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LeadsHouse Subscription Details

Flexible Payment Options: Choose to pay monthly or annually. Feel free to cancel anytime.

1.1 How Subscriptions Work: Your subscription starts as per your agreement. It renews automatically every month unless you’ve chosen an annual plan. If you don’t want it to renew, let us know as mentioned in Section 1.3. Remember, your subscription continues until you tell us to stop. If you don’t, we’ll charge the payment method you’ve given us.

1.2 Payment Details: The cost for our services is outlined in your agreement. All payments are upfront, final, and non-refundable unless stated otherwise. The price on our website when you renew is what you’ll pay. If you owe us any money, it’s crucial you pay on time. If not, we might have to stop your services. Make sure your billing and contact details are always up-to-date. If you’re paying by credit card, ensure you’re allowed to use that card. We’ll charge it when you order a service, as per your agreement, and when your subscription renews. The amount might change based on your usage, any special offers, or changes in taxes. We’ll always check credit or debit card payments before accepting them. Sometimes, we might update card details or try payments again if they fail. If you’re not paying by card, we’ll send you a bill every month. You’ll have 10 days to pay it. If you’re late, there’s a 1.5% charge per month, or the highest amount the law allows. We can also use any credit you have with us to pay off what you owe. If we have to chase up any unpaid bills, you’ll need to cover our costs.

1.3 Stopping Your Subscription: If you don’t want to renew, text us at (770) 285-5521 or email info@leadshouse.io. Do this at least 10 days before your next bill is due. Sometimes, we might offer refunds, but it’s up to us.