5. The typical duration of a first-page YouTube video averages at 14 minutes and 50 seconds. (Source)
  6. A remarkable 62% of Google searches encompass video content. (Source)
  7. Close to 49% of marketers acknowledge that revenue growth accelerates with video integration into their strategy. (Source)

Importance of SEO

  1. SEO can curtail customer acquisition expenses by up to 87.4% in comparison to conventional digital advertising. (Source)
  2. A substantial 70% of marketers believe SEO outperforms PPC in driving sales.  (Source)
  3. SEO can augment monthly organic page views by an impressive 11.3 times within 2 years. (Source)
  4. A staggering 95% of traffic converges on Google’s first page of results. (Source)
  5. Trust is bestowed upon online information by a substantial 70% of users. (Source)
  6. SEO propels a conversion rate of 14.6%.  (Source)
  7. Of all marketing channels, organic search boasts the best ROI, as reported by 49% of marketers.  (Source)
  8. Implementation of an SEO strategy yielded positive effects for 82% of respondents. (Source)
  9. Combining SEO with PPC advertising results in 25% more clicks and 27% higher profits than single-channel approaches. (Source)
  10. SEO emerges as 5.66 times more effective than paid search advertising. (Source)
  11. Securing the top spot on Google’s search results page commands a 34.36% click-through rate. (Source)
  12. The top three organic results on Google capture 61.8% of all clicks. (Source)
  13. Pages enriched with videos are 53% more likely to secure a spot on Google’s first page. (Source)
  14. A significant 75% of users abstain from scrolling past Google’s first page.(Source)
  15. Around 21% of users explore multiple search result pages. (Source)
  16. Google processes a staggering 5.5 billion searches each day. (Source)
  17. Google manages an astonishing 63,000 search queries every second. (Source)
  18. An initial SEO campaign typically spans 11.4 months on average.(Source)
  19. A mere 2-second delay in website loading time leads to a 9% rise in bounce rates, escalating to 38% if the site takes 5 seconds to load. (Source)
  20. Websites loading within 1 second enjoy 3 times higher conversion rates than those loading in 5 seconds. (Source)

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